Not The Only One

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Chapter 19

“Come on Phoenix, you need to get up,” Luci whispers beside me, she and Trey had come to get me as they heard my howl, taking me from Michael’s side as he helped Kade and the others with my father’s body.

I hadn’t left their sides as we laid on a bed together, their arms wrapped around me softly.

“I don’t want to,” I sigh.

“Phoenix, this isn’t you, you push on, you get on with things,” Trey says.

“Well, maybe I’m allowed a moment of weakness! Why must I always be the brave one? Why can’t I just have a moment?!” I snap at him.

“Phoenix…” A voice at the door makes my head snap towards it as Kai stands there looking sorrowful.
“Kai,” I cry out as he flits to my side, lifting me up and onto his lap.

“Kai, I swear if you hurt her…” Trey growls.

“Shut it, Trey,” I bark out as I feel Kai flinch.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lose control, I tried to stop, I tried,” Kai murmurs into my hair as I hug him tightly.

“It’s ok,” I whisper.

“I’m sorry about your dad too,” he says.

A deep growl sounds from the door.

“Who woke you up?” Michael growls.

“I just woke up, no one woke me,” Kai answers as I sit up slowly.

“Michael cool it,” I frown.

“He nearly killed you!” Michael growls.

“He didn’t mean to,” I answer.

“I’m feeling some tension,” Luci smirks at me.

“Good evening ladies and gents, I come bearing food as you lot never turned up for dinner,” Jason grins as he wanders in with a huge tray of food as I feel my mouth salivate.

“Michael, leave the kids alone,” Kade comes through the hall on crutches.

“Oh my god,” Luci whispers as I see her eyes are wide looking at Kade.

“No way,” I laugh looking between them.

“What?” Kai and Trey frown looking at us.

“Luciana found her mate,” I smile.

“No, this is not happening,” Kade shakes his head.

“Kade,” I growl.

“I’m five hundred years old!” He snaps.

“You’re telling me that KADE is her mate!” Trey shouts.

“Trey calm down, you know it works differently as wolves,” I hold my hands out as I go to grab him but he pushes me away.

“Cradle snatching piece of shit! Touch my sister and I’ll rip you apart!” Trey growls in warning.

“TREY! Calm down right now!” I growl as I push for him to submit as he goes to the ground on his knees, glaring at Kade.

“I…I think I’m going to leave the food right here and take Trey on a run, talk to him about the whole mating situation in wolves,” Jason puts the tray on the dresser as I nod in agreement.

“Thank you,” I say as he grabs Trey quickly and pulls him from the room.

“Luciana…I…I don’t know if now is the right time for this…” Kade sighs.

“If I’ve learnt anything from the things that have happened recently, it’s that you never know what may come, Kade, if not now, then when? What if something happens and you never knew what could have happened with you both? You should at least talk about it,” I sigh.

“No, I can’t…” Kade sighs going off with his crutches as Luci sits down dejectedly.

“Kade!” I rush out of the room standing in front of Kade, my hand on his chest.

“Phoenix, please, she’s only twenty, she’s just a child like you, I’m five hundred years old…” He sighs.

“Yes, you are five hundred years old…where are you going to find a mate as old as you? What does age matter when you’re that old anyway?! You’re one of the ones that told me that having a mate as a wolf is different anyway! Luciana is a beautiful girl with a brilliant mind, how can you pass up being her mate? I for one think you would both be perfect for each other, you are kind, caring, protective and I can’t believe you of all people is not even going to try just a little. For god sake, give it a chance!” I argue.

“I’m weak Phoenix, I can’t defend her! I have only one limb, how can I be any sort of man for her?” He says.

“Are you kidding me right now? The faes are working on making you a new fucking leg and it doesn’t take a leg to make a man! I can guarantee you can still kick ass with those crutches by your side! We fall, we get back up and we adapt! You’re one of the strongest men I know, you fell, we will all help you back up and you will adapt, please Kade, just spend some time with her, one on one at least try,” I sigh.

“You’re more like your mother than you know, she said something like that to me once before…Ok, I will go back,” He nods as I smile at him.

Kade begins walking back to the room as he calls into the room for Luciana softly as she walks out biting her lip nervously.

“Behave you two,” I smirk as Luci giggles and Kade shakes his head as they go off together.

“How about we go for a walk?” Kai says leaning against the doorframe.

“No, I think I’m going to rest up for a bit, have some alone time,” I shake my head.

“Are you sure?” He asks.

“Yeah, go check on Trey for me, make sure Gray hasn’t decided to munch on Jason again,” I answer.

“Ok, but if you need us, call for us ok?”

“I will, promise,” I nod as he kisses my head softly and leaves me alone in the room, I begin picking at the food that was left on the tray pacing in the room.

Well at least Luci knows who her mate is…

Yeah, hopefully they work it out. I feel like shit though…I can’t believe dad…He’s…

Dead…I know.

I flop down on the bed face-first into a pillow as I let out a scream in frustration.

Feel better for that?

Actually…Yes I do.

Good, now seriously, we need a hot shower, some more food and some sleep.

Yeah, I know, I’m on it.

I walk into the adjoining bathroom as I look myself in the mirror.

“Jesus Christ,” I murmur in shock, I look awful, my face is gaunt, my hair greasy and blood stained my clothes.

“Couldn’t anyone tell me how rough I fucking looked,” I groan stripping from my dirty clothes, throwing them in the bin as I heat the water in the shower before stepping in, enjoying the warmth of the water over my body.

What I want to know is what happened when those arrows came flying down. We still haven’t asked. Thomas is out there somewhere, there are packs out there in trouble.

Tomorrow, tomorrow we will find out what happened, I’m exhausted Storm. I’m sure Violet and the others know what they are doing too. Thomas will pay for what he did soon enough.

Ok, but I want to rip him apart.

You’ll get your chance, trust me, I want to do it too.

So, who do you think our new mate is?


Oh come on, you must be curious!

I am, but is it the time for that. Dad literally died today!

I know, I’m sad too, but to be honest, we barely knew the man…Kade is more of a father to us…

He was still our father Storm, have some respect.

Sorry Phoenix…

Storm curls into a ball in the corner of my mind as I sigh, washing my body while realising she was right, we barely knew him, but he was still our father, we would pay our respects when we lay him to rest and learn everything we can about him and my mother through Michael, Paul and Kade.

To be honest, I hadn’t seen Paul for a while…I wonder if he’s ok…

After taking a long shower I get out feeling clean and fresh. Then I realised my problem…I had no clothes…

“Fuck!” I groan standing in the bedroom I was in as I noticed that this was someone’s room, taking a glance into the cupboards trying to figure out whose room I was in as I take a sniff.

Mate…This is our mates room!

Taking a shirt from the wardrobe I take a whiff as I moan in delight.

“Why are you sniffing clothes?” Jae walks into the room as I squeal in surprise, holding the towel tight to my chest.

“Do you know whose room this is?” I ask.

“I do,” Jae smirks.

“You know who my new mate is don’t you!” I exclaim pointing at him.

“I do,” He laughs.

“Who?” I ask.

“Now where is the fun in that? You need to find them yourself Phoenix, I cannot interfere with fate,”

“JAE! Please!” I beg.

“No, now get dressed, I thought you would be hungry so I’ve had some food made for you,” He smiles.

“Get dressed into what?” I groan.

“Your mates clothing,” He shrugs with a smirk before walking away.

“Jae!” I groan kicking shut the door behind him as I take another whiff of the shirt I was holding.

“Fuck it,” I murmur before doing exactly what he said, getting dressed into a t-shirt and finding a pair of jogging bottoms that I could make fit to my waist…With difficulty.

I felt like a clown as I left the room, looking at myself in the mirror as I laugh at myself, but I couldn’t help but feel slightly relieved at the feeling of wearing my mates clothes. Though I was sure I had smelt the scent before, but couldn’t place it.

“What are you wearing?” Luci giggles coming out of a room, her hair all over the place.

“Never mind what I’m wearing, I’m guessing you two had a little fun in there?” I smirk point to the doorway she came from as she giggles, Kade walks out soon after as I see a small blush on his cheeks.

“Don’t look at me like that Phoenix,” He says as I burst into laughter.

“I’m five hundred, how could I ever be with a twenty-year-old girl! I can’t do it Phoenix!” I mock him.

“Oh shut up Phoenix,” he huffs which causes me to laugh more.

“So why are you in…” Luci begins as Jae flies up the stairs and puts a hand over her mouth as Kade growls.

“Don’t tell her whose clothes they are,” Jae smirks.

“What…Why? And Jae, get your hands off of my girl,” Kade growls protectively.

“Sorry, just don’t, trust me, she needs to work it out for herself,” Jae smirks.

“Jae I am beginning to hate you,” I frown at him.

“Why…Oh…OH MY GOD! No way! Are they…Is he…NO WAY!” Luciana laughs as Kade frowns at her before I see her eyes turn yellow as she talks to him via their link.

“Her and…Well…Ok…That’s…He’ll never…Jae we need to talk,” Kade sighs.

“Why do I have a bad feeling about this?” I sigh.

“Don’t worry, it will all work out. Plus, remember what I told you, everyone has multiple mates, if this one doesn’t work, then another may be a better match,” Jae smiles.

“Wolves have two possible mates and a choice mate Jae, don’t fill her head with shit,” Kade growls.

“JAE!” I shout angrily.

“Ok…So I may have enhanced it a little… But you have choices, a choice mate is one you choose, you will love them as a normal person would falling in love with someone, hence multiple choices,” He grins cheekily.

“Me and you are going to have a little chat,” Kade growls pushing him forward before going back to his crutches as Luciana hooks her arm around mine.

“Don’t worry about it Phoenix, it will all work out,” Luci says as we walk down the stairs and towards the kitchen.

“There she is…Well…She smells better, that’s a start,” Jason smirks at me as Trey is sat sulking beside him.

“Yeah thanks for that guys, I looked disgusting,” I groan sitting beside Trey, nudging him slightly with my arm as he sighs, resting his head against my shoulder.

“You ok twin?” Luci smiles at her brother before walking over to him and hugging him from behind.

“Yeah, sorry for earlier,” He nods.

“Thank you,” I smile at the woman who hands me a huge plate of food.
“No problem sweetheart, my name is Meryl, if you should need anything, even just an ear I am here to help,” the woman says with a smile as I notice her use magic on the stoves beside us.

“Thank you,” I smile again as she nods and goes back to work, she must be one of the fae.

I groan in delight once more as I dig into my food.

“Their food is great right? I have no idea how they do it, everything they cook is a thousand times better than what I can do,” Jason grins sitting opposite me.

“It is amazing,” I smile.

“So, are we going to talk about why you’re in Michaels clothes?” Jason says as I drop the burger I was holding, looking at him in shock.

“Oh shit…” Luci whispers as I look at her.

“Please tell me you’re joking…” I say looking between them.

“No…Why…” Jason frowns.

“These clothes are Michaels…I…Holy fuck!” I groan resting my head in my hands.

“Jae wouldn’t tell her who her mate was, she knew the clothes smelt of her mate, but she didn’t know who…” Luci tells Jason.

“Oh…Shit…Phoenix…I…Oops,” Jason grimaces.

Do you think he knows? He was being so sweet to us, playful and kind…If he knew why wouldn’t he say…

“Phoenix?” Trey grabs my arm.

“He knows, I’m sure he does and he never said anything,” I murmur.

“I’m sure there is a very good reason for it Phoenix,” Luci answers.

“You’ve been through a lot recently, maybe he didn’t want to overdo it with you, give you a chance to get through everything first,” Jason nods.

“I suddenly don’t feel so hungry,” I sigh putting my food back down before getting up to leave.

“Where are you going?” Trey calls out.

“Going to bed, I can’t deal with any more of this shit today!” I exclaim taking off in a run.

“Phoenix?!” Kade shouts as I run past him and Jae.

“Leave me alone!” I growl as Luci comes running out of the kitchen behind me.

“Leave her, she needs some time,” Luci tells them.

“She knows doesn’t she…” I hear Kade say.

“Yes,” Luci answers as I run through the corridors and into the bedroom I had as mine.

I lock my door ignoring any knock at the door as I lay on my bed, exhausted and stressed as it gets darker and darker, my eyes begin to flutter closed as I finally succumb to sleep.

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