Not The Only One

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Chapter 2

From that day on we were the best of friends, kids at school stayed out of our way, Kai became the bad boy everyone was afraid of and yet every girl wanted a piece of him.

I’m not surprised either, as the years went on he got hotter, he began training with us, his dad set him up with a gym in their basement as they slowly began to trust me too, they didn’t like me completely but they trusted that I meant no harm to Kai, we were good friends.

Kai’s body turned into that of a Greek god, his muscles filled out, his jawline was chiselled to perfection, his eyes were the deepest of blues which I would find myself gazing into occasionally. He was sexy beyond belief and a total player with the girls, wearing his usual black jeans, t-shirt and a jacket hanging over his shoulders, just like the bad boys did in books.

He was protective of me, I’d learnt that much after Colin kept on trying to anger me. Kai knew I had a temper and he didn’t want it to flare, we were working on my powers but my emotions still pushed them forward without control.

He didn’t trust many others either as we stuck together like glue, we’d see each other every day and every run I went on as a wolf he came with me, he enjoyed the rush of air as I had him on my back, bolting through the woods.

It was under the moonlight in the woods when we came across Trey and Luciana, the twins became great friends with us too, after I sorted out a little problem of theirs.

Age 16

It was in the middle of our last year of high school, Kai and I were working out in the gym as we pounded on the punch bags. I had to be careful though, I’d already punched straight through three and his dad was starting to get angry that we somehow managed to destroy them.

“Full moon tonight, we going out tonight for a run?” He smiles at me as he leans against the wall, his chest glistening with sweat as I try not to look at his gorgeous muscles he’d worked hard for.

What I wouldn’t do to have a piece of him…

Calm yourself Storm, he’s our friend, he doesn’t like us like that.

I can still appreciate a fine specimen. Plus you haven’t even tried, he might go for it, he shags everything else with a pulse.

“Having a good conversation with Storm?” He smirks cockily, he knew all our tells, we had worked on everything over the years, weaknesses, strengths and how to avoid others finding out. Turns out, silver doesn’t hurt but wolfsbane stings like a bitch. Never trying that again.

“I think we’re going to go out alone tonight Kai,” I murmur hitting the punchbag.

“But we always go together…” He frowns.

“Maybe I need some time to myself,” I sigh.

“Nix, what’s wrong?” He walks up to me, holding my arm in his hand as I look at it, tingles shoot up my arm as I feel a flutter in my stomach.

“Nothing,” I growl.


How about you stay out of this Storm.

“Phoenix, I’m not stupid, I know when there’s something wrong with you,” He sighs as I shake his arm off of me.

“I need some time to myself, plus you have girls begging for your attention, your phone hasn’t stopped ringing in your room,” I raised a brow.

“They can do without me,” he shrugs.

“Have you ever thought that you’re a fucking player Kai, it’s disgusting,” I snap.

“Jealous?” he smirks walking up to me once more as I step backwards, my back hits the wall as he stands mere inches from me, I can feel his breath on my neck.

“Why would I be jealous?” I answer.

Because you want him as much as I do!

“What did Storm just say?” He asks with a smirk.

“She says she wonders how many std’s you’ve contracted lately,” I blurt out.

“No I fucking didn’t!” Storm pushes the words out my mouth as I growl, pushing back at her into my mind as she huffs, sulking. She was getting too good at pushing through my boundaries and talking through me, we were even practising trying to talk via some sort of bond with Kai as a wolf and we had gotten close, a few words popped into his head a few times.

“Fine you can come tonight!” I sigh hoping he wouldn’t push anymore.

“You are jealous. Not getting any dick are we?” He smirks.

“I’m still a virgin Kai,” I roll my eyes.

“Exactly, you need to lose it!” He laughs.

“I’m sixteen, I’m in no rush,” I shrug pushing him away from me.

“Nearly seventeen…I thought you developed quicker though so surely your libido would develop quicker…” He raises an eyebrow mockingly.

“It has…I just don’t act like a slut like you do,” I roll my eyes as I chuck my gloves down on the table.

“Perhaps you should, you’re beautiful, you could get anyone you wanted,” He says in my ear as I feel his chest against my back as I try not to react to his touch.

“Anyone…” I smirk deciding to play him at his own game, I place a hand on his chest pushing him back against the wall as my eyes slowly take him in.

“Nix…” He says breathlessly.

You don’t think he wants us too, do you? Can you hear his heart race?

He’s horny, of course it’s racing.

“What Kai? I can hear your heart race, what’s wrong?” I murmur quietly in his ear as I hear him gulp.

“As much as I love the position we’re in right now, I don’t think it’s a good idea,” he sighs. I look at him as I pull back from him.

“I’m joking Kai, chill,” I roll my eyes.

“So, I need to do a few things before we go out tonight, meet you out front like usual?” He clears his throat putting his shirt back on as I grab my bag, hooking it over my shoulder.

“Sure,” I nod walking out the gym and up the stairs as he follows behind us slowly.

“Good session?” His dad nods to us.

“We didn’t break the new bag if that’s what you mean,” I grin cheekily.

“I honestly have no idea how you did that, must have some strength in those arms Phoenix,” He laughs.

“Not as good as mine though,” Kai smirks flaunting the muscles in his arms.

“I’m pretty sure I could take you,” I wink at him.

“Go home Nix,” Kai rolls his eyes as he shoves me towards the door.

“Oh, I am sorry, you have girls awaiting you, mustn’t keep the poor things waiting,” I laugh.

“See you later Nix,” he wiggles his eyebrows suggestively before I wander off with a wave goodbye.

Do you think mates exist? Like in the books?

Like soulmates…No idea Storm…Maybe. It’s not like we can test it out.

I decided just to drop my bag back to my room as I darted back outside before any of the other kids collared me. The young ones always loved to play with me for some reason and as much as they were adorable, it didn’t do well for my bad girl image if I was playing princesses. Especially when two of the other girls went to school with me, the last thing I needed was for them to give Lola the next big load of gossip against me.

Do you think Kai was right? We should just lose our virginity? Get it over and done with?

No way, we shouldn’t do it just because someone else thinks we should, it should be if WE want to do it and I haven’t found anyone yet worth giving it too.

Like our mate…

Like our mate, yes.

So you do believe in it.

I want to, but how would we know if it was our mate.

I guess we’d just…Know…You know?

I guess. God, I need a drink.

Let’s go get one then, you have our fake ID.

I nod as I head to the local bar where Kai and I would regularly get our drinks. We had gone there over the last few months and although the guy who ran it, Kade, was sceptical of us at first, he soon waved it off as I had sent a few guys packing who were trying to cause a riot. I didn’t like people causing unnecessary trouble and I especially hated bullies, criminals, murderers and rapists, all that sort of thing.

“Hi Kade,” I smile sitting up at the bar.

“Well look what the cat dragged in, how are you Phoenix?” He smiles. He was a handsome older guy, I was pretty sure he would have been hot back in the day, you could still see the rippling muscles in his arms, his face held a few wrinkles, laugh lines, he had a gorgeous smile. If he wasn’t nearly forty years my elder, I would definitely find him attractive.

“Not bad, had much trouble with the locals?” I smile taking the drink he slid over to me, he knew my favourite and gave me the odd drink for free as I helped him out so often. Sure he had the muscle, but he worked alone in the bar so he couldn’t do everything at once.

“Few fights here and there, all the crazies come out on the full moon,” he smirks at me.

If only he knew…

“Are you calling me crazy?” I smirk.

“The craziest of them all little Phoenix,” He chuckles.

“Ouch,” I put a hand to my heart with a stabbing motion as we both chuckle.

“Excuse me a moment little one,” He smiles before going to serve a few customers who had just walked in.

“Trey, dad’s going to get us killed if he carries on, I mean look at you, your hands are going to take weeks to heal,” A girl murmurs on a table as I turn slowly in my seat, not daring to look at them directly, just making sure I looked as if I were people watching.

“I’ll be fine Luciana, I’ve got it,” The guy says. He’s handsome, that’s for sure. With brown hair tousled slightly as it hangs low just below his chin, light stubble on his prominent jaw-line, the brightest green eyes, rocking a really expensive-looking black leather jacket, jeans and t-shirt. I could see the blood on his knuckles and smelt the fear coming from the girl opposite him.

I could only see the back of her, her light brown hair cascaded down her back in soft ringlets over what looked like a Bardot styled dress in black, hanging off slim shoulders into a full bust.

“People watching are we? You’re so nosey,” Kade laughs making me jump.

“I’ve never seen them around before,” I say.

“They’re new around here, them and a few others turned up a couple weeks ago. Those two come in most days and he always seems to have some sort of bruise on him, no idea why, I just don’t want any trouble in my bar,” he says as I take another sip from my drink.

“Like I’d let you get into trouble,” I smirk.

“You’re not here all the time and I have no idea how you do it, you have the strength of a titan, yet you’re only young, I know you’re not eighteen Phoenix, I’m not stupid,” He lowers his voice as he raises a brow.

“So why do you still ply me with drinks and let me hang out here?” I ask, forgetting all those I was watching.

“I’d rather see a girl like you get drunk under my watch where I can make sure you are safe than you get drunk in some local park and god knows what happens to you. I’ve taken a liking to you and your little friend who comes in here. We take care of our own and you’ve become one of mine,” He smiles.

“Thank you,” I blush with a smile as he squeezes my hand softly before getting back to work.

Something weird about him, he smells…different…

He smells like the forest.

You don’t think he’s like us do you?

No, we’d sense it. I do like him though, he’s cool.

“My, my, look at that beauty over there,” A group of men walk inside, I can smell the liqueur already pouring from their breath as they eye me up.

“I’m going for it,” One of the older ones says, he had to be in his forties, pot-bellied, absolute slime-ball…Great…

“Hi there little lady,” he slinks up beside me his hand sliding onto my back.

“Not interested buddy,” I roll my eyes sipping on my drink.

“Aww, come on baby girl, give me a chance, I just might give you the night of your life,” He says as I laugh turning around to him, my drink behind me as his little group join us at the bar.

“And how do you think you will give me the time of my life?” I raise a brow.

“I will do everything to that perky little body of yours that will drive you wild,” he says getting up close as I wrinkle my nose in disgust, this guy stinks.

“You’re probably old enough to be my dad, I don’t want no wrinkly todger near me thanks,” I laugh as I turn, I go to take a sip of my drink before smelling something odd, my eyes zero in on something bubbling in the bottom of the glass.

They spiked it!

“Drink up sweetheart, I’ll buy you another and then we’ll see who wants who. You can call me daddy if you like,” He grins putting a hand on my waist.

“Why don’t you guys back the fuck off the girl? She clearly wants nothing to do with you,” It’s the girl from the table…Luciana, her eyes are bright green surrounded in smokey make-up and unbelievably similar to the man, Trey, twins maybe…

“You’re welcome to join in too, sweetheart,” He laughs.

“Luciana, let’s go,” Trey growls behind her, his eyes darting around the men, I could tell he knew these guys and he wasn’t pleased to see them.

“But…” Luciana murmurs, her eyes meeting mine.

“Don’t worry about me,” I smile at her as she sighs, nodding sadly before heading out with her, what I was presuming, brother.

“Drink up baby,” Another guy says pushing my hand with my drink to my lips.

“Kade, can I get one of my special straws please?” I smile as the men around me look confused.

“What do you need a straw for?” The pot-bellied pig says behind me, his breath against my neck.

“Get’s me drunk quicker,” I wink at the three other guys as Kade comes over with a straw. A straw which reacts to drinks that have been tampered with.

“Drink up,” the guy next to me says with a smirk as Kade watches me as I dip the straw in as it turns purple, this was some strong shit…

“I’d get the fuck out of my bar if I were you boys,” Kade growls at the men as he snatches the drink away from me.

“Is there a problem?” Pot-belly asks.

“You come in my bar and try to drug a girl, sure we have a problem,” Kade snaps, slamming his hand on the bar.

“Kade, calm down, I’ve got this. Boys, how about we go for a walk?” I smirk as they chuckle.

“See, she wants us,” pot-belly says as he takes my hand.

“Phoenix…” Kade says in warning.

“Trust me,” I say into his eyes as he sighs, grabbing his phone…Great, he was probably calling back up…

“Let’s go, baby,” the one who drugged my drink leads us outside as we go around the back, heading towards the woods as I almost laughed.

“Where are we going boys?” I ask innocently.

“To have some fun,” One chuckles as I’m pushed out of sight and against a tree as I look at the four men surrounding me.

“I like fun,” I smile.

“You’ll like this so much baby, we’ll make you feel real good,” the drug guy says walking forward as his lips make contact with my collarbone.

“Only one little problem,” I smirk as he stills slightly as my hand goes up to his throat squeezing with my inhuman strength as he struggles against me before the other guys come to his aid, tearing him from my grip as I smirk before I begin my attack, throwing punches at them as they try to pin me, but fail as I kick them, they groan in pain as one by one I take them down.

“Little bitch! You’ll pay for this!” Pot-belly says as I knock him out with a swift kick.

“If I hear any of you come near this bar again, next time I won’t go so easy,” I growl as I walk off, leaving them groaning in the dirt as I walk back to the bar, dusting myself off before I go back in.

“NIX!” Kai says sternly facing me inside the bar, arms folded.

“Someone called the fun police,” I murmur as I hear Kade chuckle.

There’s no way he heard that from over there.

“Where were you? What were you thinking?” Kai drags me by the arm to the corner as he looks at my hands which were already healing from the few scrapes I had gotten.

“I was doing away with some very bad men,” I smirk.

“You are going to get yourself killed one day,” He snaps.

“They were easy Kai,” I roll my eyes.

“Sure, that’s why Kade rang me to say you’d gone off with four guys who tried to date-rape drug you and he feared you would do something stupid…”

“Like you could stop me,” I laugh.

“This isn’t funny Phoenix, you’re not invincible!”

“No, but I’m also not human,” I whisper with a smirk.

“You still could die to a knife!” He grumbles.

“But I didn’t,” I answer as I walk away and go back to my seat at the bar.

“What did you do?” Kade asks with a raised brow.

“I just gave them a stern talking too,” I smirk as he passes me a brand new drink.

“Sure, tell that to the blood on your knuckles,” He laughs chucking a rag at me as I wipe the blood off.

“See, good as new, why did you have to call Kai though?” I laugh as he takes it back.

“He worries about you, so do I,” Kade answers.

“I’m going back to the girl I just abandoned at my house, I swear Nix, if I lost my chance with that babe I will be so pissed,” Kai grumbles.

“You could do so much better Kai,” I sigh.

“Like who? You?” He laughs as I felt a sting in my heart.

“Ouch…Enjoy your slut Kai,” I snap turning away from him.

“Nix…I didn’t mean it like that…” He sighs putting a hand on my shoulder.

“Just leave,” I say chugging down my drink.

“I’ll see you later,” He says before I hear his footsteps wander out the bar.

“That boy is in love with you, I just don’t think he realises it yet,” Kade watches him leave.

“Yeah…right…” I roll my eyes.

The next few hours go slowly as I continue watching the crowd, listening cheekily to some of the conversations around me. Someone got a new cat, someone got a promotion, another guy is cheating on his wife…It’s amazing what you can find out at the bar.

Time to run.

I look at the clock and smile, it was time to go, grab Kai, who I was tempted to leave behind tonight, but being my best friend I knew he would just come find me anyway, he was always so persistent.

“I’m off Kade,” I smile hopping down from my seat.

“On your own?” He frowns.

“Kai’s meeting me,” I smile…It was the truth…Sort of…

“Be careful out there Phoenix, I told you, the crazies are always out on a full moon,” He smirks.

“Someone afraid of the big bad wolf?” I laugh.

“I’m not afraid of wolves, it’s the other things that go bump in the night that worry me with a young girl like you out alone,” He sighs as I notice a flash of something in his eyes, but as soon as it comes, it’s gone again in a flash.

“I’ll be fine Kade,” I smile.

“You know where I am if you need me Phoenix,” He nods as I smile waving goodbye.

His eyes flashed a different colour, did you see that?

I did, I still don’t think he’s a wolf…I think…Surely we’d know…Maybe it was just a trick of the light.

“Nix! You’re late!” Kai taps his foot impatiently.

I don’t think he got his girl.

“No I’m not, I’m right on time,” I look at my watch, raising a brow.

“Let’s go,” he sighs as we walk towards the woods.

“So, what’s up?” I ask on the way.

“She left…” He snaps.

“Oops, cockblocked you did we?” I laugh.

“It’s not funny Nix,” He growls as I burst out laughing more.

“That was almost wolfish, you hang with Storm too much,” I laugh.

“At least she tries to stay safe,” He snaps.

“Excuse me! What exactly did you want me to do? Sit at the bar all night as those guys tried to fuck me up, maybe even start on another girl…They needed to be taught a lesson!” I growl, my anger getting the best of me.

“Yes! Sit at the bar, let Kade deal with it! I don’t want you to get hurt Nix!” He grabs my arm as we reach the woods, twirling me to face him.

“I won’t get hurt, I’m fine Kai,” I sigh.

“Just because you’re a wolf, doesn’t make you invincible, you can still get hurt, you might be strong, but even you have limitations, one wrong move and you’re fucked,” He says cupping my chin.

“I know I’m not invincible, but I can’t sit here and watch grown men try and force themselves on anyone! I had to do something,”

“You can’t do everything alone Nix,” He says as I shove his hand away.

“I AM ALONE! I am the only one of my kind!” I growl.

“You have me!” He shouts back, holding onto my hands as they shake, the burning sensation in them goes down as I can’t stop thinking about his touch.

“You’re not always going to be here Kai, we can’t be stuck to each other like glue forever, you have a future, you’re smart, you could go anywhere, you don’t need me,” I look up at the moon above me.

“You’re smart too Nix, you’re my everything, you know I love you Nix, I’ll never leave you,” He says softly as a tear falls down my face.

“I love you too Kai,” I say as he hugs me.

More than he knows…

Yeah, more than he’ll ever know.

“So, let’s go on that run shall we, get rid of that energy ball you have inside,” Kai smiles wiping away my tears.

“We’re trying that link thing again too,” I point at him with a smile.

“Great, headache number two here I come,” He laughs.

I smirk as I begin to shift, my white fur glistening in the moonlight as Kai runs his hands through it, I shiver at his touch as he smirks.

I look deep in his eyes and concentrate.

“Can you hear me?” I push towards him.

“I feel like you’re trying, but I’m not getting it,” He frowns.

“Can you hear me?” Storm helps me push.

“I heard it, like a whisper, can you hear me, that’s what you said right?” He smiles as I nod.

“Can you hear me?” we try again, concentrating harder than ever as I shook away the headache that came with it.

“I heard that! Clear as day!” Kai cheers.

“My head hurts,” I groan trying to make him hear it.

“Mine too, but I think the more we try, the easier it will get,” He answers with a smile as he jumps on my back with a thud as I let out a fake whimper of pain.

“Oh shit! Nix?! Did I hurt you?!” He panics.

Storm lets out a loud howl into the sky.

“You bitch, you weren’t hurt at all were you,” He grumbles as I shake my head.

“Fun,” I say to him as I look back, he shakes his head at me with a cheeky grin.

“Onwards noble stead!” He points forward with a grin.

He’s such a geek.

He’s our geek.

Geek with a hot body which is currently riding us…I want to ride him.

Storm, behave yourself!

I hear her chuckle in my mind as we take off, darting through the trees quickly, the moon flooding into our body as it makes us faster, stronger.

“Holy Shit! I’m going to fall off!” Kai laughs holding onto me tightly as I feel him slipping as I come to a stop before he slips off my side.

“You’re supposed to hold on,” I laugh as I shift back.

“We need to get you a saddle,” He smirks.

“I’m not a horse,” I roll my eyes.

A scream gets my attention as I turn to the east.

“Nix, what is it?” Kai asks, he obviously couldn’t hear it, it was too far away.

“Scream, a girl,” I nod forward.

“Shift, we need to find out what’s going on,” He says.

“So now you want me to go towards the danger,” I smirk as I shake my head.

“I’m with you, you’re not alone and we can’t let some girl get hurt,” He says as I shift, he climbs back on my back as we head off again as I hear another scream, my hackles raise and my ears perk to the direction of the noise as I see a group of six in the distance, two people struggling in the arms of the other four.

Isn’t that Trey and Luciana from the bar…

Oh shit, yeah it is. That’s the guys too!

I growl, snarling as my teeth elongate. I couldn’t let them get hurt, I felt a weird kind of longing to keep them safe.

“Who is it?” Kai whispers as he drops down beside me as I crouch low to the ground.

“Guys from earlier, girl and guy being held in trouble,” I push through.

“I’m going to go in, come when I whistle,” Kai says moving before I can stop him as he runs towards the group as I stick to the shadows, keeping low.

“Well look here boys, we got ourself a stray,” Pot-belly laughs as I notice the shiner on his eye.

“Evening, I was just out for a walk, what’s going on?” Kai answers.

“Nothing to see here kid, get going,” One of them growls as Trey struggles beneath two of them on the ground as pot-belly and drug man are holding Luciana, the girl as I smell the fear between them.

“I think you shouldn’t be hurting them like that,” Kai nods at them.

“Or what? They owe us money, we’re just having a conversation about how they are paying us back, no harm done, our boy here just got a little angry so we had to detain him,” pot-belly says.

“Travis, my dad owes you money, not us!” Trey growls. Travis was Pot-belly.

“Seems like you have a problem with their father, not them,” Kai smirks as the guy who drugged my drink lets go of Luciana walking towards Kai as I notice a glint of a knife.

“KNIFE!” I growl into Kai’s mind as his eyes dart to the man’s hand with a small nod.

“I don’t like people interfering with my business little man, especially little brats like you,” the guy says as he goes to raise the knife, I dart out of the bush as Kai whistles, I pounce on the guy, ripping out the knife from his hand, my teeth grazing his wrist as he shouts, struggling beneath me.

“Let them go,” Kai smirks as I snarl at the man beneath me as he tries to kick out from under me.

“That…That’s…” Luciana’s eyes are wide in shock.

“A wolf,” Kai nods with a smirk.

“Kill it!” Pot-belly shouts as I hear the click of a gun, my eyes darting forward as one of the guys steps forward, leaving Trey with one struggling to hold him down.

“NO!” Kai shouts as I hear the gun go off at the same time I’m jumping on the man, pain shoots through my leg as I come down hard on the man, ripping him apart quickly as blood spurts everywhere.

“Get it away from me! Here! Take the girl!” Pot-belly, Travis, pushes Luciana my way in fear as she’s on her knees, looking at me, straight into my eye as I whine at the pain in my leg.

“I’ll have its fur as a rug,” The drug guy snaps as he grabs for the gun, but I’m quicker as I jump over to him, ignoring the pain as I take him out too with a swoop of my paw.

“Shit! Please! Don’t kill me!” The fourth guy shakes in fear as he lets Trey go, he darts to his sister grabbing a huge branch on the way as he holds it between me and them.

“She won’t hurt you,” Kai says to Trey, pushing down the branch as I snarl at the shivering wreck in front of me.

“It’s a wolf! A wild animal!” Trey exclaims.

“I believe him,” Luciana says standing as she walks towards me, kneeling at my leg as I whine, the bullet was lodged in my leg, I could feel it.

“Hurts,” I push to Kai as he kneels beside me, chucking the gun to Trey as he shoots the fourth guy in the head.

“TREY!” Luciana screams in shock.

“He had his hand on a gun Luciana, look behind him,” Trey says sadly as we look over, he was right…

“Nix, I need to get the bullet out,” Kai says as I whine on the ground.

Pot-belly is still here, I can smell him.

“Hurry, I have to hunt,” I nod to Kai.

“Hunt?” He frowns.

“The other guy,” I push.

“You’re talking to it like it’s having a conversation with you,” Trey scoffs looking at Kai like he’s crazy.

“Ready Nix?” Kai ignores him as I nod.

“She understands you,” Luciana gasps, seeing me nod.

I nod again at her as she gasps, looking into my eyes with wonder.

I howl out in pain as Kai’s fingers dig into my flesh.

“Do NOT bite me!” Kai says sternly as I growl in pain.


No! Do not shift back!

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