Not The Only One

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Chapter 22

Michael and I set off on a run as we tried to find any scent of the kids, but of course, these kids just loved to play around the whole place so their scents were everywhere.

“I want every fucking wolf on alert, find Blake and Keeley, now!” I howl out the order through the links.

A chorus of howls sounds through the building as wolves begin to rush out of their rooms as we carry on searching the area for them.

“How could they disappear like this?!” I cry out.

“We’ll find them,” Michael says as we continue down the corridor, I spot Tusk up ahead walking briskly to an exit as I bolt down the corridor, he looks behind, his eyes wide as he shifts going for the exit.

“STOP HIM!” I howl out.

“No, you don’t!” Jason walks out of a room suddenly as he knocks Tusk out cold.

“You weren’t supposed to be back until tomorrow,” Michael and I shift into our human forms.

“Good thing we got here early, Paul’s got the kids,” He says as I sigh with relief, kissing his cheek as Michael growls behind me.

“Take care of him for me will you boys?” I say.

“You’ve got to catch me up on what’s going on,” Jason says as he and Michael grab Tusk roughly.

I walk into the room as it leads to an office with another exit to a different part of the mansion, walking through the other door I go towards a heavily guarded room surrounded by people both men and women, all who look beaten and bruised from what looks like another fight.

“My God, it’s her,” someone murmurs as people begin to part ways for me, I rush into the room where I see Paul is sat with Rook and the kids.

“Phoenix!” Keeley screams as she flies over to me and hugs me tightly.

“I didn’t mean to, they coerced me, Phoenix please, forgive me!” Meryl is tied with some of the other men as I kiss Keeley’s cheek and put her down, ignoring Meryl’s pleas as I kneel in front of Blake.

“You ok?” I cup his cheek, a deep gash is dripping blood as he cries a little.

“He’s shaken, but I’ve already helped his healing, thankfully Paul caught them as they were breaking for the border,” Rook nods to Paul.

“Thank you,” I hug Paul as he chuckles.

“Nice to see too Phoenix,” He booms with laughter.

“Keeley! Oh, my baby!” Violet runs into the room scooping her up.

“Rook, why don’t you take the kids up to medical while I deal with the others. Violet, I’m sure you don’t mind how I deal with Meryl, she is one of yours after all,” I say as I feel the rage build up inside me.

“Do as you will, she is not one of us, I will be going with the children, enjoy yourself Phoenix,” Violet glares at Meryl. Meryl begins to scream out in fear as I stand, hands covered in flames.

“Would someone mind helping me take these fuckers out the front, I would like to do this publicly, let everyone see what happens when you betray my trust and hurt one of us,” I growl.

“With pleasure Phoenix,” Paul nods as he calls over the wolves surrounding the room.

“Michael, would you mind bringing Tusk out the front for me,” I say through the link.

“Paul already told me, we’re on our way,” He replies quickly as I watch Paul and some of the new wolves drag the prisoners along as Meryl screams for mercy.

The corridors were busy with wolves and fae as they watched them being dragged outside, circling them as I stood in front of all five.

Five…I thought there were more…


“Phoenix?” Jason frowns at me.

“We’re short one,” I growl looking at each of them.

“Where is your buddy, Tusk?” Michael grabs him by the throat.

“Finishing what I started,” He laughs spitting blood at Michael’s face.

Creating a ball of blame I focus on the man I knew was missing from the group as it shoots from my hand darting around searching for him, gliding through the air it suddenly plummets down as an agonising scream is heard from the crowd as they part ways, the final man up in flames.

“Neat trick,” Jason murmurs.

“What’s going on?” I hear the murmurs through the crowd.

“I understand some of you may be confused as to what has happened tonight, so let me enlighten you! Most of you know of the children, Janie, Blake and Keeley, they are of royal blood as I am. You know I want peace and for us all to live together without fear! These people go against us! They tried to kill all three of the kids, Tusk threatened my best friend, Kai, for being a vampire! I will not tolerate this behaviour!” I shout out so everyone can hear me.

“Vampires are scum! You don’t deserve to be queen! Long live King Thomas!” Tusk howls out.

A chorus of angry howls sounds around us as wolf eyes glare at Tusk.

“Does anyone else agree with him? I welcome your opinions, I may not know how to be Queen to the best of my ability yet but I swear, by the goddess, I will do my utmost to bring us into a new age where we no longer have to live in fear! Now, does anyone else not believe in me? You may leave if you like, I will not force you to stay,” I wait as one by one the wolves begin to kneel before me, bearing their necks in submission.

Woah… This is so cool!

“I submit to my new alpha, my queen, Phoenix,” choruses through the crowd as I feel it in my heart, so many of the wolves who had lost their alphas to Thomas joining my pack, devoting themselves to me. Even the fae were putting their hands to their chests in signs of respect to me as I looked around.

“I was going to choose their fates, but I’ve had another idea, a new rule means a new way of working together, so it will not be my choice of what happens to these prisoners, you all get your chance to speak up, how will they be punished? Death? Locked up?” I call out.

“Burn them!”

“Death is the only way!”

So many suggestions are shouted but most were vulgar and descriptive of ways of torture.

I wouldn’t mind them dying slowly, they deserve it!

Calm Storm, we cannot think for just ourselves now, we have others to think about.

I know, but I’m so angry! What if they had killed the kids?!

They didn’t and no one will!


“I would say that the answer is pretty unanimous,” Paul laughs behind me.

“Death it is,” I nod before moving behind the prisoners, feeling Storm giddy in happiness at the thought of killing the wretches near me.

“Today I find you all guilty of attempted murder, kidnapping and treachery, may you rot in hell,” I growl as the flames lick from my fingers, gliding through the air as it surrounds them all, they scream from the heat, their skin blistering as the crowd cheer me on.

Their screams continue as I push the fire closer, it reflects in everyone’s eyes as it’s so bright and powerful.

Finish it, we’re running out of juice.

Storm was right I was beginning to struggle as I killed the fire, stepping forward with my claws out, I slice their necks as they fall to the ground, my body covered in their blood as it splatters everywhere.

Looking at their bodies slowly draining, blistered and burnt from my fire I begin to feel sick, everyone’s eyes on me was beginning to make me anxious as I felt them judging what I had done.

That was gross…

“I think I’m going to be sick,” I whisper, clutching my stomach as I run into the mansion to find a bathroom clutching the sink in my shaky hands, looking at myself in the mirror, covered in blood.

“Phoenix? Open up my love,” Michael knocks as I turn to puke into the toilet as he rams the door open and rushes to my side, holding my hair from my face.

“Is she ok?” Paul asks from the door.

“She’ll be just fine, it’s been a long day, this is the stress making itself known,” Michael says as I wipe my mouth, flushing the toilet and sitting on the ground tilting my head back against the cool tiles on the wall.

“A nice simple day would be nice for once,” I groan.

“Soon baby, soon,” Michael says.

“Baby? What?” Paul raises a brow at his friend.

“We’re mates Paul,” Michael says as I look for Paul’s reaction.

“Bryant would have your head on a stick man,” Paul laughs.

“I think Kade wanted to do that too,” I smile at Michael.

“Trust me, he had a few words but then I reminded him of who his mate is and he shut up,” Michael says.

“Wait…Kade’s mated too!” Paul shouts.

“You’ve missed a lot,” I smirk.

“No shit, I think I need a beer to deal with this shit,” He huffs before wandering off.

“How do you feel my love?” Michael cups my chin gently.

“Like shit, wiped out, scared I’m never going to be good enough to be Queen, I can’t even keep the kids safe,” I sigh.

“This wasn’t your fault, you will be an amazing Queen and you have things to learn as everyone does when put in a place of power, you have to start somewhere. I will help you and we WILL keep the kids safe, they idolise you, this all happened so quickly and we got the kids back, everyone will be fine,” He kisses my forehead softly.

“Thank you,” I smile.

“No problem, now, let’s go get you in a shower before you even think of saying you want to see the kids,” He smirks knowing what I was about to say.

“Ok,” I smile as he helps me up before scooping me in his arms and carrying me upstairs.

“Aww how cute!” A woman squeals watching us.

“Not cute,” Michael grumbles under his breath.

“What would you rather? Hot? Sexy? Romantic?” I smirk in his arms.

“Yes, all of those,” he nods.

“Too bad cutie pie,” I pinch his cheek playfully as he growls at me, opening my bedroom door as he kicks it shut behind him.

I could feel the electricity between us as our skin tingled against each other, he puts me down, smacking my ass playfully as I squeak a little before giggling and running into the bathroom.

“I’ll be out soon cutie,” I wink at him as he growls at me coming towards me as I shut the door quickly locking it giggling to myself as I begin to strip and jump in the shower.

“You’ll pay for that Phoenix, I’ll be right here waiting,” he says from the door as my body heats up with need, biting my lip as I wash my body, the soap gliding over my body.

Once I was done I came out of the bathroom in my towel as I see Michael standing against the wall, one foot planted on the wall, arms crossed and head back as he waited for me. I took him in, his mop of hair was over his forehead and eyes, his muscles bulging from his sweaty top, this man was sexy as hell, even sweaty, the longer I spent with him the more I felt it, but not just because of the mate bond, I truly felt attached to this protective, loving, sexy man.

“Finished staring baby,” Michael smirks as I bite my lip nervously looking down at the floor.

“I…Uh…You should shower too,” I murmur.

“Are you saying I smell?” He smirks sexily as I try not to moan as he stands right in front of me, our bodies almost touching.

“No…I…Uh…Shit…” I stammer.

What the hell is wrong with you? You’ve gone gaga over him, you don’t do this shit…What happened to the Phoenix I knew?

You’re just horny so shut it.

Hey, if I’m horny you are too, we are the same person basically!

“Get dressed Phoenix, I will go shower,” Michael chuckles before kissing my cheek and heading to the bathroom.

Are you seriously going to let him just go!

“Shit, Michael!” I call as I turn, he stops in the doorway with a raised brow as I walk up to him, hands gliding over his arms and up to his neck into his hair as I kiss him.

Kissing him felt like my body was about to burst as he deepened it, our tongues clashing for dominance as his hands glided over my shoulders to the top of the towel as he undid it and it dropped to the ground as I gasped in surprise.

He stopped quickly looking into my eyes, not even glancing down at my naked body.

“Now is not the time my love,” Michael rests his forehead against mine, pecking my lips as his eyes never leave mine as he picks up the towel and holds it in his hands, passing it to me as I sigh, wrapping it around me once more.

“Why?” I ask, breathing heavily, my body hot with need.

“Trust me, I want nothing more than to ravage you right now, but I will not do it today, not after the events that have happened, I want our first time together to be perfect Phoenix, your first to be perfect, I want to spend time with you, treat you like you deserve and I will. But not today, for the rest of this evening we need to check on the children and check the packs,” Michael says as I feel my heart flutter, he was amazing, I almost felt like I didn’t deserve this man by my side at all.

“Thank you,” I kiss his lips once more.

“Get dressed, I won’t be long,” He says with a smile before going back into the bathroom as I turn, biting my lip as I let out a girly giggle I’ve never heard come out of my mouth before as I slam my hand on my mouth in shock.

“Oh, before I forget, there are a few pairs of trousers for you in my draws, you can wear my shirts, with it,” Michael says through our link as I smile, going to his draws as I find a few pairs of jeans and some brand new underwear. He was prepared for me to be in his room already.

“Giving me a draw already? I thought that was for people in relationships?” I smirk as I link him while I get dressed.

“Are we not?” He says as I feel his confusion.

“I don’t know, are we? We know we’re mates but as of right now I have no mark, how should I know?”

“Are we seriously doing this? Must I ask you like a teenager?” He chuckles from the other side of the door.

“Wouldn’t you want to hear that I was yours officially, hear the words…” I go through his wardrobe with a smirk as I hear him moan out.

“Fine…Phoenix Fermi, will you do me the honour of being mine?” Michael walks out with a huge grin on his face as I look at him in shock.

“Fermi?” I whisper.

“Yes, that’s your last name, your father’s name…Didn’t you know?” He asks stepping forward as my hands drop from doing the buttons on the shirt up.

“No, all I ever had was the first name,” I shake my head.

“It’s Italian, means strong, like you,” he cups my chin gently.

“Yes,” I say as his eyebrows furrow.

“Yes, what?” He asks.

“Yes, I will be yours,” I smile as his grin broadens, kissing me deeply once more as his hands go inside the shirt, touching my sides as his thumbs almost brush my breasts as he groans.

“This is making it very difficult not to take you now,” He groans before doing up the shirt completely.

“I wouldn’t complain,” Storm pushed through me as I growl.

“Calm Storm, you and Flint will have your moment soon,” Michael says as his eyes flash yellow as I was sure mine did, feeling our wolves pushing the link between us.

Michael gets dressed but we can’t keep our eyes off of each other as we leave the room to check on the others. One by one I do my rounds checking on the wolves until we finally get to the kids who are all sat up with Violet, Kade, Luciana and Kai, giggling like their normal selves.

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