Not The Only One

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Chapter 23

The next few months had flown by, I hardly got a minute to myself which meant that Michael and I hadn’t had the chance to mate yet. Storm was getting antsy with it as unmated males began to hover around me like they wanted a piece of me. This meant that Michael organised someone to be by my side twenty-four-seven. Luckily it happened to be mostly people I knew and loved, Kai, Trey, Luciana, Kade and Jae.

I had hardly seen Michael over the last month as he was helping Paul and Jason free some of the packs, the mansion was getting fuller by the day, but that was good, I felt the pack grow in number, they were getting stronger and happier as the days went by. I had heard many whispers of what people thought the pack should be called and had yet to decide. I hated naming anything.

I heard a wolf saying something about a blaze of fire the other day, what if we called it Blazing Moon Pack.

I don’t mind that actually…

Finally! I thought we would have to come up with something forever!

“Nix?! You up?” Kai shouts through my door as I smile opening it up for him.

“Hey,” I grin.

“Wow, someone’s happy,” Kai laughs.

“I…Well, Storm, came up with a name for the pack,” I grin.

“OH! What did you decide?”

“Blazing Moon,” I smile as he nods his head in thought.

“Sounds good to me, you’ll have to announce that later. But, we have things to do first,” Kai says nodding his head towards the stairs as I nod and follow him.

“Good morning Queen, looking beautiful today,” A young male wolf looks me up and down lustfully as I feel Kai stiffen beside me.

“Keep walking,” He hisses out.

“Thank you, but I have things to do,” I nod to the wolf as I drag Kai with me.

“If your mate won’t have you, you’re welcome to come to see me, my queen!” The young male shouts out.

“Don’t bet on it!” I call back as I hear the wolf growl.

“You need a mate to help run this pack, you’re useless alone!” The wolf growls storming up to us as I turn abruptly taking him by the throat and shoving him against the wall before Kai can even get to him.

“I do not need your advice, I do not need a mate to be able to run this pack, but I do, however, have a mate and if he hears anything about how you have behaved today I am under no obligation to stop him from tearing your throat out, so please, do carry on if you have a death wish,” I growl, fed up with the males thinking they could try to own me.

“S…S…Sorry my queen,” He stammers bearing his neck in submission as I let him go and he falls before running off nervously away from me.

“Nicely handled, though Michael will be pissed when he hears about this,” Kai smirks.

“Michael isn’t going to hear about this Kai,” I say sternly.

“Sorry, I am under orders from him to report back with any males who try their luck,” He answers as I step forward to him, he steps back against the rail.

“Kai, I love you, but if you tell him I will be so pissed, I thought your loyalty was to me,” I cross my arms.

“It is to you, but…But…” He murmurs.

“But what…”

“Michael threatened if I didn’t tell him everything he would tell my secret,” He gulps as I frown.

“Secret? Hold up, what secret?”

“Uh…We should go downstairs,” Kai says walking away but I grab his arm and push him against the wall so he can’t escape.

“What are you keeping from me, Kai? We tell each other everything,” in all honestly I was a little hurt he was keeping something from me.

“I…I…He…Uh saw me kissing someone,” He gulps.

“Who?” I ask, curious now that I didn’t know that he was after someone.

“Jae…” He whispers as I look at him in shock.

“Jae…Violet’s second in command Jae?!” I exclaim as he puts his hand over my mouth to quieten me as he drags me back to my room, slamming the door shut.

“You cannot tell anyone!” He whisper shouts.

“Why? What’s the problem? Are you worried because you kissed a guy Kai? Seriously!” I raise a brow.

“I…I don’t know how I feel right now Nix, I’m confused, I like girls, I fuck girls, not guys, I have no idea what happened, we were spending time together on patrol one night, just us and joking around when he flew down to my level and stopped me, then he kissed me! Michael saw it too and I asked him to keep it quiet and he said on the condition that I told him absolutely everything that happens with you as he knew you would try to keep things quiet,” Kai says running a hand through his hair.

“Ok, ok, so one, you know you can like girls and guys right? No one gives a shit Kai and if they have a problem with that they can get the fuck out of my pack, secondly did you kiss him back?! Thirdly, I’m going to kill Michael for even threatening that,” I growl.

“I know, I know, I just don’t know how to feel about it ok, I just need time to think. Yes, I kissed back…I mean, sure there was a connection but it was just so…Different to how I am with girls… I don’t know what to do Nix. Please don’t kill him, he meant well,” Kai sighs.

“OH MY GOD! Seriously Kai!” I squeal happily as he looks at me in shock.

“That is the girliest thing I have ever seen you do,” He laughs at me as I shove him playfully.

“Kai?! Phoenix?!” Kade’s voice booms outside as Kai’s face pales.

“Not one word until I decide what I’m doing Nix, please, I’m begging you as my best friend,” Kai puts his hands up in prayer motion.

“Of course Kai, I wouldn’t do that to you,” I hug him grinning as he breathes deeply and opens the door.

“What are you two doing? I expected you down ten minutes ago,” Kade raises a brow.

“Sorry, I needed a best friend chat,” I smile.

“Everything ok?” Kade asks concern flooding his face.

“Everything is fine,” I smile nodding as I walk out the room. They both follow quickly behind.

The fae and wolf healers had gotten together to create Kade a prosthetic that would work with him more effectively, they had worked on it for weeks and now it was fully operational, I always looked at it in awe, it shifted with him, the metal plates shifting as he did, creating a more wolf-like prosthetic as it slotted together. It was amazing and he was so happy to have a fully functioning leg once more. Albeit, it still nipped his stump occasionally and had to be altered but it was certainly going in the right direction.

“Good morning Phoenix,” Luciana grins hugging me before kissing Kade passionately. She was wearing her mating mark with pride today as I knew she was in heat, I’m surprised Kade could even leave her for just a moment at the smell of it, wolves go crazy at the scent and males would hover around any female in heat, mated or not, though they tried to stay away from the mated as much as they could, reigning in their wolves.

“Morning,” I smile as I take a seat at the kitchen table as someone passes me a huge plate of food as I thank them with a smile.

“So, what are the plans today?” Luciana asks sitting on Kade’s lap at the table.

“Well I need to announce the pack’s new name, there’s that,” I point my fork as I speak.

“Wait, what?! You decided?!” Luciana claps her hands excitedly.

“Yes, I did, well Storm did,” I grin.

“So…” She says impatiently.

“Later, you can find out with the rest of the pack at the council meeting later,” I smile.

“Ugh, I hate those meetings, so boring,” Kai groans.

“Oh, I am sorry that you have to represent for the vampires as the few we have here have chosen you to do it, don’t worry it’s a quick one today, just an update on what packs have been saved, what pack’s are fully operational on their own terms and haven’t been attacked by Thomas, and then how we plan to move forward,” I answer.

“It’s getting rather cramped around here, soon we shall have to move some of the pack to other places, or find somewhere we can all go together with a territory,” Kade sighs as he looks around, it was indeed, getting full of wolves, more and more had either decided to join us outright and stay here or were liberated from their destroyed homes from rogues.

There were four other alpha’s currently living in the mansion and luckily for me, they were all reasonable men who wanted what I did.

“Oh joy,” Kai groans.

“Violet and I should be able to make quick work of it, I’m sure Jae will keep you entertained,” I smirk at Kai as he glares at me.

“Those two are inseparable, I think you’re losing your best friend there Phoenix,” Kade laughs.

“He’s welcome to have other friends other than me, the more the merrier,” I smile with a wink at Kai as he rolls his eyes.

“PHOENIX!” Janie grins as she skips into the room and hugs my shoulders tightly.

“Hey kiddo, you ok?” I ask swallowing the mouthful of food I had.

“Yeah, Blake wants you, he won’t leave the room until you come to get him,” She sighs.

“Nightmares again?” I sigh.

“Yeah,” Janie nods.

Since the incident with Meryl and the others, Blake had had nightmares most nights and would only settle if I was around him, I had only just managed to get him back into the room with Janie and Keeley as he had been sleeping beside me most nights as Michael wasn’t around, he said he felt safer around me.

“Ok, I’ll be back guys,” I smile at the others.

“Hey! Wait for me!” Kai shouts as he runs after me.

“Didn’t think I would get a moment alone,” I roll my eyes with a smirk.

“Get used to it,” Kai smirks as we head upstairs.

“I have no idea how to help Blake, his nightmares aren’t getting any better, I thought he would be ok with the kids in their room, I just wanted a night to myself,” I sigh.

“Perhaps Rook could help him?” Kai answers.

“I would do that, but Blake doesn’t like him,” I groan. Blake for some reason didn’t like most of the males around, he only trusted those closest to us.

“What about Jae?” He blushes.

“That might work, I’ll talk to him later about it, I need to do something, I hate him being so scared all the time,” I say as we get to the top of the stairs, heading to their door.

“Blake sees you like a mum you know?” Kai says as I look at him in shock.

“What…” I murmur.

“It’s true, he was talking to me the other day, he loves you, he wants a mother but his is dead…we believe… you’ve been there for him in some way or another, even in the orphanage you watched over the kids, even when you acted as if you hated them in front of everyone else. You’ve looked after him, you love him, you’ve had him sleep in your bed for weeks to help his nightmares, you make sure the kids are safe, fed and happy, face it Nix, you’re a mother,” Kai says as I stop in the middle of the hall.

It’s not a bad thing Phoenix, we do love those kids.

I know, it’s just, I never thought of it like that, those kids have been looking for a family, just as I had and all this time, we’ve had each other, we are family.

We should adopt them…

Adopt! I…Wow Storm, I don’t know, what about Michael?

Ask him when he returns, though I don’t think he would disagree, his face lights up around the kids too, plus the bigger the family the more fun.

“Nix?” Kai murmurs making me jump as his hand touches my shoulder.

“Sorry, I was uh, talking to Storm,” I smile walking forward.

“About?” He raises a brow.

“Adopting Blake and Janie,” I whisper.

“Seriously?!” He grins at me.

“I mean, I need to talk to Michael first and I will have to talk to the kids about it after, Janie may not want it as there isn’t much of an age gap between us as it is, she’s old enough to make her own decisions, but Blake…I love that kid,” I smile nervously.

“You’ll be a great mum,” Kai hugs me tightly.

“We’ll see,” I smile as we continue walking towards the bedroom as I walk through, seeing Blake shivering under his covers as Keeley sits beside him, hugging him to her side.
“Oh baby boy,” I whisper as I rush forward, lifting him and sit on the bed, putting him in my lap as he snuggles into my chest, crying as I stroke his head soothingly.

“Don’t like nightmares, make them go away,” he cries.

“I will find a way, Blake,” I sigh kissing his head softly as Keeley joins me on my side, hugging both me and Blake.

“How about going on a run? I used to love going on runs with Phoenix, especially riding her back, it helped get rid of all the bad feelings in my head,” Kai smiles at the kids softly.

“Can we?!” Keeley grins happily.

“What do you think Blake?” I ask as he lifts his eyes to meet mine, they are bloodshot from stress and tiredness, I needed to sort this soon.

“Can I ride on your back?” He says timidly.

“Of course you can,” I smile kissing his head as he smiles a little.

“Ok! Let’s get you two dressed and head out!” Kai says as Keeley leaps off the bed at him, climbing onto his back as I laugh at them, Blake giggles a little at his best friend antics too as I lift him and grab him some clothes.

“Get dressed you two,” I tell them as Keeley rushes off into the bathroom to get dressed as Blake gets changed in the room while Kai and I wait for them outside.

“Those two are destined to be together, they don’t do a thing without each other,” I smile.

“They could just be best friends, like we are,” Kai raises a brow with a smirk.

“Perhaps,” I shrug before smiling at the kids coming out of the room.

“Let’s go!” Keeley squeals happily, her hand in Blakes as he tries to make an effort to smile.

We make our way outside as warriors nod at me with respect as we walk past them.

“Where are you going, my Queen?” Cole, one of the warriors asks.

“Just on a run with the kids,” I nod to Blake and Keeley as they giggle at Kai’s playful antics.

“I’d make it quick, there is a storm coming,” Cole points to the sky as I see the huge dark clouds.

“I will,” I nod.

I shift as I nudge the back of the kid’s legs as they squeal in surprise noticing my wolf before Keeley flies up and onto my back before holding her hand out to Blake as he climbs on carefully.

“Room for another?” Kai asks with a cheeky grin.

“I don’t know if I can take your fat ass too Kai,” I pretend to whine as he jumps on.

“Kai! You’re too heavy!” Keeley giggles.

“Trust me, I’ve seen her take Luciana, me and Trey on her back, she can handle it, now giddyup!” Kai laughs as I growl at him.

“You’re pushing your luck,” I shake my head as I feel the kids grip onto my fur and take off slowly before building up speed, darting through the trees as I hear Blake and Keeley’s giggles on my back.

A sudden boom in the sky caused the kids to scream as thunder and lightning began to soar through the air.

“Phoenix! Watch out!” Kai shouts as a tree is struck by lightning in front of us as I dodge out of its way.

Bolt after bolt struck, I had never seen lightning this bad before as I ran through the woods, Kai taking hold of the kids in his arms as I tried to make my way back to the mansion.

Smoke began to fill the air as lightning had set a tree on fire, there was no rain, just thunder and lightning, the trees were still dry so they would set alight easily.

“Shit! Where do I go?!” I look around me in a panic, smoke filling the air as Kai wraps his jacket around the kids trying to shield them from as much as possible.

“No, not fire, not again, don’t like fire,” Blake cries.

“Blake we will get out of this, stay calm, I got you last time didn’t I?” I link to him.

“I know,” He sniffles.

Head left! Push the smoke with the wind!

I do as Storm says as I let her take over completely, dodging through the trees as they set alight. I howl in warning to everyone at the mansion as I hear their calls back, following their voices.

Praying for the rain to come I push my powers to the sky as I feel droplets finally begin to filter down through the air as the storm really begins.

We finally make it out of the woods as we are surrounded by warriors that lead us back up to the entrance as Luciana runs out with towels as I let them all off of me.

I can hear a whine come from the trees as I turn around abruptly looking into the woods.

“Phoenix, don’t!” Kai shouts as I bolt from the others darting back into the smoke and fire, looking around in panic for the source of the whine.

I howl out, calling for them as I hear another whine, darting through the trees as I come across a young wolf pinned under a tree.

I try to push the tree off of him but it’s no good, it’s too heavy and stuck for me to move.

“Hey, stay calm, I’m going to get you out,” the boy whines, yelping as I see the blood on his side, a piece of bark had cut him.

“Phoenix!” Trey bounds through the trees with Kade and a few warriors right behind him as I howl out in response as they head my way.

“We have to get him out now!” I order as they nod at me. We try to move the tree together but it’s still no good.

Trey begins to dig underneath the child as I join him, the hole getting deeper and big enough that we can drag the child out from under the tree as he yelps in pain.

“Move!” Kade leaps over to me as we tumble across the ground as another tree falls right where I had been standing.

“Thank you,” I gulp, nuzzling his side in thanks.

“I’ve got the kid, let’s move!” Trey calls as I see the pup is on his back as we begin to make our way back through the trees and back into the mansion.

“Lukas! Oh, my Lukas! Thank you!” A woman comes running towards us as she takes her pup in her arms.

“Get him to the healer,” I say as she cries rushing off to the medical wing.

“Are you stupid?!” Kade growls at me.

“Stupid?! For what? Saving a child? If I hadn’t he would have died under those trees!” I shout angrily.

“You could have got hurt!” Kade snaps back.

“Then so be it! I will not stand idly by while someone is in danger! Now, I am going to go and try to take out some of the fire before this whole place gets engulfed,” I growl as I head back outside, focusing on the trees that were glowing still, even under the rain, I use my powers to guide the rain to the fire directly, hands shaking as the rain soaks the ground beneath me.

“Here, take my hand, draw power from me,” Jae says standing beside me as I nod, both of us getting soaked in the rain as he helps me stop the fire from spreading.

“I think that’s it!” I shout through the thunder, my hair plastered to my skull as he nods, we both run back inside as Luciana walks up to me with towels as I wrap it around me quickly, shivering from the cold.

“You’re freezing Nix,” Kai rubs my arms as I shiver.

“You’re all wet,” Blake scrunches his nose up as he hugs me.

“That’s because it’s raining,” I laugh.

“Phoenix! The team is back!” Violet calls from across the room as she frowns at my appearance.

“I will explain what happened, dry off and then come see them,” Kade huffs at me.

“Are you seriously pissed at me for saving the kid?” I ask.

“No, I’m proud, you’re parents would have done the same, doesn’t make you any less stupid though, you put yourself at risk for others, one day your luck will run out, I’m trying to protect you Phoenix,” He kisses my soaking head before walking off to join Violet.

Blake tugs at my hand as I smile down at him as he leads me upstairs with him.

“Go,” He pushes me into my room as I giggle.

“Ok bossy boots,” I smirk.

“I’ll stand here and wait, don’t take too long, girls take too long,” he frowns.

“You’ve been around Kai too long,” I laugh.

“Kai says you talk a load of poppycock,” Blake giggles against his hand.

“Does he now?” I smirk shaking my head as I notice the young male from earlier today.

A surge of pain goes through my stomach.

Oh, shit…Our heat… It’s like humans, if there are enough wolves in heat then most of the females will go into it at the same time!

No…Not now, shit, I have no one with me! So much for being watched!

“Blake come inside with me,” I groan holding my stomach.

“What’s wrong?” He asks as I pull him into the room, a lustful growl comes from the male nearby as I swear under my breath and slam the door shut quickly, leaning against it as I lock it, the male, bashing against it as Blake looks at me in fear as he begins to growl at the door.

“Luciana! Help I’ve gone into heat! There’s a male outside trying to get in!” I call through the link as I hear a howl in the distance.

“We’re coming, Phoenix!” She replies as I groan in pain, the door crunching behind me.

I hear a snarl from the other side of the door as the door stops shaking. I walk to the other side of the room as I take Blake in my arms, but he stands in front of me growling at it. He was protecting me.

We can hear the fighting going on outside before a load yelp rings out and then silence.

“Phoenix! Open the door!” Luciana shouts as I sigh with relief, running over to the door as I throw it open. A wolf is standing over the male as he submits to them.

“Michael!” I call with a smile as he looks at me from above the male.

“Someone get that kid out of here and locked up until we decide what’s to be done of him!” Kade growls out as Michael moves from the wolf and stands, shifting into his human form, walking over to me swiftly before taking me into his arms.

“I thought I said for her to be watched at all times!” Michael growls.

“She was, until now…” Kade grumbles.

“I was watching her!” Blake says standing straight to attention.

“And what a good job you did,” I smile at him I ruffle his hair.

“Thank you, Blake, but I would have rathered one of the older wolves watching out,” Michael says softly to him.

“I’m ok,” I smile before groaning once more, heat flooding my body as I feel Michael hold me tighter to him.

“Blake how about you come with me and we go and see Keeley and Janie,” Luciana holds out her hand.

“But I want to stay with mu…Phoenix,” Blake says as I notice his correction.

“Did he just go to call you mum?” Michael says through the bond as he holds me in his arms from behind, his nose in my neck.

“I think so…” I nod.

“How about some ice cream?” Kade smirks at me as I glare at him.

“He can’t have ice cream for breakfast!” I exclaim as Kade chuckles at me.

“I’m pretty sure that you did something similar once,” Kai smirks at me as I flip him off as Blake giggles.

What Kai didn’t notice was the water creeping from my feet towards him as I lifted it into the air to splash over his head as he looked at me in shock as everyone began to laugh.

“Stop teaching Blake bad shit!” I growl.

“I am doing no such thing!” Kai laughs wiping his face of the water.

“So where did he learn poppycock?” I raise a brow.

“Uhhh…I have no idea what you’re talking about, I need to go…I need to go and see Jae about something, bye!” He runs off as everyone laughs at his retreating figure.

“Poppycock isn’t that bad,” Luciana chuckle.

“I know, but Kai always starts fine and then takes it too far,” I roll my eyes before wincing at the pain in my stomach, laying my head against Michael’s chest as I feel his growl in his chest.

“Come on Blake, Phoenix will find us later,” Luciana smiles sweetly at him.

“Fine…” Blake says sighing with a pout.

“You can have ice cream, but just this once ok?” I smile at him as he grins rushing up to me as his arms squeeze around me as I kiss his head.

“Love you,” He whispers.

“Love you too kiddo,” I whisper back as he blushes, I don’t think he meant to say it out loud.

“Race you,” Luciana grins at him.

“Yeah!” Blake laughs as they runoff.

“What do you want to be done with the young wolf?” Kade asks me.

“Do you think it’s just the heat causing his behaviour?” I reply.

“Yes,” Kade nods.

“Lock him up to cool his head for a while and then get one of the elders to teach him a few coping mechanisms with the heat. Warn him that this will be his only warning, next time he will be punished further,” I answer.

“Yes Ma’am,” Kade walks off with the others as Michael and I are the only ones left.

“So…Hi,” I smirk turning in his arms facing him, our chests pressing against each other.

“Hello my love,” He smiles cupping my face as he kisses me softly, groaning as he pulls me back into my room, shutting the door behind us. I can feel the heat in my stomach burn as we kiss passionately, our hands all over each other.

“I said I wanted your first time to be perfect Phoenix, this isn’t how I wanted it,” He groans, his hands massaging my breasts through my clothes as I moan against him.

“It will be, no matter how we do it,” I say breathlessly as he kisses me again, lifting me into his arms, my legs wrap around his waist as he carries me over to the bed.

“You are beautiful,” He murmurs kissing down my neck until he gets to my collarbone where he would mark me where he nips at it, causing me to moan beneath him.

“Please,” I beg as he growls lustfully his hands tearing at my shirt as I hear it rip, bearing my breasts underneath as he unclips my bra kissing down to my plump breasts, taking one in his mouth as I moan again.

He was being so gentle with me and yet every part of me just wanted him to lose control, take charge and mark me. I had no idea where this feeling came from but it excited me as he nipped at my nipple before taking the other breast into his mouth giving it equal attention.

“Michael,” I moan as I feel his cock hard in his trousers, gasping at the size of it.

“What is it, my love?” He kisses back up my chest and to my mouth as our tongues battled for dominance.

“That is never going to fit,” I squeak out through the link as he chuckles against me.

“Trust me, it will,” He moans, his hips thrusting against mine.

“I trust you,” I say looking into his eyes feeling the love he had for me pour from his as I hoped mine showed my love for him too.

He kisses me passionately as his hands begin to wander over my curves, my own hands threaded through his hair before he goes back to my neck, looking into my eyes as if looking for permission before I nod, his canines extend as they bite into my flesh as I cry out from the pain at first as his hand drifts down into my soaking trousers that I still hadn’t changed out from, cupping my wet pussy before rubbing at my clit as I moan beneath him, back arching in pleasure from his touch.

The pain in my neck turned into pleasure as I moaned breathlessly as he let go, licking at the wound as it healed and slipping a finger into my wet pussy as I cry out in pleasure.

He growls lustfully as he moves down my body, undoing my trousers as he drags them and my knickers off quickly as his eyes take in my naked body as he gently massages my pussy with his fingers, my body arching at the movement, moaning, begging for more.

“You are so beautiful Phoenix,” He says softly before sitting between my legs as I sit up slightly on my elbows, watching as he kisses up my thighs, nipping slightly as I let out a gasp before his mouth comes into contact with my clit as I cry out in pleasure.

I couldn’t breathe through the pleasure I was feeling, every inch of me wanted this man, every inch loved him as he continued to love my body, kissing every inch, his tongue tasting my skin as pressure built up in my stomach, my climax coming quickly as his fingers filled me and his mouth suckled on my clit as I screamed out his name.

“Michael, please!” I begged as I came all over his hand as he moaned, licking up every morsel before removing his fingers as I groaned at the loss of them.

He removes his shirt and trousers as I see his cock spring up from his boxers as they fall down his muscly legs, licking my lips at the sight of him.

“I forgot you had that,” I smile at the tattoo over his heart, my name.

“Must be fate, my love,” he smiles straddling my body as he kisses me, I can taste myself on his lips and I didn’t mind it at all.

“I want to mark you,” I murmur looking into his eyes as he smiles.

“Have at it love,” He says bearing his neck as I bite my lip, pushing him over and onto his back, as I straddle him, I see his eyes glow with lust and his wolf as I grin, kissing down his neck as he did to me as I felt Storm take over a little, our canines extended as I felt his hard cock near my pussy, grinding against it as he moaned I bit into his neck as he moaned deeply, his hands caressing my skin as his cock pushed against my entrance as I sat back slightly, wincing at the sting of the size of him entering me as he pushed in slowly as I marked him.

I felt the bond snap into place fully as I moaned with him, letting go of his neck, licking at his wound as he pushed into me fully as I cry out in a little pain as he stilled, letting me grow accustomed to his size as I had felt my hymen snap.

He kisses me, as he begins to thrust gently into me as I moan at the feeling of his cock inside me as he pulls it out, flipping us back over before entering me once more as my back arched again, his lips taking my breasts in his mouth as his thrusts get harder and quicker as I scream his name.

“Phoenix, fuck,” He groans as I feel every emotion between us, kissing him passionately as we climax together.

We fall into a heap on the bed as he pulls me onto his chest, I can feel his heart beating fast as I feel happier than I had ever felt in my life, this felt perfect.

“Michael, I love you,” I whisper against his chest. I can feel his happiness shine through our bond as he drags a finger to my chin, lifting it so I face him as I see the happiness in his eyes.

“I love you too my love, now and forever,” he grins kissing me as we curl up on the bed, laying in each other’s arms as we fall asleep accidentally.

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