Not The Only One

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Chapter 24

“Phoenix, wake up my love,” Michael says in my ear beside me as I groan, stretching out my body, wincing at the small ache between my legs but no longer feeling the heat that tortured my stomach.

“Shit, we fell asleep,” I groan.

“Yes, for quite some time, it’s three in the afternoon,” He grumbles.

“SHIT! The meeting!” I exclaimed, getting up quickly to get dressed.

“Go shower first Phoenix, I have already told them you will be delayed,” He chuckles standing beside me as he kisses me sweetly.

“Join me,” I smirk at him.

“With pleasure,” He winks lifting me into his arms as he carries me into the shower, turning on the water as it glides over the both of us as we kiss.

He sets me down as his hand glides over my pussy again as I bite my lip before pushing it away as he frowns before I get onto my knees, praying I did this right before my hands grip his cock softly, bringing it to my mouth as I lick the tip before sucking it into my mouth as he moans, his hands bracing himself against the wall as I run my tongue along his cock, pumping it with both my hands and mouth.

“Phoenix,” He moans, one hand gripping my hair as he pushes against my head, making me take it deeper as I gag slightly but take it as I rub my throbbing pussy.

He thrusts into my throat as we both moan in pleasure before he pulls me from his cock making me stand as he twirls me around to face the wall before plunging himself into me as scream out his name.

“Fuck!” I scream in pleasure as he gets harder and harder, grunting as our bodies slam against each other.

We climax together once more as his cock slides out of me, his cum dripping down my thighs as I lean against his chest, he kisses my mark as I hum in pleasure.

“Did you enjoy that my love? I didn’t expect you to like it so rough,” He grins.

“I did, well I guess we have a lot to figure out when it comes to my likes and dislikes with sex,” I bite my lip as he groans, kissing me as his hand comes down on my ass with a slap as I scream, but feel my pussy clench at the feeling.

“Well, looks like someone is going to be a naughty girl,” He chuckles deeply.

“Only for you baby,” I smirk as he kisses me once more.

“If we don’t shower properly now then I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop,” he groans.

“I wish I could just quit being Queen for a day,” I groan.

“I know my love, but you are perfect for it, we will have plenty of time to mate,” his hands glide over my stomach.

“Do you want a big family, Michael?” I ask as we begin to wash each other’s bodies.

“I do, but there is no rush if you are not ready,” He nods.

“I…Uh…I was thinking…” I murmur as we finish washing, wrapping a towel around me.

“What were you wondering?” He says, cupping my chin.

“How you would feel about adoption?” I say as he tilts his head slightly.

“Do you not want your own? Or can you not have them?” He asks gently.

“No, nothing like that, I want my own, I do, I believe I can. But…Blake and Janie…They have no one and I…” I begin.

“You love them, Phoenix, anyone can see the love you hold for those children, even at eighteen you are beyond your years. I would happily adopt both of them with you, the bigger the family the better,” he smiles as I squeal happily kissing him, jumping into his arms.

“Thank you!” I grin as he chuckles.

I get dressed feeling so happy as we kiss once more passionately before leaving the room.

“We should grab some food before heading to the council room,” Michael says with an arm around my waist.

“Oh my god, yes, I didn’t realise I was so hungry,” I say as my stomach grumbles in reply causing both of us to laugh.

“I wondered if you two would ever come out of that room,” Kade laughs as we walk into the dining room.
“She’ll be pregnant by the end of the week,” Paul smirks, winking at me as I blush.

“Where is Luciana?” I ask Kade.

“She is occupying Blake as he wanted to come to get you hours ago,” Kade smirks shaking his head at us as Michael sits me down on his lap as one of the cooks brings out a whole tray of food as I groan in delight, feeling Michael’s cock move at the sound as I giggle.

“Oh for god sake you two, you’re putting me off my food,” Paul throws down his chicken wing in a huff as I laugh.

“Jealousy will get you nowhere,” I smirk as Michael laughs.

“Phoenix!” Blake and Keeley scream at the entrance as I grimace at the sound before I’m attacked by both of them as they climb on my lap as Michael groans beneath me having to take more weight, shifting uncomfortably under me.

“Keeley will you get off of them for god sake,” Violet huffs as Keeley whines before jumping off and sitting on the chair next to us in a huff, her arms crossed.

“Why were you upstairs for sooooooo long?” Blake says as I hear Paul scoff, hiding it behind a cough.

“Well, Michael has been away a lot and we needed some time alone together,” I smile at Blake.

“But why couldn’t I come in?” Blake huffs.

“Because we had a lot to talk about Blake and some things little ears shouldn’t hear it,” I cover his ears playfully as he giggles.

“Like the meeting,” He says.

“Yes, like the meeting,” I nod.

“Which we are very late for, as soon as you’re done eating then I would appreciate you joining us so we can get on with our day,” Violet says with a raised brow.

“Sorry Violet,” I blush, grabbing a fork full of food as Michael moves my hand and steals the mouthful from me with a wink.

“Bad Michael!” Blake laughs.

“He is naughty isn’t he,” I laugh as Michael growls beneath me.

I grab some more food as Blake copies him and takes it with a giggle.

“BOYS!” I laugh huffing as I put the fork down.

“Here,” Blake giggles grabbing the fork quickly as he stabs it into a piece of chicken for me as he feeds me it.

“Looks like you have competition there Michael, he feeds her,” Paul winks.

“I’ll feed her something alright,” Michael growls as Kade and Paul laugh at him.

We continue to eat as Blake gets off of my lap and joins Keeley which cheered her up instantly as they began to talk about anything and everything.

“Violet is getting impatient, are you lot done?” Jae walks into the dining room with Luciana behind him.
“Yes, let’s get this over and done with,” I nod standing up as the kids watch us all.

“Will you come to play with us after?” Keeley asks.

“Of course I will,” I nod kissing their heads.

“Come on kids, how about we go watch a movie?” Luciana smiles at me as her gaze catches my mark on my shoulder as her eyes light up, her eyes full of questions.
“Later,” I mouth to her as she nods happily.

“Where is Janie?” Luciana asks.

“She’s with Jason, he’s giving her a few lessons on her wolf, though I think she has a crush on him,” Paul chuckles.

“That’s so cute,” I laugh.

We begin our way to the council room as Kade, Paul and Michael begin to chat, you could tell by the way they talked they had been best friends for years, it didn’t all make sense to me, but they seemed to understand each other.

“Ah, finally,” Violet smiles as I notice the room is full to the brim, not only with the leaders but some of the new faces that I was guessing came from the packs that had been recently liberated.

“I apologise for my tardiness,” I nod to them all.

“The mate’s call is strong, we cannot resist it sometimes,” One of the alphas chuckles as I blush, nodding as I take my seat.

“Ok, the first order of business, I believe Phoenix has finally come up with a name for her ever-growing pack,” Violet smiles at me.

“Yes, we shall from now on be known as the Blazing Moon Pack,” I smile as murmurs of agreement flow through the room.

My eyes meet Kai’s across the room as he’s sat next to Jae, he points my neck before giving an exaggerated wink as I giggle, slinking down in my seat as Violet glares at me like a scolding mother.

“Secondly, I will let Paul take to the floor as our lead on the liberation front,” Violet hands over to Paul.

“Thank you, as most are now aware we have been very successful in our mission against Thomas and his rogues, we have managed to gain control of nine of the affected packs, though we have had a couple of losses in battles that we were unable to stop, we are doing our utmost to continue on our plight to victory. Though I come bearing news, Thomas and a large group of his rogues have disappeared, we have no idea where they have gone, there are no whispers, nothing, he’s just gone. I fear that they are out there somewhere building numbers, but I cannot guarantee that” Paul says looking at me as I sigh leaning forward.

“Then how do we keep the packs safe?” One of the alphas, Hanson asks.

“We carry on with our plans, liberate the packs, train more warriors, stay together on a united front, I will not send out pack members to look for him and risk their safety,” I say.

“But surely we can take them by surprise if we attack first,” one of the newer wolves shouts.

“Whose to say what they have, we could go to attack and end up slaughtered, the queen is right, we build our numbers, keep our people safe, we don’t have the numbers to attack, we need allies,” another says.

“How do we build our numbers? There are only so many packs out there, very few are left to liberate, who else can we get?” Another asks.

“Violet’s people are with us, we have the fae as much as they have us, we will discuss such options as gaining the trust of more vampire covens and guardians in the upcoming meetings, for now, we must train together and work on a united front, we must come up with ways to use all our varying skills wisely, I know there are many people here who have powers such as our queen does and we need to work out who they are, what they are and the best ways we can use that and build their strength,” Michael says as he squeezes my hand.

“Could someone come up with a consensus, we are gaining more and more people and have no idea who is here and what everyone is doing, we need to control this before it becomes chaotic, as it is we are beginning to run out of room,” Kai calls out.

“I agree, I will ask you alphas in your help with this, help me in creating files on who we have, their skills and how they wish to contribute, I will also add that those who have lost their alphas due to Thomas’s reign of terror must decide whether they want to join my pack, one of yours or choose their own alpha’s without causing arguments, I do not need us battling each other inside the walls. If they choose their own then they will need their new alpha to come to our meetings too so they will need to notify us as soon as possible,” I reply.

“Yes ma’am,” they nod in agreement.

“What are we doing about space issues? This place is getting fuller by the day, soon we will be camping outside,” Cole asks, he had recently been made an alpha of his old pack.

“What about the cells? They go for miles, we could do them up, I know plenty of wolves that are builders,” Jae pipes up.

“And if we are attacked or a fire starts they have only one exit, it would be a slaughter,” I answer.

“We could create more exits,” Kade replies.

“Who is going to want to live underground? I certainly wouldn’t, we all love to look out into the sky, how will wolves feel the moon down there, I won’t have my people living in squalor underground when it has been used for cruel deeds too, do you not remember what you went through down there? I wouldn’t want my people to live with all those ghosts down there,” I answer as Kade sighs nodding in understanding.

“So what do we do?” Violet asks.

“Well, we either build or spread out making sure that there are plenty of safety measures in place,” I say leaning back in my chair.

“As much as I would like my own territory I think that spreading out right now is a bad idea,” Cole says.

“I agree, stronger together and all that, though I am not keen on destroying nature and all that I think we should expand the boundary and begin making houses on this land, I know there are few fields and such a mile or so away which we may be able to stretch to, we could build there and have it as a guard station too, the first wall in our army,” Hanson says.

“That’s not a bad idea,” I nod.

“I would be happy for myself and my pack to be the first to make a home in such a place, I know some may be worried about splitting off slightly, but we can create a clear path and have regular patrols, plus we can use the fields to grow food,” Hanson replies.

“Hanson and I can work on a plan, I will gain a map and find out if anyone owns those fields, we will come to you and Queen Violet as soon as we have more information,” Cole answers as he and Hanson shake hands with each other in agreement.

“Great, are there any other issues?” Violet asks.

“How many more packs are being searched?” Kai asks.

“Three, we have already had word from another two who seem self-sufficient in protecting themselves and want nothing to do with the war on either side, they have their own guardians to protect them and so have given them the choice, if they wish to join us they may, our doors are open, they wish the queen well,” Paul answers as I nod.

“The last three may be a little trickier though,” Michael says glancing at me with concern.

“How so?” I ask.

“These packs were already rather temperamental, known for killing anything and anything, there are high risks that they may not take lightly to us on their land and may have joined Thomas already,” Kade says.

“Did you send word to them beforehand?” Violet asks.

“We did, but have had no reply,” Paul answers.

“I don’t like the sound of that, we could be sending our people into a slaughter,” I murmur.

“But what if they need help?” Kade asks.

“If these people are so high risk of killing anything why would we want them here?” Kai calls out.

“They might be handy in a fight,” Paul sighs.

“And risk our packs lives? Is it really worth it?” Hanson asks.

“Phoenix? What do you think?” Violet asks me as I gulp.

“How many of the three left are high risk?” I ask Paul.

“Two,” he answers.

“Ok, have the pack that is a lesser risk liberated first, Violet could you have some of your faes fly over the higher risk packs to see what might be going on? Whether they are working with the rogue pack or not?” I ask.

“Of course,” She nods.

“I will lead a team myself Phoenix,” Jae nods at me.

“Thank you, Jae, now until we have more information I want the higher risk packs left alone. We can work on guardians and covens, for now, to build numbers and work on our housing situation, I don’t want to risk the packs and lose our numbers against something that isn’t worth our time,” I say.

“Here, here,” Hanson agrees as others begin to nod in agreement.

“Ok, well unless there is any other business we are concluded,” Violet says waiting for anyone to speak up before everyone stands and begins talking with each other.

“Well, that went better than I thought it would go,” Kai says walking up to me.

“When will you all leave for the last pack?” I ask as Paul, Kade and Michael stand beside us.

“At least a week, our wolves need to rest,” Paul answers as I nod, breathing a sigh of relief that I had a week with Michael.

“Good, perhaps we need to uplift everyone, have a party, integrate everyone,” I say.

“Sounds like a great idea,” Michael smiles standing behind me, his arms wrapping around my waist as he kisses my new mark.

“Kai, can we talk?” I hear Jae say as the guys are all talking.

“Uh…I…” Kai looks at me nervously.

“Go,” I mouth.

“Sure,” he says nervously.

“What’s going on with them two?” Kade asks watching them leave together quickly. Michael chuckles behind me as I elbow him in the gut.

“That is for threatening my friend with outing him for a kiss when there is nothing wrong with it in the first place,” I growl through the link.

“He told you…” He grumbles back.

“Nothing is going on Kade,” I answer Kade.

“He’s my best friend, of course, he would tell me, though I think your actions caused him to take a little longer, I nearly had to force it out of him,” I say through my bond with him.

“Ah…Sorry,” He sighs behind me, kissing my neck to try and butter me up.

“You will be,” I reply as he growls lustfully.

“Will you two stop it! Haven’t you had enough?” Paul huffs.

“Never,” I wink as he groans walking off as I laugh.

“Come on you, we promised to go play with the children,” Michael lifts me up and over his shoulder as I burst into laughter, others laughing at our playfulness as he carries me out of the council room.

“Will you ever grow up Michael?” Violet laughs following us.

“Would you rather me act like an old man? Might look a bit odd when it comes to being mated with a woman five hundred years younger than me Violet,” Michael smirks turning towards her.

“I don’t know what I want Jae! I’m fucking confused!” I hear Kai’s voice shout angrily.

“Michael put me down,” I say quickly as he frowns, not having heard their argument.

“What’s the matter?” He asks.

“Kai,” I answer as I run off towards the shouting.

“You either like me or you don’t Kai, what is there to be confused about?!” Jae shouts as I see a group of fae and wolves trying to listen in.

“Hey! Beat it now! Next time I see anyone sneaking a listen to any private conversation I will have you locked up for the day!” I growl as they all run off in different directions as I knock on the door.

“What?!” Kai hisses at me as he wrenches the door open.

“Don’t talk to me like that Kai, I just stopped several people trying to listen in to your conversation, not that you two are making it very difficult at all, now why don’t you two calm the fuck down,” I growl at them, their faces red with anger.

“It’s not my fault your best friend is a tease,” Jae grumbles.

“A tease! I’m not a tease! I told you I didn’t know how I felt! I’ve never done this before! I date girls, not guys!” Kai argues getting into Jae’s face.

“Oh for god sake, will you two just kiss and get it the fuck over with,” I huff seeing the tension between them.

“What?!” They both look at me in shock.

“Phoenix, are you ok in there?” Michael says through the link.

“I’m fine, just make sure no one else comes in while I sort everything out between these two blockheads,” I answer.

“Will do,” he replies as I hear him chuckle the other side of the door.

“Kai has made it quite clear he doesn’t want his lips anywhere near me again,” Jae snaps.

“Did I say that?” Kai snaps back.

“I swear I’m going to bash your heads together in a minute, firstly, Kai isn’t sure on how he feels with his sexuality right now and needs time to figure things out, secondly, I can see in both your eyes that you both want to kiss each other so don’t give me that crap, thirdly, Kai no one is going to give you any shit about your sexuality, I can tell you’re worried about it but you know I would never let anyone start on you, Jae, you need to give him the small amount of space he needs to realise how he feels, see it from his point of view. He comes from a family that doesn’t like anything other than the old fashioned values, they hated me for years, probably still do to some aspect, give him time,” I tell them both as I see their shoulders deflate slightly.

“I didn’t know about your family Kai,” Jae says softly.

“It’s not something I like to talk about, I rebelled against them, a lot, hence being friends with Nix…” He smirks at me.

“Are you saying you were only friends with me as a rebellion?” I raise a brow.

“Of course I am, no seriously, that was just an added bonus that they didn’t like you. Being gay or bi or whatever else is considered a sin in my family, I don’t share those same thoughts but their way of life has affected me more than I knew, it’s not easy Jae, I can’t just switch it all off, they were my family,” Kai says as I roll my eyes at him before taking a step back for them to have a moment.

“If I knew that beforehand I would have gone a little easier, I can work with that Kai, you have to talk to me though, not go all angry on me,” Jae says as Kai blushes.

“Sorry,” He murmurs as I smile at them both.

“Will you two kiss already?” I giggle as they keep glancing up at each other nervously.

“Fuck it,” Kai murmurs grabbing Jae by the hand as their lips lock together.

“YEAH!” I fist pump the air laughing as they continue to kiss.

“Go away Nix,” Kai murmurs.

“Oh, that’s gratitude for you,” I roll my eyes playfully as he flips me off with a smirk before kissing Jae.

“Thank you Phoenix,” Jae says.

“My pleasure,” I smile before exiting the room leaving them to it.

“I take it that the crisis has been averted?” Michael smirks.

“For now,” I laugh.

“PPPHHHOOOEEEENNNIIIXXXXX!” Blake slides down the bannister as I gasp in shock as he shoots off the end, cringing, waiting for the thud of him falling but it never comes, opening my eyes as I see him grinning from ear to ear at me.

“Blake! What the hell! That was dangerous!” I growl.

“Jason said I should do it!” He points up the stairs as I see Jason, Janie and Keeley at the top of the stairs as I glare at Jason as he grimaces.

“Sorry,” I hear Jason murmur.

“Just because one person says you should do something doesn’t mean you should do it! What if you fell? What if you hurt yourself?” I cross my arms.

That’s such a mum thing to say.

Storm laughs in my head as I let a giggle slip from my mouth, shaking my head a hand running through my hair.

“I…I didn’t think, I’m sorry,” Blake says as I hear the others walk down the stairs as Jason shuffles to my side.

“Phoenix, I wasn’t thinking, I’m sorry,” Jason says as I smack him around the head as the kids giggle.

“They are kids Jason, you should be teaching them defence and how to be sensible, not stupidity,” I say sternly.

“Yep, from now on I will do exactly that, I promise Phoenix, no more stupid shit,” He says. I raise a brow at him with a smirk.

“Ok, maybe a little of stupid shit,” he says as I laugh shaking my head.

“So, what do you guys want to do?” I ask the kids.

“Football!” Blake grins.

“Movies!” Keeley says.

“Train,” Janie smiles.

“What’s the weather like now?” I ask Michael.

“The storm has passed, it’s a little wet out there,” He answered.

“Nothing more fun than getting a little muddy,” I wink as Blake jumps up and down happily.

“I don’t like mud,” Keeley huffs.

“What! How can you not like mud?! It’s so fun to slide in! Just you watch, you’ll love it, your mum might not, but we can clean up after and watch a movie,” I smirk.

“I’ll go grab some footballs, I’m sure I’ve seen a few somewhere,” Jason grins.

“Let’s go!” Blake giggles dragging me by the hand outside as I laugh, the ground was sodden with mud.

“Ready to lose?” Michael smirks at me.

“Not a chance,” I smile.

Jason soon comes running out with a couple of balls as he joins us too, kicking them around as I pass back and forth with the kids for a little while, one by one members of the pack begin to watch us all playing around.

Michael tackles the ball from under my feet as I slide from the mud, he falls on top of me as we both go down, laughing at the sight of ourselves, covered in mud.

“I don’t think now is quite the time to get down and dirty my love,” He winks.

He gets up, holding his hand out as he lifts me from the floor with a grin.

“Mum! Watch me!” Blake shouts before putting a hand over his mouth in shock and running off.

“Blake!” I shout going after him, shifting to keep up with him as I leap over his head and stop him from going any further as I shift back and take him into my arms.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to call you mum,” He sniffles.

“Blake, it’s ok,” I caress his cheek.

“Why can’t I have parents just like Keeley has? Why didn’t mine want me?” Blake says angrily.

“Hey, look at me, trust me, Blake I get it, we come from the same place, your parents put you in the orphanage as mine did with me, to protect you, you are of royal blood, just like me which makes us special, you are special and I have no idea what happened to your parents but I swear I will do everything I can to find out, but Michael and I have been talking and we wanted to ask you something,” I bite my lip nervously as I see Michael walking up to us with Janie by his side.

“Ask me what?” he asks as he hears Janie and Michael walk up to us, frowning in confusion.

“Janie, Blake, we were thinking that maybe you two would like to be adopted…” I say timidly.

“By who?” Janie asks.

“By us,” Michael says coming around to my side.

“Really!?” Blake grins.

“Yes, if you want that is,” I smile at him and Janie.

“YEAH!” Blake screams in joy as he rushes to my side hugging me tightly as I lift him into my arms.

“Janie, you don’t have to agree, you don’t even have to answer now, no matter what you decide I’m here for you,” I say to her.

“No…I…I would love that,” She smiles as she comes to join the hug. Michael kisses her head softly as she grins.

“So I can call you mum right?” Blake asks.

“Yes, I guess you can,” I smile.

“And I can call you dad?” Blake asks Michael as I look up at him, I can see the emotion behind them as he looks at the kids dearly.

“Of course you can,” He nods.

“I’ve got parents!” Blake screams into the air as I laugh as he jumps out of my arms and begins flitting around us.

“He took that well I think,” Michael chuckles.

“Oof,” Blake groans as he slips on the mud falling on his ass as I burst into laughter, he’s covered head to toe in mud.

I help him up as he giggles, shaking off some of the mud as it hits Janie in the face as she groans wiping it off.

We go back to the others as more people have joined in with kicking the balls around, it has become quite the football match as the kids rush back into it all as Michael hugs me from behind.

“And so our family begins,” He says as I grin watching them all.

“What on earth!” Violet shouts from the front door as I giggle her way.

“Uh oh, fun police is here,” I smirk.

“Come join in the fun Mummy!” Keeley giggles as she tumbles over the ball and into the mud as I burst into laughter.

“I suppose this was your idea,” Violet says looking straight at me, knowing I could hear her from a distance.

I smirk at her and give her an exaggerated shrug as I see her roll her eyes.

“You’re making the kids bath,” she points at me and storms back inside.

“I feel like my mum just told me off,” I laugh.

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