Not The Only One

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Chapter 26

The mansion had finally quietened down a little, most have gone to bed or were sticking to their smaller groups in their rooms as I went upstairs to the kid’s room. Warriors walk the corridors patrolling as I nod at them with a small smile.

“There she is,” Michael grins with the kids sat around him on the bed.

“Miss me?” I smile jumping into the middle of them as the kids giggle.

“Dad was telling us a story about him and his pack!” Blake grins excitedly.

“Oh really? I haven’t even heard those yet,” I raise a brow with a smirk at him as I cuddle into his arms, Blake moving to sit in my lap, Keeley beside him and Janie resting next to us all, back leaning against the wall.

“Well, when I grew up it was a very different era, King Henry the Eighth was king back then, women wore petticoats and long dresses, death by beheading was big back then if you were caught for a crime, houses were built out of timber and twigs moulded together with mud and clay. I met Kade and Bryant when I was ten, our numbers were so small back then, Bryant’s father was a tyrant, he pillaged villages for their money, burned countless homes down, took what he wanted and used it for his own kind. Bryant didn’t like that and as we grew up we began to fight back, Bryant was whipped for his rebellion until the day he finally snapped, turning into his wolf and challenged his father for the role as alpha,” Michael says as I listen closely, I didn’t know anything about my family.

“Your grandpa was a bad man, mum,” Blake mumbles.

“Unfortunately, there are men who act like that still today,” I sigh.

“But we will kick their butts!” Keeley giggles.

“We will,” I laugh.

“What happened to Phoenix’s grandpa?” Janie asks.

“Bryant won the challenge, which back then was to the death…” Michael says.

“But why?” Blake asks.

“Because that was how werewolves chose their alpha’s back then, it was battle of the fittest,” Michael answers.

“But why?” He repeats as I giggle.

“I…Well…I don’t know, that’s just the way we were taught, it was brought down through the generations of wolves,” Michael answers.

“But…” Blake begins as I put a hand over his mouth giggling.

“Stop, perhaps this wasn’t the best idea before bed,” I laugh looking at Michael as he nods.

“You’re right, these stories are not bedtime stories,” Michael agrees.

“Janie, will you sing? You always sang to us in the orphanage to send the little ones to sleep,” Keeley smiles up at Janie as she moves her head into her lap.

“I don’t know…” Janie murmurs.

“How about we do it together?” I smile. I was nervous to sing in front of anyone, I knew I wasn’t the worst but I didn’t do it in front of anyone…other than Kai, he was the only one who had heard me.

“Ok, what shall we sing?” Janie asks.

“Hushabye mountain!” Blake and Keeley shout together as I smile nodding at Janie as she begins the song before I join her soft beautiful singing as Blake snuggles into my lap, Keeley in Janie’s holding Blake’s hand in hers as they close their eyes.

“I think they’re asleep,” Janie whispers with a smile as I blush noticing Michael looking at me in awe.

“Did you get the draught off of Jae for Blake tonight?” I ask Michael quietly as I pick him up, lifting him carefully so we can put them to bed.

“I did, he’s had it already, he will sleep just fine tonight,” Michael answers as I tuck Blake into bed with Keeley.

“Phoenix…Mum…Can I…Can I get my own room one day…” Janie murmurs.

“You don’t have to call me mum if you aren’t comfortable Janie, I’m not forcing you. But yes you can, I will get something sorted for you as soon as possible,” I smile knowing she was growing up and needed her own space.

“Thank you, good night,” She whispers kissing my cheek before heading to her bed as Michael and I creep out of the room.

“I didn’t know you could sing, or Janie for that matter,” Michael smiles kissing my lips softly.

“Did I just hear that Phoenix was singing?” Kai flits into the corridor as I groan.

“Yes, her and Janie just sang together, it was beautiful,” Michael grins wrapping his arms around me.

“You’re getting softer by the minute Nix,” Kai winks at me.

“I haven’t gone completely soft thank you, Kai, I can still kick ass,” I growl in playful warning.

“Nope, you’re losing it!” Kai chuckles as I growl moving forward trying to wipe his legs from under him as he flits around me, pushing me with a smirk.

“Kai, Phoenix…What are you doing?” Michael raises a brow.

“How about an old fashioned fight? It’s a little fairer now you’re a vampire, more of a challenge,” I smirk at Kai.

“Bring it on wolf girl,” He grins giving me the come-on motion.

“NOT here, you will wake the kids,” Michael says as I smirk nodding before dragging Kai and Michael with me down-stairs into the open area of the main entry-way.

“Come on then Kai,” I smirk as Michael stands to the side.

“What are they doing?” I hear Luciana and Kade walk up to Michael’s side as Kai and I circle each other.

“Fighting apparently,” Michael chuckles.

“Looks like a dance rather than a fight,” Kade booms with laughter as I smirk.

“They want a show Kai, are you going to attack me or what?” I laugh.

“Big, bad alpha queen is too scared to go first? Fine,” Kai smirks before coming at me as he sends a punch straight at me, using his new speed in his favour as I dodge and weave his shots, punching his leg as it gives way slightly leaving me able to wipe it from under him, but as he goes down he grabs me by the hair as I growl out, tumbling down with him.

“Low blow with the hair,” I growl as I elbow him in the stomach causing him to let go of my hair as he groans. We both recover quickly as we become a whirl of arms and legs flying towards each other.

“Were they always like this?” Kade asks Luciana.

“I think they are worried we may kill each other Kai,” I say through the bond between us.

“Oh I do love being dramatic, let’s see how long it takes until they stop us,” He winks at me talking back through the bond as I take a punch at him, getting him square in the jaw with a smirk as he hisses out and retaliates.

“Yeah, except Phoenix went easier as she was a wolf, now they are equal I’m not sure how this will end,” I hear Luciana reply as I see people have begun to watch us.

“Come on Kai! Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?” I smirk teasing him as his eyes turn bright red, claws extending from the tips of his fingers as he slashes at me, I block each move, kicking him away with a low growl as he cuts my arm.

“When does this end? When one is dead?” Kade says in a panic.

“When one of them taps out usually,” Trey walks up to them as they watch us.

“I don’t know if anyone will tap out this time Trey, look at their eyes,” Luciana murmurs as I snarl at Kai, becoming my wolf as Storm pushes forward.

Just as I am about to go to attack Michael stands between us.

“That is enough!” He growls as I look to Kai as his eyes have turned back to their normal colour with a smirk on his face as I shift.

“Worried love?” I laugh.

“Please tell me you’re joking, you looked like you were about to kill each other,” He growls angrily.

“He might annoy me but I wouldn’t kill him,” I shrug winking at Kai as he laughs.

“Kai! What the fuck!” Jae shouts as I raise a brow at them as Jae stands in front of him with his arms crossed.

“Uh oh, Kai’s in trouble,” Luci giggles.

“The queen can fight, I didn’t know she could fight,” I hear wolves whisper with each other.

“Why does everyone think I can’t fight?!” I shout out a little louder than I planned.

“You’re the queen, they aren’t supposed to fight…” A wolf replies bowing their head as if worried I would snap at them.

“Well this queen is different, I do not stand idly by and not join in with the packs when it comes to war I WILL be there standing beside you all!” I call out as I feel the pride of the pack.

“You are not going to war,” Michael shakes his head at me.

“Watch me,” I growl.

“While we are mates I will not risk your life in battle!” He growls protectively.

He’s trying to control us! We are our own person! He cannot stop us from fighting for our people!

“Then maybe you shouldn’t have mated with me! I will stand by my pack, I will go to battle with our wolves and all those who join us, I will sit here and wait to hear whether we succeed or fail! I will be out there with OUR people!” I argue.

Michael growls loudly in anger before storming off through the crowds of people who had hung around watching Kai and me before.

“Back to bed! Get out of here, no one needs to be here, scram!” Kade booms as I breathe heavily, closing my eyes to reign Storm back in as I felt her rage at our mate.

“Nix…” Kai flits to my side, a hand on my shoulder as I shrug it off.

“Don’t,” I growl.

“He’s just trying to keep you safe Nix,” He says as my eyes open.

“Fine, he can keep me safe, in battle by my side, but there is no way I am staying behind while everyone fights in MY name,” I snap.

“I know, I get it, but I get his side too,” He says as I let out a frustrated growl.

“I’m going for a run,” I shift and bolt out of the front door and into the dark woods as I leap over the fallen trees, darting through broken branches and my paws slopping against the mud.

As I’m running I hear a snap of branches under the foot of someone behind me as they chase after me, looking back I can’t tell who it is as I sniff the air and smell my mate chasing me as he builds up speed, leaping onto my back as we tumble to the ground, pinning me under him as we breathe heavily, our wolves having a moment together as he bites my mark once more making me whine with pleasure as we mate as wolves, howling into the night together.

“I am trying to protect you Phoenix, not control you, I love you and I never want to lose you when we have both already lost too much,” He says shifting back as I get to my feet and shift too, looking into his eyes.

“I cannot sit here and watch people battle for me, I will go with them, I won’t be alone, I will be protected, with you and the others by my side we will win,” I cup his cheek as he nuzzles into it.

“I will not leave your side,” He kisses me softly.

“I know, you won’t lose me that easily anyway,” I smirk as he chuckles softly.

“Too bloody stubborn,” He chuckles.

“You’re learning,” I laugh taking his hand as I drag him from the woods and into the clearing. I can feel Storm contented in my mind as she had had her moment with our mate, we were getting tired.

“Let’s go to bed, it has been quite the day,” Michael kisses me picking me up as I cry out in surprise before laughing.

We head upstairs as I notice Kade watching us carefully from the bottom of the stairs.

“Kade, we kissed and made up, stop stalking us,” I say through the link.

“As long as you’re ok little one?” He asks.

“I’m fine, go spend some time with your mate,” I say looking back sending him a smile as he nods following upstairs as he heads the other way to their bedroom.

“I want to taste you again my love,” Michael growls lustfully as I giggle, he opens the door taking us inside quickly as he puts me on the bed, but I feel something under my back as I put a hand on his chest, stopping him as I turn, all three kids were cosied up on the bed together, Blake and Keeley’s heads resting on Janie’s chest.

“Well, that stops that,” I giggle as Michael looks at them, I can see the love in his eyes but I could see the frustration in them too.

“Bloody kids…” He groans as I see his cock is standing to attention in his trousers.

“There’s always the bathroom, though we’ll have to be quiet,” I wink as he pulls me up by the arm quickly lifting me onto the bathroom counter as he shuts the door.

“Be quiet my queen,” He smirks as he tears down my trousers and underwear before dipping down to my wet pussy quickly as I try not to cry out, a hand over my mouth.

Pleasure ripped through my body as I climaxed against his mouth as he stood up grinning before I jumped off of the counter, going down on my knees as I returned the favour, hearing his guttural groans of delight as I took him deeper down my throat before he finally climaxed as I swallowed every drop.

“So fucking beautiful,” He cups my cheek as I stand, kissing me deeply.

Michael grabs some pyjamas for me so I can get changed and slide into bed carefully as not to wake the kids.

Michael climbs on the other side as they take up the whole of the centre of the bed as our arms lay gently over the kids, hands entwined as we fall to sleep together.

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