Not The Only One

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Chapter 27

Over the next few months, it was more of the same, the packs trained together, building their strength and learning how to work together as we still had a few issues integrating Zack and his men, they were seen as outcasts.

Paul, Michael and the others had gone on their final mission to liberate another pack, but this time all they found was a disaster, there was no pack left to save, bodies had been strewn across the ground, wolves ripped apart in a bloody battle. They had been too late and I felt every piece of the loss, feeling bad that we couldn’t get to them in time.

I had been training with a mix of people daily, learning all new skills and honestly, I was exhausted, today I felt so drained that as Michael got up I groaned, pulling the covers over my head.

So tired…Why are we so tired?

Perhaps we overdid it.

“Phoenix? Are you ok?” He asks softly.

“I don’t feel so great,” I groan, feeling nauseous.

He comes around to my side of the bed holding his hand over my head.

“You’re not running a fever, I will send Rodge over, stay in bed my love, I have to go on patrol,” He sighs not wanting to leave my side.

“Love you,” I whisper as he kisses my cheek and heads out of the room.

“Not today guys, Phoenix isn’t feeling well,” I hear Michael say as the kids groan.

“Can I go hug her?” Blake asks.

“Fine, then you can go play with Luciana,” Michael opens the door back up as the kids all bundled in as Blake wanders up to me slowly, carefully hugging me around my head as I smile at him.

“Hey buddy,” I smile.

“Hope you feel better soon mum,” He kisses my cheek with a smile as Keeley does the same.

“Can I get you anything?” Janie asks.

“No, thank you, go have a good day, I’m sure I will feel better later, I love you all,” I smile.

“Feel better Phoenix!” Keeley says as she takes Blakes hand and drags him out.

“I will find Rodge before I start my patrol, call for me if you need me, my love, I love you,” Michael says as he leaves once more.

I groan feeling sick, stumbling out of bed, I head to the bathroom as I puke into the toilet, wiping my mouth and doing my teeth before making my way back to bed.

I had fallen back to sleep when I was awoken by a knock at the door.

“Nix…You ok? Rodge and Jae are with me,” Kai calls out as he slowly opens the door.

“You look exhausted Phoenix,” Jae frowns as Rodge comes to the bed, politely asking if he can remove the quilt as I nod when he slowly pulls the quilt away from my body, his hands hover over my body as I feel his magic go through me.

“You’re never ill Nix,” Kai frowns, watching Rodge carefully.

“She’s not sick,” Rodge says as I look at him, eyebrows furrowed.

“Then what is it?” I ask.

“Boys, if I could have a word with the queen alone,” Rodge orders as they raise their eyebrows in shock, Rodge wasn’t one for ordering anyone out unless it was something big.

“Boys, it’s ok,” I nod to them as they walk out the room.

“So doc, what’s wrong with me?” I ask nervously.

“You’re pregnant,” he answers as I look at him in shock.

“Pregnant…You’re joking…” I murmur.

“No I am not joking, focus your mind and you will feel it yourself,” he smiles as I close my eyes pushing Storm to search our body as I feel it, the tiniest of heartbeats, life inside of me.

We’re having a pup!

Storm bounces around happily in my mind as I just lay there in shock before bursting into laughter and crying at the same time.

“I wondered when the penny would drop,” Rodge smiles.

“I can’t believe it, that’s why I’ve felt so rough lately, is there anything I can take for the sickness, I hate puking,” I groan feeling another wave already.

“Yes, I will have a batch of an anti-sickness draught made up and send it over as soon as possible, I can ease it for now but it will not go completely,” Rodge says before I feel his power wave over me once more, feeling the relief from sickness immediately as I sigh with relief.

“Thank you,” I smile.

“No problem, please take it easy though my queen, no more physical training until the baby is born or you risk miscarriage,” Rodge says.

“Can I still shift?” I ask.

“Yes, no harm will come to the baby while shifting,” He answers.

“Thank you,” I reply as he bows with respect and leaves the room.

Kai and Jae burst back in as he leaves looking at me with grins on their faces.

“You sneaky bastards were listening in weren’t you?” I laugh.

“I’m going to be an uncle!” Kai’s fist pumps the air before hugging me to him.

“Congratulations Phoenix,” Jae smiles as I see Kai wrap his arms around Jae’s waist, raising a brow at them.

“We’ve decided to come out as a couple, don’t start,” Kai smiles as I squeal happily.

“Best day ever so far!” I laugh.

A knock on the door distracts me as I call for them to come in as Kai and Jae turn to face whoever was at the door.

“I heard the young queen was sick, I brought soup,” Kade smiles with a tray in his arms.

“News travels fast around here,” I laugh.

“Michael is worried about you, can you blame him?” Kade says placing the tray on my bedside cabinet.

“Phoenix, we have training to do, we’ll check on you later ok? Rest up!” Kai grins at me with a wink.

“Don’t tell anyone!” I say through the link sternly.

“Yes, Mum!” He replies as I shake my head chuckling at him.

“So, I take it Rodge has come to see you already,” Kade sits on the side of my bed.

“He has, I’ll be fine Kade, it’s nothing I can’t handle,” I smile squeezing his hand as I take a mouthful of soup, groaning in delight at the taste of it.

“That was your mothers favourite when she was pregnant too,” Kade smiles at me with a knowing look.

“How the fuck did you know?” I groan.

“Honestly, you’ve been a little more aggressive lately and yet your motherly instinct has grown stronger, you’ve been eating more too. I’m surprised Michael hasn’t realised it yet to be honest,” Kade grins.

“You should have been a detective, not a barman,” I laugh.

“I was once, a couple of hundred years ago, I joined the police force, solved plenty of crimes, though I hated every moment of it, I wanted to rip the murderers to pieces, but I couldn’t, I had to watch as they went into prison and served time, some even coming back out early and repeating the same crimes, so I left and went on a little hunting spree with the guys, we definitely culled the numbers a little, the prisons became baron for a little while,” he smirks.

“Did you have a uniform too?” I smirk.

“I did look pretty dashing if I say so myself,” He pretends to adjust a tie as I giggle.

“Luciana likes men in uniform,” I look at him as I see a dirty smirk on his face.

“That’s a very good thing to know,” He laughs.

“I can’t believe in nine months I’m going to have a baby,” I sigh with a smile.

“Uh, Phoenix, four, four months, werewolves are different,” Kade says as my eyes widen.

“FOUR!” I exclaim.

“Yes, wolves develop a little quicker than humans do,” Kade nods.

“Wow,” I murmur.

“How are you feeling now after eating?” He asks as I finish my soup.

“A little better, Rodge already helped a little but he’s making some draught of something to help the sickness too,” I answer.

“Good, fancy coming for a walk?” He asks.

“Sure, let me just go wash first,” I smile as he nods.

“I’ll wait outside for you,” he says grabbing the tray for me as I go into the bathroom.

I look at myself in the mirror, lifting my top as my hands glide over my stomach as I smile.

“This is fucking crazy,” I laugh before jumping into the shower, putting my hair into a ponytail and getting dressed.

Kade and I take the tray back to the kitchens before meandering around the corridors for a while as people are busy all around us.

We wander outside as we talk, he tells me about random parts of history that he had seen, kings and queens he had met, battles he’d seen and how times had changed.

Walking around we came across Blake, Keeley, Janie, Luciana, Violet and Jason all training together as Keeley flies through the air with her mother, a small bow in her arms as she hits a perfect target. Blake was watching Jasons’ every movement as he taught Janie a new way of defending herself.

I watched them with a smile on my face leaning against a tree as we stood quietly.

“They are doing well,” Kade says.

“They are, Blake hasn’t had a nightmare in a couple of weeks too, though I don’t think he’s far off realising who Zack is, it’s like he looks at him with this calculating look on his face like he’s trying to figure out why the man looks so familiar,” I sigh.

“You’ve done all you can if he figures it out all you can do is be there for him, you are every bit like a mother to him and I know he won’t abandon you,” Kade gives me a reassuring smile.

“Good morning my queen, how are you today?” Zack walks past with a smirk.

Talk of the devil.

“I am well thank you, Zack, how are you today?” I ask.

“In all honesty, a bit restless, my men are bored, and when they are bored they cause a commotion,” He answers.

“Take it elsewhere,” I growl.

“And where should I take them? Perhaps the most local town?” he smirks knowing that was my old home.

“You step one foot in that town and I will rip you to pieces,” I snarl.

“Stand down sweetheart, don’t worry, your little hometown is safe, but I will be taking leave with my men for a hunt, thought I should make you aware,” he says.

“Fine, why don’t you make yourself useful and pick off some rogues while you’re at it or try to find out where Thomas has disappeared to,” I roll my eyes at him.

“As you wish my lady,” He chuckles bowing before walking off cockily.

“I hate that man,” Kade growls.

“Unfortunately, he’s good at what he does and we need his men to defeat Thomas,” I sigh.

“I know, doesn’t mean I have to like him,” He says as I nod.

“MUM!” Blake shouts finally noticing me in the distance as I smile, he flits to my side, running into my side as I groan.

“Be careful buddy,” Kade stops him from knocking me over.

“You’re feeling better?” He asks.

“Yeah I feel a bit better,” I kiss his head.

“Can you come train with us?” Janie calls out as we head over to the others.

“Not today Janie,” I shake my head.

“Please,” Janie begs.

“Phoenix said no Janie,” Violet says sternly.

“Ok,” Janie sighs in a huff and walks back over to Jason.

“Janie, please don’t be upset with me, there is a good reason why I cannot train,” I link to her.

She nods sadly as she keeps on training with Jason, he shrugs at me before teaching her more moves. Janie has gotten so good with her fighting, she’s learning things quickly, she’s stronger than I was at her age.

“Mum, that man over there, why does he look like me?” Blake says as Kade and I stiffen.

“Don’t you dare,” Zack’s voice growls in my mind as I look between him and Blake.

“Hmm, know what I think?” Violet walks up to Blake lifting his chin to face her.

“What?” He asks.

“You are much more handsome than him, you’re eyes are bright and colourful while his are dark, your skin is pale while his is tanned, I honestly don’t see the resemblance,” Violet smiles. She was right, his eyes were bright, Zack’s were darkened by hatred, his skin was pale but that was because of the vampire side in him, but it must have been just enough to deter him from Zack as Blake smiled.

“He’s mean,” Blake nods.

“He is a little, but he’s a strong warrior and has been brought up differently Blake, do not forget that everyone here has been brought up in different ways, no one person is the same and we need to take that into account,” Violet says as I nod at her in thanks taking a deep breath as I look towards Zack as he nods at me before shifting and his pack leaving the grounds.

“Can’t he just be nice, he never talks to anyone nicely,” Blake huffs.

“It’s not in his nature Blake, don’t bug him too much,” Kade answers.

My phone rings in my pocket for the first time in months as I frown taking it out and seeing Kai’s mother is ringing me as I hold up a finger to the others and walk a distance away.

“Hello,” I answer.

“Oh thank god, Phoenix is my son with you, he’s not answering his phone and it’s an emergency,” I can hear the exhaustion, sadness and hatred for me in her voice.

“I’m sure I can find him, what’s happened?” I ask as I signal to Kade I would be back before walking off, sniffing out for Kai.

“His father’s had a heart attack, look just get him to call me, you’re wasting my time,”

“How am I wasting your time?! I’m trying to find your son right now!” I almost growl in her ear, but stop myself quickly.

“Oh don’t act as if you care, I have no idea why my son likes you at all, all you do is drag him into poor decisions, he could have made something of himself and now you’ve dragged him away travelling god knows where, doing god knows what, away from his family!” She shouts at me.

I try not to let the tears fall as I see Kai in the distance.

“KAI!” I shout as he frowns as I hold my phone out to him, he flits towards me.

“What is it? Who is it? Why are you crying Nix?” He asks wiping a tear from my cheek.

“Your mother,” I pass him the phone as his face goes red with anger.

“What the fuck did you say to Nix?!” He shouts through the phone. His face goes pale as he looks at me while he listens to his mother sobbing about his father, completely ignoring his question.

“Phoenix, is everything ok?” Jae whispers beside me.

“His father’s had a heart attack,” I whisper back.

“That’s not the reason you’re crying though is it?” He asks as I shake my head.

“Fine, I will do what I can to get there mum but I can’t guarantee it,” Kai says down the phone.

“What did she say?” Jae asks.

“Stop talking about Phoenix like that! She is not a waste of space, she’s not leading me into sin and she is my best friend, if you cannot accept that then that is your issue, not mine but if you carry on speaking ill of her I will never talk to you again!” Kai rages.

“Pretty much something similar as to what you just heard,” I tell Jae.

“They really don’t like you,” Jae grumbles.

“If they meet you, be prepared they won’t like you either,” I murmur.

“I gathered that already, but what did you do to deserve so much hate?” He sighs.

“Be an orphan…get into fights…stop their little boy from being one of the popular crowd, oh and not forgetting that the virgin got him into having sex all the time!” I say sarcastically.

“They blamed you for that?” Jae shakes his head.

“Oh yeah, they never believed I was innocent, they saw me as full of sin, dragging their baby boy into darkness. His dad wasn’t as bad, he tolerated me eventually, but his mum, she hates me,” I point out.

“FINE!” Kai shouts down the phone as he hands it back to me, the call finished.

“Take a team, go see your dad Kai,” I say softly.

“No,” He shakes his head.

“Kai, he’s your father, go see him, you’ll hate yourself if he dies and you never got to say goodbye,” I sigh putting a hand on his shoulder.

“What my mother said to you…I’m sorry Nix, she’s cruel,” He hugs me.

“I’m used to it by now, she never liked me, you didn’t expect her to love me, did you?” I smile lifting his head back up.

“I guess not,” He says sadly.

“Choose your team, I would come but I don’t know if my bodyguards would let me,” I laugh.

“I wish you could,” He says sadly.

Then we will, we can’t just let him go off to see his dying father alone!

Ok, we’ll work on something.

Biting my lip nervously I look around for Michael but he’s nowhere in sight.

“Fuck it, we’re going home, pack some stuff I will get a team together,” I murmur.

“Michael is never going to let you go,” Kai says.

“As queen, I can do what the fuck I like, he’s not my father” I raise a brow with a smirk.

“He’s so going to kill me,” Kai grumbles.

“Jae, take Kai and go grab some gear, I’ll deal with the rest,” I say as he nods and takes Kai’s arm.

I walk back to the kids and Violet as Kade watches me carefully.

“You’ve been crying…” Kade says noticing my puffy red eyes.

“Kai’s dad has had a heart attack, we need to go back home,” I bite my lip nervously.

“No,” He says sternly.

“I can’t just let Kai go alone! He needs me!” I growl.

“The town is a couple of days away, what if you’re attacked? In your condition we cannot risk it, do you think Michael will agree with this when he finds out?” Kade says.

“Condition?” Violet asks as I groan.

“KADE!” I growl in annoyance.

“Phoenix? Are you ok? I felt you were upset, I came as soon as I could,” Michael rushes to my side, his thumb brushing over my cheek.

“Tell him,” Kade says through the link. I take Michael’s hand in mine as I pull him away with me.

“Phoenix, you’re worrying me,” He says.

“So, there’s a reason why I haven’t been feeling too well lately…” I bite my lip as I pull his hand to my stomach as his eyes flick from my eyes to his hand.

“I don’t understand,” He says.


I giggle at Storm in my mind as I feel her push it to Flint as Michael’s eyes flash yellow and widen in shock before he kisses me deeply, lifting me into his arms and twirling me around with a huge grin.

“We’re having a child?” he grins.

“Yes,” I smile as he kisses me again and then howls into the air as I laugh.

“Is that why you were crying? Are you not happy about it?” He says putting me back down, pulling me into his arms.

“I am very happy about it babe, the sadness is something else, which you may not like…” I say as he suddenly frowns.

“What’s happened?” He sighs.

“Kai’s dad had a heart attack, we need to go see him,” I say.

“I’m taking ‘we’ means you and Kai,” He sighs.

“Yes, I was planning on taking a team too,” I reply.

“Fine, but I’m coming,” He says as I look at him in shock.

“Well, I didn’t expect that answer,” I laugh.

“I know how much family means to you and Kai is your family, you would have done it with or without me, you’re stubborn, so better I go with you where I can keep an eye on you myself than you go off without me and I worry every day,” He says as I grin and kiss him.

“You are amazing,” I smile.

“I’ll get a team together, you better let Violet know that she’s in charge for the rest of the week alone,” Michael says.

“I’m sure she will be just fine,” I reply.

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