Not The Only One

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Chapter 29

“Thomas,” I growl as he comes towards me, a child held firmly in his hands.

“You seem to have a soft touch for children, such a shame, it makes you weak,” He laughs as the child screams in his hands, tears streaming down her face.

“Let her go now,” I growl.

The little girl begins to cough, the smoke getting into her lungs.

“Or what?” He smirks.

“You can have me, just let the kid go, please Thomas, let her go, enough people have died,” I put my hands up.

“You think I’m going to fall for that? You think I’m going to fall for your lies! You will try to kill me at every chance! So, I decided what better way but to destroy everyone around you instead, I am going to make everyone you love suffer as you feel all of it, as you feel MY pain!” He shouts.

I can feel the heat of the fire as it burns around us, I can hear the little girl’s heart grow fainter as I begin to panic.

A growl sounds deep behind me as I turn around to face Zack, his eyes dark with anger.

“There he is, my main man!” Thomas laughs as I frown, Zack growls at me.

“No…I trusted you…” I murmur, a tear falling from my eye.

“I told you I was a bad man, it wasn’t my fault you believed I had a heart, such a shame my boy will lose another parent, he’ll be lost in grief. But Thomas will be able to mould him into a real wolf, a strong wolf, not the pansy you’ve made him into!” Zack growls coming closer to me as he stands near Thomas who seemed to now have some sort of air bubble around him…Magic…

“No…Don’t do this!” I shout, coughing, as I feel a sharp pain in my head, dizzy from the smoke as I went down to my knees.

“Give me the child Thomas,” Zack smiles menacingly at the girl as if he’s going to tear her to bits and enjoy it.

“Here, have fun,” Thomas laughs throwing the girl at him like she was a doll.

“I told you I would die, didn’t I…” Zack says in my mind as I look at him through the gaps in my fingers.

“What…” I murmur back.

“Take the girl and run, look after my boy Phoenix, it’s been a pleasure, you’ll be a great queen,” He says in my head before everything takes a turn for the worse, he tosses the girl into my arms before shifting and pouncing on Thomas as the bubble he was in fails, I run with the girl, holding onto her tightly.

“NO!” I hear Thomas snarl as they fight on the ground, fire all around them as I try to block as much as I can from me.

Sparks fly as I hear the hiss of o2 tanks, fire exploding through the halls as I run towards the next block.

“Kai! Open the door!” I scream out as he and Jae rush to it in time as the block on fire explodes, sending me forward with force as I fly onto my back so I didn’t hit the girl or my stomach, the boys force the doors close as the fire almost bursts in.

“Oh my!” A nurse cries as she rushes to our aid.

“Take her,” I groan passing the little girl over to her, wincing.

“Your arms…they’re burnt!” She gasps.

“I’m fine, help the girl!” I say as she rushes off with the little girl.

“Nix! What happened?!” Kai kneels beside me as I close my eyes searching for my baby, praying it was ok.

“Jae, I can’t hear it, the baby…” I say as he rushes to my side, hands on my stomach as he mutters under his breath.

“PHOENIX!” I hear Michael in my mind.

“I’m here,” I reply.

“Got it! The baby is fine, a little shaken, but fine Phoenix,” Jae says as I sigh with relief listening again as I hear its heart race inside me.

“The fire is being put out! Phoenix I can feel your pain…The baby…” Michael says as I hear his worry.

“A little burnt on the arms, nothing that can’t be fixed, the baby is fine Michael,” I answer as I feel his relief.

“What happened?!” He asks.

“Thomas is dead…” I say both in my head and out loud as I feel everyone’s shock.

“Wait…What…How…What the fuck happened?!” Kai shouts.

“Kai, go spend time with your Dad, I will explain later,” I say softly as he looks between me and where his father has been put on his bed in the corridor.

“But…” he starts as I put up a finger.

“Please Kai, I cannot watch you lose more time with him, spend time with him in his final hours…Please, or you will regret it later,” I say, a tear in my eye as he kisses my forehead, wiping away the tear.

“You are strong, you are amazing, you are my best friend, thank you so much Nix,” he says before rushing off to his Dad.

“Nix…” Jae murmurs.

“We have to find out if he really is dead, the explosion took them out, but you never fucking know,” I murmur.

“We will, as soon as the fire is put out,” He nods as his hands glide over my arms softly, helping ease the pain.

“Zack died taking him down, he pretended to be on Thomas’s side and then gave me the girl and made me run, he blew himself up to kill Thomas…Yet he claimed he had no heart,” I gulp down the tears. He might have been a cruel man, but somewhere deep down inside him was the man he was, the brave man who wanted the best for his family, in taking Thomas down he single-handedly saved us all, saved his son from another monster…

“Can I see?” Jae asks. I nod as he leads me up onto a chair, his fingers cupping my cheek as the tips hit my temples as if he’s checking I was ok before I feel his power flow, the memory of what happened running between us.

Jae and I sat there in that spot for nearly an hour as we watched Kai spend time with his father, waiting for the fire to be put out, we stayed quiet, not knowing what to say. A nurse had come to me and bandaged my arms having seen the burns, but I knew that they would heal soon enough.

“Phoenix!” Michael bursts through the door with the others behind him, fire-fighters close on their tail.

“Michael,” I cry as he takes me in his arms.

I hear Maeve wail behind me as I turn around, a tear dropping from Kai’s face as I let go of Michael and make my way over, embracing him in a tight hug.

“Get away from him,” Maeve sobs.

“No, he’s my best friend and I will support him in this, whether you like it or not Maeve,” I sigh holding onto Kai as he cries in my arms.

“This can’t be happening Nix, he can’t be dead,” Kai sobs.

Over the next few days, Kai went through every stage of grief, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. His denial was brief at the hospital before it turned to anger.

His mother didn’t help with his anger, she only pestered him more to the point he raged and his hunger came into play, safe to say she called him a demon and sent him away, we had to hold him back as he fought against us.

We stayed local trying to help Maeve, but she refused us at every step of the way.

“Please, there has to be a way of bringing him back, surely…A witch, guardian, someone! Of all the supernatural world something has to bring him back!” He argues with me, the bargaining stage had begun.

“There’s nothing we can do Kai, I’m sorry,” I say once more as he paces the room.

He threw himself onto the bed and that’s where he stayed for a whole day, quiet as we tried to get him to talk to us…Depression…

“Kai, it’s the funeral today,” Jae tries to get him up as Michael and I make our way in.

I had spent all day getting in contact with the others, news had travelled fast about Thomas’s death and people were excited that they could go back to their pack lands, although not before the rogues had been killed.

“My dad’s dead…Nix…Did Thomas do this?” He asks from the bed, his eyes red from crying.

“Yes,” I nod.

“He’s definitely dead too?” He asks.

“Yep, we found his body, cooked to a crisp with Zack’s attached,” I nod.

“At least he got what he deserved, guess I’m pretty much an orphan too now right?” He sighs sitting up as I sit on the edge while Jae climbs over onto his other side.

“Are you complaining about being an orphan?” I give a small smirk.

“No, some of the best people are orphans,” He gives a small smile.

“You still have your Mum, Kai, no matter how crazy she is, she’s still your Mum,” I squeeze his hand.

“Ok, I guess I should shower, say goodbye to the old man,” Kai nods.

“Kai, it gets easier,” I murmur.

“I know, I’ve got you, you’re stuck with me for the rest of time, but my Dad is up in heaven with his God now, not sure who has the worst option,” He smiles….Acceptance…

“There’s my boy,” I giggle.

“Go shower, you stink,” Jae wrinkles his nose as I laugh.

“That’s nice…” Kai rolls his eyes before jumping into the shower.

“He’ll be ok,” Michael nods.

“Of course he will,” I smile.

Not long after we were all ready for the funeral as we made our way to his mothers’ house, we all stood outside with respect as she didn’t want us near, she barely even glanced at Kai, and when she did it was with disgust.

After the funeral, Jae and Rook were going to wipe her memory of Kai being a vampire, they were going to have her have a good life with the rest of their family, Kai had an aunt somewhere so he had arranged for her to stay with them.

The funeral car pulled up and I took one of Kai’s hands in mine as Jae took the other, we walked behind it as his Mum got inside.

As we got to the funeral home I noticed the number of people standing either side of the road.

“What is this?” Kai murmurs as I see every single member of the pack standing with their hands on their chests as a sign of respect.

“The packs wanted to honour him with you, we honour Henry now and later we honour Zack,” I smile.

“You didn’t need to do this,” He murmurs.

“I didn’t arrange this,” I nod to Jae as a tear drops down Kai’s face as he hugs him tightly while walking.

“Thank you,” Kai says to him.

“She’s talking rubbish, Nix helped organise the packs,” Jae rolls his eyes at me.

“I merely used my link to everyone to order their butts here, I told them that they didn’t have to come if they didn’t want to, yet here they are,” I smile as I see Luciana, Trey and Kade, giving them a small wave.

“Tonight we will lead a howl for both Henry and Zack,” Michael adds as I nod.

“Thank you, all of you,” Kai says.

The funeral goes without a hitch until we got to the hall for the wake…

“Get out! How dare you bring your disgusting friends here!” Maeve cries out.

“Jae, we should do it now, before she causes any more of a scene,” Kai sighs.

“I will go and get Rook,” He nods sadly rushing off to find him.

“I’m going to go say goodbye to Mum,” Kai says.

“It doesn’t have to be forever you know,” I reply.

“It would be better for the both of us, she can’t deal with how I am, who my friends are, she’ll never accept me, time to man up and move on, I have plenty of family member that she will find plenty of solace with, plus I will live longer, immortality will make me surpass them all might as well say goodbye to a family that didn’t accept me anyway,” he says.

“You’ll always be my family,” I hug him tight.

“Duh, I’m your babies uncle,” He smirks.

Jae and Rook turn up, giving Kai a nod as he goes to say goodbye to his Mum and family.

Michael hooks his arms around me as I watch Maeve glare at me, recognition hitting her face before shock and anger.

“This will give her something to be angry about,” I laugh quietly.

“Now, now my love, do be nice,” Michael chuckles into my neck.

“She’s never been nice to me,” I roll my eyes before I watch Kai hug his mother as Jae and Rook place a hand on her. Both of them raise a hand as their minds focus on the family, fixing all their minds with the new version of Kai’s life.

“Let’s go,” Kai says walking up to me as he takes a final look.

“You sure?” I ask.

“Yeah, I don’t belong here,” He nods as we walk out with him, the packs and fae following us, Rook and Jae finishing up before we all head into the woods.

All the wolves shifted as the fae flew high in the sky as we headed to a clearing that had been scouted in the woods so we could have our own funeral for Zack and Henry.

“Mum!” Blake screams as we arrive, shifting himself as he bounds up to me with Kade right behind him, he nuzzles into me as I nudge him with my muzzle playfully.

The wolves all stand in a circle as I look all around. I lead the wolves into a howl as it echoes through the air, this was the start of a new life, this was the start of a new way of ruling, we would rule with a council, people of royal blood would get an equal say as we ruled together over all the species.

No doubt it would be difficult, we still had a lot of work to do, but it would be worth it in the end.

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