Not The Only One

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Chapter 3

“Got it!” Kai says brandishing the bullet, before looking at me in shock as my body began to snap.

Before I knew it Storm had begun our shift.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Trey shouts in shock as he points the gun at me as I cry on the ground, hissing at the pain.

“What happened? Why did you shift? Nix, what happened to Storm?” Kai asks in a panic.

“She ran out of energy, something in that bullet was draining me,” I groan holding my arm as blood pools from the wound.

“You were a wolf…you turned into a girl…I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming,” Trey mutters.

“You’re the girl from the bar!” Luciana says in shock as Kai moves his phone torch over my wound.

“Nix, it’s not healing!” Kai says pulling off his shirt and holding it on the wound. A murky liquid leaks out of the wound as I look at it curiously.

“What the hell is that?” I groan as I poke it, hissing as it stings.

“What the hell are these bullets?” Kai holds the bullet in his fingers.

“What if it’s some sort of poison?” Luciana whispers.

Bleed it…


We need to get the stuff out, make the wound bigger, when it’s gone we will heal, I can feel it burning.

Storm goes quiet again as I groan.

“I hope you’re not squeamish,” I groan as I make one of my claws come out as I slice down my arm.

“NIX! What the fuck!” Kai tries to stop me, I hold his hand tightly stopping him.

“It will be ok,” I look him in the eyes, I can see his fear.

I groan in pain as the liquid pours from my arm.

It’s working, we need to shift.

Letting my arm hang by my side I stand up, slowly and painfully shifting into our wolf as I feel the wound begin to knit back together in the moonlight.

“This is crazy!” Trey sits on the ground watching, his hands shaking.

“It’s so cool,” Luciana mutters with wonder.

“One of a kind,” Kai says as he sighs with relief as he watches the wound close.

“How is this possible?” Trey asks.

“Long story,” Kai answers.

Kai explained everything as I wandered around, sniffing the air I can smell the last guy, Travis, he’s still here in the woods, cowering in fear, stuck in the dark woods.

“Take them to the bar, go that way, it’s about a mile, I’ll catch up,” I tell Kai through the bond we were making. Hoping he got it all.

“We are not leaving you,” Kai folds his arms as I sniff the air, growling in warning.

“He’s still here isn’t he,” Luciana murmurs placing a hand on my back as I nod.

“Then we aren’t going anywhere, this is our father’s fault, this is our business,” Trey says, finally getting to grips with this not being a dream.

“You know her secret now dude, this is her business now,” Kai laughs.

“What do you mean?” Luciana asks.

“She doesn’t tell just anyone, she doesn’t let just anyone get close to her, know her secret,” Kai answers.

“She didn’t exactly have much of a choice,” Trey says.

“She did, she could have left us,” Luciana says looking me in the eye as I nuzzle into her hand. She was right, I wouldn’t have let them hurt them. I felt weirdly connected to them, something sparked between us all, like it was supposed to be.

A snapped twig gets my attention to my right, then the click of a gun as I growl pushing Luciana to the ground as the bullet whizzes past my ear and I turn snarling into the darkness.

“Take them and run!” I order Kai as he nods, helping Trey grab Luciana up from the ground as he leads them away as I dart into the trees, sniffing out for Travis as he runs for his life.

“Here doggy!” He laughs shooting a bullet once more as I dodge it.

Howling into the night I race after him, what the hell is this guy, he’s fast! It’s inhuman!

Suddenly, a huge black wolf jumps over me as it jumps onto Travis’s back tearing his head from his shoulders before I can blink as I stand still in shock.

He turns, bright yellow eyes glisten in the moonlight at me as he snarls before racing off once more.

He…He…Who the hell is that?!

Storm pushes us forward as we race after him but he’s much bigger than us, stronger too as we lose him in the woods.

Howling into the air we call out to him. Another wolf…There are others!

I can hear a scream once more as my ears perk towards the way Kai and the others went.


We bolt towards them, praying they are safe as we dodge through the trees to find Trey and Kai hanging by their feet by an old fashioned rope snare trap from the tree.

“Why are you just hanging around?” I smirk shifting.

“This isn’t funny NIX!” Kai struggles.

“Mind cutting us down!” Trey growls.

Seeing the rope on the tree I grab part of it so when it is cut I can lower them down carefully as I slice into the rope.

“Who the hell put this out here?!” Trey exclaims.

“Hunters,” I raise a brow, we were in deer hunting territory, it was obvious. Kai was usually better with seeing traps.

“Don’t even go there Nix,” Kai grumbles rubbing his ankle.

“Did you find him?” Luciana murmurs.

“Yes, I found someone else too,” I say looking at Kai.

“What? Who did you find?” He frowns.

“I’m not the only one,” I murmur.

“But, you said…” Luciana points to Kai.

“We thought she was…” Kai murmurs, his eyes wide in shock.

“Luci, you’re freezing,” Trey hugs his twin sister to his side as she shivers.

“We need to get out of the woods,” I say as I shift back as my wolf. Nudging Luciana’s hand I nod towards my back as she frowns.

“She wants you to jump on,” Kai chuckles.

“You’re joking…” She murmurs.

“You guys too,” I say to Kai.

“You can’t take all three of us,” Kai says sternly as I growl at him in warning.

“I am not leaving you alone when I have no idea who is out there anymore,”

“Fine,” Kai says as he helps Luciana onto my back.

“No way, not happening,” Trey folds his arms stubbornly.

“He either gets on, or I grab him by his jacket and drag him,” I growl to Kai.

“I would do it if I were you mate, she might have just threatened to drag you by your jacket if you didn’t,” Kai laughs.

“This night just gets better and better, she is not ruining my jacket” Trey grumbles as they both jump on.

I growl under the weight before padding through the woods, struggling to run under the weight of three on my back. I mean sure, I’m a wolf and super strong, but it doesn’t mean I have the strength to carry everything!

“I see the bar,” Kai answers.

“Train rides over,” I groan as he laughs.

“Rides over people, time to walk before we kill her,” Kai laughs.

“Did we hurt you?” Luciana gasps jumping off quickly.

As soon as Trey gets off I shift back, slowly stretching out my muscles.

“This is the weirdest night of my life,” Trey murmurs.

“You’re telling me,” I laugh as we begin walking towards the bar.

Present Day

Trey took a little longer to come to terms with what I was, his shock got even worse when I showed him my powers. Over the past year, we’ve spent most of our time together, getting to know the twins as we became great friends. A few other men came after the twins and each time I managed to scare them off, I became a kind of protection for them. I knew Trey was thankful for me protecting them as he really wanted to keep his sister safe, but I knew it was hurting him that this was his father’s fault.

He wanted revenge and I promised him I would help him get that. Yet, he never pushed for it to happen, at the end of the day it was their father, so I would wait until he decided what he wanted to do.

We had spent most of our spare time looking for the other wolf, but we couldn’t find him, it was like he just disappeared into thin air, I was starting to believe I had imagined him.

“So, what do you think?” Kade says as I’m sitting at the bar sipping on my drink looking out the window towards the woods.

“Sorry Kade, spaced out,” I grin sheepishly.

“I was saying how about that when you turn eighteen I give you a job here, teach you to run the bar, you’re here all the time anyway and I could use the help,” He smiles at me.

“You’re serious?” I grin, I had been looking for a job all over as I sensed something was going down at the orphanage, I think they were going to kick me out soon as my birthday drew near. There was a weird buzz in the air like something was about to change again.

“Yep, Kai too if he wants, he’s already eighteen now isn’t he?” Kade asks.

“Yeah, just last week,” I nod.

“Let him know for me,” Kade winks at me before going to see a customer.

“Thank you!” I grin as he chuckles.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” He smirks.

“YES!” I laugh.

Smell that?!

Smell what?... Oh!

A one strong sniff I smelt it, another wolf, the smell wasn’t strong but it was certainly there. Something buzzed through my body as my eyes darted around the bar looking for the source of the smell before they land on three men walking into the bar.

My god…They are gorgeous…

“Zane! How are you?!” Kade gives his million-dollar smile at the man in the centre as tingles flood my body just looking at him.

“Kade! How are you old man?” Zane says as I can’t take my eyes off of him. He’s huge, nearly seven feet tall at least while his muscles bulge beneath his top, his deep black short hair swept to the side while his eyes are the deepest brown with a ring of yellow around them, just faint enough a human wouldn’t notice.

“Old man, how dare you? Cheeky fucker,” Kade booms with laughter as I burst into a fit of giggles, before hiding my laugh by taking my drink in my hands.

“What do you think you’re laughing at Phoenix?” Kade folds his arms at me.

“Nothing old man,” I smirk before he snatches my drink from my hand as I gasp.

“Go home Phoenix,” He laughs.

“Slight problem with that one…It’s adoption day, there is no way I am being back there with several want to be parents, when not once did one even look at me,” I sigh as he puts my drink back in front of me with a sad smile.

“You’re an orphan?” One of Zane’s friends says with a raised brow.

“Yeah, that a problem,” I growl.

“Thomas, shut it,” Zane growls under his breath at the man beside him. He was slightly shorter than Zane but just as intimidating, his muscles were hidden beneath a looser top but you could see just enough still to see he was ripped too. His eyes were a blue-grey colour but also had the yellow ring around them as I noticed all three did.

“Is there an issue with me being an orphan?” I snap.

“No issue, my friend here just has no filter and seems to say whatever he wants, I’m Jason,” The third man smiles, he has a gorgeous smile that goes with his bright blue eyes, he seems a little younger than the other two, he has a boyish look to him, kind of like Kai, hot but cute at the same time, with his curly brown hair topped messily on his head. He holds out his hand to shake mine as Zane is talking quietly to Kade as I go to shake it.

“I’m…” I begin.

“Phoenix!” Trey bursts into the bar, panic in his eyes.

“What?!” I stand quickly as the guys all go quiet.

“Trey, what’s the matter?” Kade asks as I see his worry too.

“The orphanage! It’s on fire!” He says as my eyes widen.

“WHAT!” I scream out in a panic.

“Don’t you dare,” Kade growls knowing I was impulsive.

We have to save them!

We will!

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