Not The Only One

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Chapter 30

3 Years Later

Things had changed, I couldn’t believe what my life had become, I had friends, family, a pack, I am a Queen of the wolves and beside me is my King, Michael.

“Nix, Cole and Jezebel need you in the communications room, apparently some of the alpha’s are having a few issues,” Kai smiles at me as I hold my twins in my arms, one on each hip as I walk down from the bedrooms.

“UNCLE!” They squeal happily putting their hands out for him as he grabs them from me.

They were the most gorgeous little kids I had ever known, our girl, Taylor and our boy, Bryant had come into the world with a bang.

The packs and the fae had been finally ready to leave to go to their new homes, packs were rebuilt and better communication between the packs and fae were sorted out with a little help from our technologically able wolves, mostly the younger ones, whereas the elders took a lot of coaxing and teaching, but finally it had been time to separate.

During a final pack run together, contractions had riddled my body, fire bursting from me as I struggled to deal with the pain and keeping my powers in check. Storm had done everything she could to help me but it just wasn’t enough.

Luckily for me, Janie had discovered she influenced water, she kept putting out the flames and tried to soothe me, she had been a god-send, her training with Jason had been making her stronger and she had been well on her way to becoming an extremely strong wolf and person.

The babies were delivered quickly, but one thing had been a little different to what we had planned, they came out as pups, little wolves and they were completely in tune with them too. The twins had learnt everything much faster than most children and they were getting stronger by the day. They were in tune with each other too, not one day went where you would see one without the other. They were beautiful and strong, they were perfect.

“Mumma, can we go with Uncle Kai?” Taylor smiles, her dimples showing as I can’t help but smile back at them. They both had their father’s mop of brown hair and my light blue eyes, other than that they were miniatures of us, Taylor was the spitting image of me, while Bryant took after his daddy.

“Of course, but no sweets,” I point sternly at Kai as the kids giggle, they had him wrapped around their little fingers and they knew it.

“Not too many sweets, got it,” Kai smirks as they walk away.

“NO sweets!” I shout.

“Can’t hear you!” He laughs as I roll my eyes.

“If they go hyper because of you, you’re having them all night,” I sigh as he turns to me with a wink before going around the corner as I groan. I knew the outcome already, he would fill them on sugar and then give them right back…Great…

“Phoenix! When are we leaving?” Keeley skids around the corner with a grin on her face, she had grown so much over the past couple years and become quite the diva sometimes.

“You and Blake will be leaving tomorrow morning, I told you this yesterday, does nothing stick in that nine-year-old brain of yours,” I laugh as I hear the pounding feet of someone running behind her.

“Blake! Careful!” I shout as he bowls us both straight over as his wolf, tongue lolling jovially out as he backs up off of us. Blake and Keeley could never be separated, Violet and I had decided to take it in turns to have the kids in each of our homes like part-time parents as we couldn’t force them apart.

“Blake! You ruined my top!” Keeley huffs at the muddy paw-print on her t-shirt.

Blake licks her cheek as she groans wiping the slobber off of her cheek before I saw the small smile on her face.

If those two aren’t mates I will be so surprised.

I know, they are so cute, but still young Storm. They have time until they find their mates.

“Sorry Keeley,” Blake grins cheekily as he shifts.

“What have I told you about running around the mansion as your wolf?” I say sternly, brow raised in question.

“But, Mum, I…” He begins as he hears a stern growl behind him as he grimaces and turns slowly as I smirk.

“You what…I specifically remember your mother and I telling you not to run around as it is dangerous and your wolf is growing too large,” Michael crosses his arms as he looks at Blake.

He was the most amazing father to the kids, but he knew how to be stern if they were in trouble, he had taken Blake on as his own as I had.

“Sorry…” Blake sighs.

“Phoenix! We need you!” Jezebel rushes out towards us as I sigh.

“You, stop running, you go get changed and you…I love you,” I point to Blake, Keeley and then Michael, placing a kiss on his lips before rushing off with Jezebel.

“Mum’s running!” Blake argues.

“Don’t do as I do, do as I say!” I shout laughing.

Rushing into the coms room I take in Cole’s angry face as he’s typing furiously at the keyboard.

“Cole, what happened?” I ask as I walk around to his screen.

“Humans, that’s what is happening, they are pushing into our territories more and more, we can’t get pushed out any more, we’re running out of space, alpha’s are asking for permission to attack them,” Cole watches me for a reaction.

“We cannot announce an attack on humans because they need more space, we need to do this carefully, we are not inhumane, I think it’s time our kind came out of hiding from everyone, it’s time they knew we existed so we no longer have to stay in the woods to keep ourselves safe,” I answer.

“That could go wrong,” Jezebel answers.

“If we continue the way we are, it will go wrong that way too, we’ll start by revealing ourselves to the humans in charge, the police, the governments,” I reply.

“It will be the start of yet another new era,” Cole nods.

“Yes, it will and we have to get it right, for the kids,” I sigh nodding.

“We have your back Phoenix, the packs all do,” Jezebel says as her hand lays on Cole’s shoulder, I was pretty sure they were mates but refusing to admit it, some wolves were a little more stubborn than others.

“I need to tell the rest of the others, call a meeting for me, including the other alpha’s and leaders for me please,” I ask as they nod Jezebel heading out to sort it all from within the walls while Cole typed furiously once more on the computer.

A few hours later cameras had been set up in the main hall while every member of the packs and all the fae were waiting for me.

“You ready?” Jezebel asks as I nod, looking out to all my loved ones as they sat anxiously waiting for me.

“Thank you all for coming, a big change is coming and I need you all in helping me make this as smooth as possible. We are losing territory to humans who continue to spread across the world, their numbers ever growing. We are being pushed back, we cannot continue to do this anymore. So, I have decided that we need to make ourselves known to them, live with them, peacefully, I know many may not agree with my decision, however, I am doing this for the best of civilisation including all humans, wolves, vampire and fae kind. We CAN do this. We NEED to do this. Technology is becoming too great, soon they will see us from their cameras, they will investigate and it will be on their terms and that could be dangerous. If we do it our way, we can do it on our terms, we can approach them carefully and show that we are not an enemy. So, I ask all of you to please be patient, be kind and show we are not to be afraid of, we are not evil like in the books they read. Will you all follow me into this new world? Will you follow me into a new kind of freedom?” I call out, watching as a murmur of voices rumbles through the crowd.

First, it started with my loved ones as they let out a howl in unison, then the fae began to hold their hands to their hearts in respect and then a flood of howls as the packs joined in.

I could feel the power of the packs vibrate through me as they were prepared to follow, very few seemed to disagree, but I would need to keep an eye on that. Disagreements in the packs could spread fast.

We were strong, stronger than ever, my family were all beside me until the very end.

Not the only one.

Yeah Storm, we’re no longer the only one.

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