Not The Only One

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Chapter 6

“I think it’s best if you boys leave,” Layla nods to Kai and Trey.

“I am not leaving Nix,” Kai says sternly.

“When she goes into heat she will try anything to make it go, that includes trying to have sex with any man around, mate or not. The less people here, the better,” Layla says sternly.

“Can I stay?” Luciana asks.

“Depends, Phoenix, do you like girls sexually?” Layla asks.

“I...Uh…Can’t say I’ve ever tried, but no, I don’t think so,” I shake my head as I groan as a sudden flood of pain hits my stomach, making me bend in pain.

“Nix!” Trey and Kai shout in shock as they run up to me.

“Boys! Out! Luciana, I think you should go with them to make sure they don’t get themselves into any trouble,” Layla sighs.

“Ok, come on guys,” Luciana pulls on their arms.

“Nix…” Kai murmurs.

“I’ll be ok, text you tomorrow,” I give him a pained smile as he nods and shoves Trey with him as they head out.

“Kade, take the kids into the bedroom and ready them for bed. I will sort Phoenix out,” Layla says as I see Kade’s pained face, his hands shaking.

“In all my five hundred years I’ve never smelt it this strong before,” Kade groans.

“Five hundred…What…OW!” I cry out as my body floods with heat and pain as Janie grabs my hand.

“Come on,” She smiles at me as she comes with me to the bedroom.

“Janie, go be with the kids,” Layla tells her as she follows us as I flop on the bed in pain.

“But…” Janie murmurs.

“Janie, go, they need you,” I groan.

“Ok,” she kisses my head as she hisses.

“Janie?” Layla frowns.

“She’s so hot…” Janie murmurs.

Layla walks to my side as she feels my skin.

“We need to get you into a cold shower,” Layla swears under her breath as she rushes out the door as I hear a growl outside.

“Phoenix…” I hear Kade growl.

“Janie, go to the kids, now,” I hiss in pain as I see Kade struggling against the doorway, his fingers digging into the wood as they turn into claws.

“Phoenix, I swear I don’t want to…I can’t control it!” Kade growls, his eyes flashing yellow as I notice him trying to fight his wolf.

“Kade…Please…No…” I murmur as another wave of heat floods me as I cry out.

He bursts through the door as he takes hold of me, his teeth turning into his canines as he starts to rip off my clothes, I kick him in the gut as he falls backwards.

“KADE!” Layla shouts in a panic as she holds onto his arm, but he shoves her back, her head hitting the wall as she’s knocked unconscious.

Kade’s eyes are dark, as if something has taken him over, he growls at me as I back up on the bed.

“KADE!” Keeley stands shouting at him as he turns, his claws out, snarling.

“No!” I cry out as I get up, kicking his legs from under him as I get him in a headlock as I struggle with him.

“SLEEP!” Keeley clicks her fingers as she stares at him, he goes limp in my arms as we topple to the ground.

“How…” I look at her in shock.

“I’m six, not stupid, I’ve known how to do this for ages,” She shrugs as I laugh, groaning at the same time.

“Ughh,” Layla groans as she moves slowly from the ground.

“Layla, are you ok?!” I crawl to her side, holding my pained stomach.

“What…What happened?” Layla groans as I check her head.

“Kade threw you off, I grabbed him and then Keeley sent him to sleep,” I smirk at her as she looks at the kids in shock.

“It was nothing,” Keeley smiles.

“How long does it normally last Keeley?” I ask.

“Most of the night, I used to do it to Mrs Taylor when Janie heard you were sneaking out,” She giggles.

“You kids are going to be the death of me,” Layla groans as I help her up before falling back to the ground in heat myself.

A loud banging against the door downstairs surprises us as I groan, using the wall to help keep me up.

“Phoenix! You can’t!” Layla grabs my hand.

“I need to see who it is, kids go in the bedroom,” I answer. Groaning as she lets go.

The door rattles on its hinges as I get closer, I can hear a growl at the door.

Peeking through the peep-hole in the door I notice a wolf pacing at the door…Zane, covered in blood as I gasp as a wave of heat hits me and he begins scratching at the door.

“Let me in!” He growls in my mind as I groan, opening the door as he shifts rushing in as he slams the door before pinning me against the wall as his eyes go over my body.

“Zane…You’re covered in blood…” I stammer.

“Who touched you?” he growls.

“Don’t worry, it didn’t get that far, he just ripped my top, that’s all, Keeley put him to sleep,” I answer.

“You’re mine,” He growls as he buries his head into my neck, kissing the mark as tingles flood my body.

We need him, finish it! Finish the bond!

“Will it stop? If we finish the bond? Will the pain stop?” I cry.

“Yes,” He nods.

“Fuck…Do it,” I growl as he looks me deep in the eyes.

“Are you sure?” He murmurs.

“Grown a conscious now have we?” I growl.

“That was Zeus, he’s…possessive and precautious. I will help you, we will do this together I swear, Zeus will take a little while to get under control but hopefully Storm can handle him,” He kisses my neck.

“What happened to you?” I murmur as my hands are covered in sticky blood.

“My pack was attacked, I got there just in time to save them. The boys are dealing with the mess, I felt your fear and pain, I had to get to you,” He says looking into my eyes.

“You should shower,” I say as I take his hand.

“Take one with me,” He groans against my body.

“I am not losing my virginity in a shower,” I laugh before groaning at pain again.

“You’re a virgin…seriously…” he moans kissing my neck.

“You big oaf,” I hear Layla grunt as I frown, pulling Zane upstairs with me as I laugh at the sight of Layla trying to move Kade’s huge form towards the sofa.

“Layla, you just got knocked out, you shouldn’t be doing that,” I say as Zane walks past me and picks Kade up with ease, dropping him on the sofa, being careful not to get blood everywhere.

“Where’s the shower?” Zane asks Layla.

“Last room on the left,” She points as he nods before stomping off.

“Oh, before I forget, here, drink this,” Zane wanders out once more before throwing a vial of a green liquid to me.

“What is that?” Layla eyes it suspiciously.

“It helps with the heat,” He sighs as I look at him in shock.

“Why would you do this?”

“Because you should have a choice, I already took one away from you and trust me when I say my boys are furious with me, I might be alpha but we treasure our mates with our whole being and I fucked up, I won’t force you into something you don’t want to do, drink it and your heat will fade,” He says as my heart flutters a little at his words.

He might not be so bad, I’ll deal with Zeus.

Maybe, we’ll see.

Tell me you don’t feel it, I know you felt that heart flutter.

I…Yeah I felt that but what if it’s the bond?

Then so be it! We’re wolves, we mate for life! He’s making an effort!

I’ll give him a chance Storm.

Good, now drink up, this pain sucks for the both of us!

I take the vial and drink down the liquid as I grimace at the vile taste.

“That better be what I think it is Alpha or you will regret it,” Layla says sternly.

“I give my word, I would never harm her,” He says with a nod as he watches me.

The pain and heat begin to slowly disappear as I breathe a sigh of relief, leaning against the wall.

“How do you feel?” Layla asks.

“Better,” I smile at her as Zane nods and heads back to the bathroom.

“Keeley!” I call out.

“Yeah?” She skips to my side.

“Can you stop him sleeping?” I ask pointing to Kade.

“No, I don’t know how to do that,” she frowns.

“Well…I guess he’s asleep for the night,” I laugh.

“Kids to bed, we’ve had quite the day,” Layla orders as the kids groan as she shoos them to bed.

“Night Phoenix!” They call out.

“Goodnight little ones,” I smile as I wave at them before sighing, sliding down the wall to sit on the floor, resting my head against it with a thud.

Ten minutes pass as Zane comes out in just a towel, my eyes glide from his face all the way down his body, biting my lip.

“Enjoying the view?” he smirks as I blush, looking away quickly.

“Put some damn clothes on,” I grumble.

“I was just coming to check on you,” He smirks.

“I’m fine, so go put some clothes on,” I roll my eyes as he walks closer. My thighs clench together, I can smell his arousal, his scent is gorgeous.

He is ALL man…He’s so hot…

Technically he isn’t all man, he’s part wolf…

I hate you sometimes.

I rolled my eyes at my wolf but I had to agree, Zane was drop-dead gorgeous.

“I can smell your arousal Phoenix,” He chuckles as my cheeks heat with embarrassment.

“I…Uh…” I murmur as he pulls me up, pushing me against the wall, his wet body with the towel wrapped around his hips, showing the clear v of his pelvis.

“You are beautiful little white wolf,” he murmurs as he kisses my neck.

“Zane…” I moan as I bite my lip.

I want him, please can we have him!?

No! Stop it Storm! Calm down, girl!


Storm goes off in a huff again as Zane kisses my neck, I push him away slowly while he looks in my eyes, stroking my cheek with the back of his hand.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist,” He says looking at my lips.

“I barely know you,” I whisper.

“We’ll get to know each other, I’m not going anywhere,” He says before kissing my lips briefly and heading towards the bedroom.

“I’m not sure if I like him or hate him,” Layla laughs as she sees me all flushed from that interaction.

“Kind of how I feel right now, with him and life,” I sigh as I grab my phone.

Nix: Hey guys, I’m ok, get a good nights sleep, I feel like we’ll all need it x

Kai: Are you sure you’re ok? Just a call away if you need us, I’m at Trey and Luciana’s for the night…Only problem is their dad is home and drunk…x

Trey: I’m sorry about tonight, I shouldn’t have tried to kiss you. I don’t want to fuck our friendship so I swear it will never happen again, I don’t know why I did it x

Luciana: We’ll be over in the morning call me if you need me girl x

Nix to Kai: I’m ok, Zane turned up with some liquid which stopped the heat. We had a couple issues with Kade, but he’s asleep now because of Keeley, long story, tell you tomorrow. Do I need to come over? X

Kai: Don’t worry, I’m here so no way will he start anything, get some sleep and I swear if Kade touched you he’s a dead man x

Nix to Kai: I’m fine, see you tomorrow, call me if I’m needed x

“Everything ok?” Zane walks up to me as I bite my lip nervously at my phone.

“Trey and Luciana’s father is home and drunk, he’s caused a lot of problems, including the guy you killed for me in the forest, I’m just worried,” I sigh.

“You want to go over there don’t you, protect them, I can see it, you’re protective of them, you love them and they all love you too, some a little more than I would like…” He grumbles the last part.

“Nothing is going on with me and Trey,” I reply.

“Then why was he trying to kiss you?” He growls.

“He said he liked me, but I think what with everything that happened today, he was just scared to lose me in the fire. He’s protective of me just as he is of Luciana,” I sigh.

“Decide what you want of your men Phoenix, you will have to pick who you want soon,” He says cupping my chin.

“What…” I murmur.

“Trey, me and Kai, you need to pick who you want,” He answers.

“Kai sees me as a sister, Trey apologised for kissing me and wants to continue with being my friend, what choice is there in that?” I frown.

“You’re still so young, time will tell, for now, I will try and win you over myself,” he smirks pecking my lips before heading into the lounge as he grabs a blanket Layla had put on the side and curling up on the ground.

“Will you be ok? I should get home, I will be back in a few days but you have my number if you need me,” Layla looks back at the men in the lounge, biting her lip nervously.

“We’ll be fine, I’ll call if we need you,” I smile at her as she nods.

“Don’t let the kids out of your sight,” She says sternly before I nod and she takes off in her car.

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