Not The Only One

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Chapter 8

As soon as Janie had finished playing about as her wolf one of the women from the pack walked over to us, Zane introduced us to her, her name was Henrietta. The soft features of her face with a couple of barely noticeable wrinkles, gave her a motherly tone as she looked at Janie with a loving eye. She would be taking care of the kids while we were here, she had no children of her own as they died when her old pack were destroyed years ago. Zane and his pack had managed to save just a few of them and since then she had been doing everything she could to pay him back.

“Phoenix I don’t want to leave you,” Janie huffs standing next to me, watching over Henrietta cautiously.

“Janie, I have a lot to do, Trey could shift any moment, I need to figure out what happened with the fire and I have to help Zane protect the pack. I need you to help me with something, can you do that for me?” I ask bending to her level.

“Help you with what?” She murmurs.

“I need you to go with Henrietta and help her with Keeley and Blake. Blake needs to learn control with both sides of his hybrid and Keeley needs to learn too. All three of you need to work together and look after each other,” I cup her chin.

“Ok, I can do that,” She nods.

“If you really need to see Phoenix I can always call for her Janie, I’m not taking you away from her, but she’ll be luna which means she’s going to have a lot on her plate, especially with our alpha, he’s a big baby,” Henrietta winks at Janie as she giggles before I hear Zane growl behind me.

“I can believe that,” I laugh as I turn to him with a smirk.

“Watch it little white wolf,” He growls in my mind.

“Will you tell me when Trey shifts?” Janie asks as she stands beside Henrietta.

“Of course I will,” I nod with a smile kissing her head before she walks off with Henrietta.

“You’re good with them,” Zane says behind me.

“I haven’t always been,” I murmur.

“I don’t believe that,” He scoffs.

“Ask Kai,” I smirk.

“Ok, come on then, I want to find out more about my mate and the best way might just be through your friends,” He smirks with a wink as I groan.

We walk towards a large building as Zane introduces me to the pack members whom we came across as we went, they were nice, I felt like one of them already as they spoke to me like I was their luna already. They respected me.

“Nix!” Kai grins as we walk through the doors of the medical unit.

“How is Trey? Ouch, that looks painful,” I ask as my gaze takes in his stitched-up arm.

“I’m fine, he’s woken up, running a fever though, but the healer thinks he might just make it through,” Kai smiles as I breathe a sigh of relief.

We walk through to Trey’s room as I see Luciana beside him on the bed as they talk in hushed tones.

“You’re so lucky you’re going to be a wolf,” Luciana sighs sadly.

“Maybe we can change you too, one day when we figure out how to increase the chances of survival,” Trey hugs his sister.

“We’ll work on it,” I say with a smile as they both turn to us.

“Phoenix!” Trey grins.

“You really need to stop scaring me like this,” I sigh sitting beside him at the end of the bed.

“Now you know how we felt when you ran into a burning building,” Trey replies as I grimace.

“I’ll give you that one,” I nod.

“So, the healer, William, says he thinks you’ll shift soon and by the way your body is reacting right now, he sees no issues, though it still has its risks,” Zane says as I watch his eyes change colour.

“He’ll make it,” I say with a smile at Trey with confidence.

“He better do,” Luciana says as I see the tears in her eyes.

“Luciana, he’ll make it,” I repeat squeezing her hand tightly.

“I have to agree with my little luna, I believe he’ll get through the shift too,” Zane agrees with me as I smile at him.

“See, big, bad alpha thinks he’ll make it too,” I giggle.

I hiss in pain as I get a sudden sting on my bum jumping from the bed.

“Nix!” Kai exclaims rushing to my side.

“My god…” Zane inhales as his eyes turn a bright yellow.

“What the hell was that?!” I ask in shock.

“The spell of the guardians has gone, I can smell you now, clear as anything. I’ve never smelt something so amazing before,” Zane creeps up to me.

“Woah there buddy, ease up,” Kai puts a hand on the alpha’s chest as I smell him too. It was like a veil had lifted, I could smell everything much clearer, every wolf in the pack, the air, blood, everything had such a distinct smell.

“Zane, the kids, if mine has lifted so have theirs,” I say as his eyes flicker back to their deep brown.

“I will check on them, it will give me a moment to calm Zeus down,” Zane nods walking swiftly out of the room.

“Thank you,” I mind-link him.

I sniff the air groaning as I smell his wolf, my thighs clenching in heat and sexual need. He smelt earthy and manly, my arousal was peaking, my knickers were soaked already and I wanted nothing more than to go chase after him and complete the mating bond.

“What’s that smell?” Trey groans as I look at him, walking to his side I look in his eyes, the yellow was beginning to come through, flickering in and out.

“Shit…I think you’re going to shift soon,” I say blushing, hoping he doesn’t realise that the smell might just be my arousal.

“That smell…it’s you!” He laughs.

“What does she smell of?” Kai raises a brow.

“Sexual desperation,” Trey smirks at me as I whack his arm.

“I’m beginning to think we should put you down,” I growled playfully.

An alarm sounds through the air as I grimace at the loudness of it.

Why do wolves need such high volume alarms!

“What’s going on?” Kai asks.

“Stay here,” I order them all as I run through the door.

“Luna! I must keep you safe, the pack is under attack once more, Zane has ordered you to stay put,” The healer, William says, he’s an older looking man, definitely older than Kade.

“I can protect myself, he cannot order me around, look after my friends,” I growl as I push past him.

“I can’t let you do that,” He grabs my arm firmly as I try to get out of his grip, struggling as he was so much stronger than me.

“Let… me… go!” Storm pushes through as I feel her power flood through me.

I can see the fight in William’s eyes as he lets go, kneeling on the floor in submission to me.

“You will look after my friends,” I order as he nods sadly as I rush out of the building to see trees on aflame while wolves were running around protecting the pack as rogues attack all around us.

I shift as I help out a warrior being attacked from both sides as he nods in thanks before helping another.

The fire, it’s going to consume everything! Too many trees!

Then we better stop it, are you ready?

I’m ready.

I shift holding my hands out, keeping an eye out for any rogue that might attack as I concentrate on the fire consuming the trees.

“Come on,” I groan as power floods my body as Storm helps me, the fire begins to die down.

“Phoenix behind you!” Kade suddenly appears to my right as I turn using the fire from the trees pulling at it as I send a ball of flame at the rogue who was about to charge at me, it cries out with a high-pitch wail, fire wrapping around it as it flails on the ground.

“Well, that’s new,” I smirk as I use it to my advantage, taking the flames from the trees and sending them out to the attacking rogues as they writhe in pain.

We won’t last much longer.

Just a little more Storm.

I push us further forward as I see the numbers are beginning to dwindle.

“Phoenix!” Kade grabs me under the arms as I scream out with our last bit of power while the fire is put out and the rogues are nearly all dead, the warriors killing the final few.

I shift as Storm takes over, forcing us into our wolf form to help us regenerate our energy. Laying at Kade’s feet as his hands slide down my back soothingly as he looks around in shock at what we had just done.

“What happened?” Thomas growls as he shifts beside us.

“She…My god… she used the fire to kill them, I’ve never seen something like that before,” Kade answers in shock.

“She did this?” Thomas asks looking around.

“I told them to keep you inside!” Zane growls as he hurries through the crowd of warriors.

“William said she overpowered him, made him submit to her,” Jason walks up behind him.

“Phoenix,” Zane growls at me.

“What…No way are you doing any of this without me, if I am going to be your Luna, we are equals,” I growl in our link.

“You’re going to be the death of me woman,” Zane huffs as he shifts curling up beside me as he nudges my muzzle with his own.

“I’m ok, just tired,” I nuzzle into his side.

“Phoenix!” I hear Kai shout from the doorway of the medical centre as I stand too quickly, wobbly on my feet before shaking out my body and running towards him.

“Trey…He’s shifting!” Kai says as William pulls Trey out beside him as he screams out in pain.

Jason pushes past me as he grabs Trey’s other side to bring him out, Trey falls to the ground screaming in agony while the others give him some space.

“Trey!” Luciana cries as I nuzzle her hand as she runs her shaking hand through my fur.

“Phoenix, you need to be with him, guide him,” Zane urges as I nod bounding to Trey’s side as I lay beside him while his body contorts painfully, I can hear the bones cracking as he screams.

“I can’t watch this,” Luciana cries as she buries her face into Kai’s shoulder.

Storm whines as we watch our friend in pain, trying to get a link between us.

“Come on Trey, you’ve got this,” I push.

“I can’t, it hurts!” Trey shouts in pain.

“Did you hear us?” Storm asks.

“Yes!” He shouts.

“Concentrate Trey, let the wolf in, you have to accept it,” I push him as I stand, focusing on finding Trey’s wolf too.

I can feel him!

Me too, keep pushing, we need to help him as much as possible.

Fur begins to sprout from his skin as his body continues to contort, back arching painfully.

“You’ve got this Trey!” I yip in excitement.

He screams out as his fur begins to retract again as I tilt my head confused.

He’s resisting it! His wolf won’t shift!

I growl loudly at Trey’s wolf.

“You will shift!” I stand tall, what little power we had left flowing through us and into Trey as his body suddenly begins to shift once more. Suddenly, he turns into a huge black and grey wolf that growls at me, ears stuck up and teeth bared angrily as soon as his bright yellow eyes find mine.

“He will try to push you for power, he needs to submit Phoenix,” Zane says as I nod, standing tall growling at Trey’s wolf.

“Name yourself!” I bark in his mind.

“My name is Gray,” He growls back in a deeper and more ferocious voice than Trey’s own.

“Submit!” Storm growls at him as he takes a step towards us.

“Trey…” Luciana looks towards us as Gray looks to her, snarling.

“Keep control of your wolf Trey,” I growl as his eyes flicker.

“Stay still Luciana,” Jason says creeping to stand in front of her.

“Submit Gray!” I growl, snapping at him as he snarls at me, challenging me as he leaps over me, I snag his tail as I pull him back before pinning him to the ground as he snaps his teeth at me.

“I will never submit to you!” Gray snarls.

“You will submit!” Storm snaps as she bares her teeth before biting at his neck as he whimpers, our teeth biting down hard as he tries to get out of our hold.

“She’s going to kill him!” Luciana cries as she rushes past Jason but he grabs hold of her, pulling her back.

“She’s not hurting him, she’s asserting her authority, he needs to submit to her or he may become a rogue,” Thomas says as she cries.

“Your sister needs you, Trey, take control of your fucking wolf and submit!” I growl as his body shivers beneath me as he stops resisting, whimpering.

“I submit,” Gray says stubbornly as I let go of his neck, watching him carefully as he lays on his back showing his belly and neck in submission as I nod getting off of him.

“Trey? You in there?” I ask through our bond.

“Trey’s a little busy right now,” Gray laughs in my mind.

“Let him take control Gray,” I order.

“Not a chance,” Gray laughs.

“NOW!” Storm orders as he growls before his eyes shift in colour.

“Phoenix…” Trey’s voice comes through.

“Hey there buddy,” I nudge his muzzle for him to stand as he looks down uneasily.

“My wolf’s a prick,” He says as I laugh.

“It might take a while to get used to him,” I answer.

“How do you do this?” He groans trying to get his feet.

“With a lot of effort,” I nuzzle into his side trying to comfort him as I hear Zane growl at me.

“How do I shift back?” He asks.

“It would be best if you two went for a run before you even think of shifting back,” Zane says almost as if he read Trey’s mind.

“Want to take a run on the wild side?” I nudge him playfully as Trey nods.

“Jason, Kade, go with them,” Zane orders as they nod, shifting as I head off quickly as Trey tries to keep up, getting used to his new legs.

“Come on! You can do better than that!” I hear Jason laugh as he nips at Trey’s heel.

“How the hell…” I murmur.

“We can mind link anyone in a close vicinity if you concentrate enough,” Jason laughs in his mind.

“That’s so cool,” I say as we run.

“You carry on biting me Jason and I’m going to tear your throat out!” Gray barks a warning.

“Only if you can keep up,” Jason laughs as he darts past me quickly as Gray takes over, trying to keep up with him.

“Gray is going to be a strong wolf, Trey might need a little extra training to keep him from lashing out though,” Kade runs by my side.

“Who can do that?” I ask.

“I will,” Kade nods.

“Thank you, Kade,” I nudge his side playfully as I push him over and nearly into a tree.

“You’ll pay for that little one!” he laughs as he begins to chase me, Storm bounding around wanting to play as we catch up with the other two who are fighting for dominance.

“Kade…” I say in shock as they are tearing at each other.

“Gray stop!” Kade growls leaping into the fray.

He’s going to hurt Jason!

“TREY! Concentrate, push your wolf back now!” I growl in his mind as I leap towards them, biting at Gray’s neck tearing him from Jason who whines before shaking his body as I see pools of blood.

“What have I done…” Trey pushes through.

“Kade is going to teach you control, but I need you to concentrate Trey, focus on shifting back, focus on your body shifting into your human form, shift now!” I order.

His body shakes as I see his wolf fight for dominance in his eyes but his body begins to contort and shift painfully back.

“Kade take Jason to the med bay,” I order as he nods, watching over Trey before Jason shifts, holding his side as blood pours from it.

I shift too as I kneel beside Trey as he heaves, puking his guts up.

“Trey?” I rub his back.

“He was going to fucking kill him, my wolf is out of control Phoenix,” He heaves.

“Kade is going to help you, Trey, we’ll get control of him I promise,”

“I don’t want to hurt Luciana,” he murmurs as he stands slowly.

“You won’t, you won’t be left alone until you have control of your wolf,” I sigh hugging him to me tightly.

“This is crazy, I feel so…So energetic, like I could bulldoze a house with my body, I can smell things I have never smelt before, including you,” His eyes flash yellow as I growl at his wolf in warning and his eyes turn back.

“Let’s go back to the others,” I say taking his hand and leading him back to the med bay where I could see Zane looking our way as he ran to my side.

“Are you ok?” He asks, his eyes taking me in as he checks for any signs of me being hurt.

“I’m fine, how is Jason?” I ask as Trey stiffens beside me.

“He’ll be fine, now YOU will be training with Kade daily until I can trust you can control your wolf, until that point you will go nowhere without someone with you, your sister and Kai do not count as they are not strong enough to take you down should you lose control, understood?” Zane growls at Trey.

“Yes alpha,” Trey nods.

“Good, for now, you will go back to the med bay and rest up, your training will begin tomorrow. Your sister is inside waiting for you, she’s worried,” Zane orders as Trey nods.

We could do with some rest too.

I yawn as Zane smiles at me before hooking his arm around my waist as we walk with Trey to the med bay.

“What if I can’t control him?” Trey murmurs.

“You will,” I reply.

“But…” He starts.

“No, you WILL do it, I believe in you Trey, even if I have to keep making him submit to me, he will calm down,” I watch him as he sighs, nodding.

“Don’t let me turn into a monster,” he looks at me in the eyes as he turns to me.

“Never, you’re one of my best friends, I need you right by my side, you’ll never be a monster,” I release Zane’s hand from my side as I hug Trey tightly to me as he breathes in deeply.

“You really smell good,” He groans.

“Mine!” Zane snaps as I chuckle.

“Boys, calm down,” I laugh.

“He’s unmated Phoenix and our mark is not finished, it wouldn’t take much for you to be stolen from me,” Zane whines as I raise a brow.

“No one is stealing me, they would have to have me submit to them first before I would ever do that and I don’t see that happening, do you?” I smirk at him.

“You’ll submit to me,” He smirks cockily.

“Keep telling yourself that alpha,” I whisper in his ear as I see his body shiver with lust as I giggle and pull Trey with me to the others as they sit inside waiting for us.

“You have him wrapped around your little finger,” Trey laughs.

“Good,” I wink as he chuckles.

“Trey!” Luciana jumps up as she tackles her brother in a hug, crying as he holds her tightly.

“I’m ok Luci,” He sighs stroking her hair soothingly.

“Concentrate on that feeling right now Trey, holding onto your sister, your love for her, it will be key for control,” Kade says behind him.

“I think we’ve had enough excitement for today, time to rest up. Phoenix you’ll be at the pack-house with me,” Zane smirks at me.

“No funny business,” Kai points at Zane as I giggle.

“Don’t worry Kai, I’ve got control of the big, bad alpha,” I wink at him as I hug him. Zane growls as I smirk his way, daring him to test it as he walks forward in challenge.

“Submit!” Storm growls as I can see Zeus fighting Zane as he falls to his knee.

“She’s strong,” Kade laughs at the alpha on his knees.

“I can dominate you other ways little luna,” Zane smirks getting up from the floor before leading me out the room.

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