Not The Only One

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Chapter 9

The next week had been a rush of training as Trey was beginning to wear down his wolf, Kade taught him how to keep control as they began to work together at least, although they didn’t always get along.

I was loving staying with the pack and they seemed to like me too as I was treated like one of their own. Kai had even found himself surrounded by girls as he trained with Jason and was holding his own when it came to a fight, although Jason won every time, Kai could kick serious ass and it was getting all the girls attentions too.

Luciana was enjoying being in the pack too as she could always be found with the kids or pups, they were learning a lot themselves, Keeley had taken a liking to her and I was sure they were now inseparable.

We had had a short funeral for the twins’ father as Zane had some of his warriors cover up the incident. Luciana and Trey were finally free of their father and I could see a little weight had been lifted, although they were a little sad their father had caused them more grief than happiness. We hoped that the people who were after them for money would believe them to be dead so hopefully no one would come looking for them.

All week I had slept in the pack-house with Zane, Thomas and Jason, making sure I had my own room, much to Zane’s disapproval. It was becoming a game to Storm as she teased Zeus constantly. Though he didn’t take too lightly to it, he got a little snappy sometimes.

It had been quiet all week on the borders of the territory, no rogues were seen but the warriors were still on high alert due to the situation with me and the kids being of royal blood.

“I hear it’s your birthday next week,” Jason grins as he passes me a plate of meat as I groan in delight.

“Yes, but I don’t celebrate,” I point at him sternly.

“Why not?” He frowns.

“My birth is hardly a cause of celebration when I was dumped on a doorstep, it causes an argument with me and Kai every year as it is,” I sigh.

“Because you won’t celebrate?” He asks.

“Yep,” I nod taking a bite of my bacon.

“Well time to change your tune,” Jason grins cheekily.

“No, don’t even think about it Jason,” I groan.

“Please! I love birthdays!” He begs.

“No,” I shake my head.

A knock on the door distracts him as he sighs walking to the door.

“Phoenix!” Keeley shouts happily as she jumps on my lap.

“Hey!” I grin as Janie and Blake follow too.

“Good morning Luna,” Henrietta smiles at me.

“Morning, you can call me Phoenix, or Nix if you like, you don’t have to call me luna,” I roll my eyes at her.

“Sorry… Nix,” She smiles.

“So, I have a little something for you Phoenix,” Janie grins with her hands behind her back.

“What?” I ask as she brings out the box, the box I had forgotten at the flat, the box with my baby bits inside.

“I told Zane we had left it behind, he had warriors go get it for you,” Janie smiles as a tear falls down my face.

“Why do I always forget and yet you remember it for me every time,” I sigh taking it from her, my fingers gliding over the box, shaking.

“You’ve been pre-occupied,” Janie smiles.

“Thank you, Janie,” I smile back.

“What is that?” Jason frowns at the box.

“The only things I have left from my family,” I sigh placing the box on the table as I open it slowly, scents fill my nostrils that I had never smelt before as I frown, taking the small blanket in my hands, sniffing it.

“Your senses are heightened since the mark has gone, can you smell it properly now?” Jason asks me.

“Yes, I can smell it, I can smell her,” A tear drops down my face as I take in the soft fragrance of my mother.

“Who made her cry?” Zane growls storming into the kitchen.

“No one,” I sniff wiping away my tears as I take the bracelet out gently.

“That’s the queen’s bracelet, it can only be worn by those who are born to be queen,” Zane murmurs.

“So she’s the queens child?!” Henrietta exclaims in shock.

“Yes,” Zane nods.

“Put the bracelet on,” Janie squeals as I turn it over in my fingers.

“You’re saying if I wear this, I’m going to be queen?” I gulp.

“A potential yes, in the event your mother dies a new queen will be searched for and those that can wear the royal heirlooms such as that bracelet, would be put into the running,” Thomas wanders in adding to the conversation.

“Though King Shade would kill any of those he deems not worthy, he either kills or tortures for power, he’s ruthless, there is a reason why he has been in power so long, no one dares go against him,” Jason murmurs.

I bite my lip nervously as I take the bracelet slowly putting it on my wrist as Zane helps with the clasp gently.

Nothing happens.

“Well, that was anti-climatic…” Jason murmurs as I slump in my seat, but then suddenly a surge of power shakes my wrist as a flash of light bursts into the room, hissing from pain as the bracelet heats up, my eyes widen in shock as I look at my wrist and arm.

The bracelet was gone and in its place was a tattoo winding around my wrist, vines linking with flowers and the elements as they creep up my arm all the way to my elbow.

“Holy shit!” I gasp.

“I’ve never seen something like that before,” Thomas murmurs in shock.

“It’s so pretty!” Keeley looks at it.

“I think we should get some of the elders to look into this alpha,” Jason says. Zane nods as Jason rushes out of the room.

“What do you think this means?” I ask Zane.

“I think you’re destined to be the most powerful queen we’ve ever had,” He smiles taking my hand in his as it glides arm my arm, fingers following the flow of the vines.

“Ok kids, we need to get in some training today, let’s leave these two alone,” Henrietta smiles at us.

“But…” Keeley whines.

“I’ll come see you later,” I smile at her, poking her nose as she giggles, jumping down as she and the others leave the house.

Zane and I were left alone as he can’t stop gazing at the tattoo on my arm as I lift my hand to his face, he gazes back with a smile.

“Beautiful,” He murmurs as he nudges my legs apart with his own, standing between them, his eyes darting to my lips.

“Alpha, sorry to interrupt but one of King Shade’s messengers just arrived,” Jason bursts back inside.

“What?” I gulp.

“Where?” Zane growls, he storms off, following Jason, leaving me alone in the house.

Why would one of his messengers come here? Does he know we’re here? What if he kills everyone to get to us?

I don’t know Storm, I would rather die myself than him kill everyone here. We’ll see what’s going on.

I rush to follow them as I sniff the air for where they went.

“Wait, do not let them see you with that tattoo,” Kade grabs my arm on the way as he slips off his jacket, wrapping it around my arms as I nod in thanks as we both head towards Zane, Jason and the messenger, a vampire by the looks of his bright red eyes.

“King Shade wishes to invite you to a ball next week, in a call for a truce between all the packs, he wants to welcome those old and new, bring anyone you wish, in fact, bring the whole pack, we hear you have a mate Zane, news travels quickly, make sure she comes too,” The messenger smirks at Zane as he growls in reply.

“And why would he want Zane’s mate to come,” I ask stepping beside Zane, taking his hand in mine.

How did they even find out?!

“Ah, little luna…May I ask, what pack are you from?” He asks.

“She wasn’t from a pack, she was born a rogue,” Kade pipes up.

“Shut it mutt,” The vampire snaps.

“Get off of my lands beast,” Zane growls.

“I can’t wait to tell King Shade about this. Until we meet again little luna,” he chuckles looking over my body with a wink before flitting off.

“This ball is not a coincidence…” Zane growls, Zeus at the front of his mind.

“Give me that,” I say taking the invite off of him as I read it.

“It’s on my birthday,” I whisper.

“He’s searching for you. The moment the spell dropped he sensed you… He’s inviting all the packs to find you,” Zane sighs taking my hand in his.

“We can’t go, I will not have him get his hands on Phoenix!” Kade growls protectively. He was acting more like a protective father the more I got to know him and I didn’t mind, it was nice to have someone care for me like that.

“You’re right, we aren’t going, we’re safer here,” Zane sighs.

“No way! How are we safer here? How many times does your pack need to be attacked by rogues to show we are not safe! If we don’t go then it’s going to be suspicious. Plus, this ball is a masquerade…what a better way to sneak up on someone,” I argue.

“She has a point, if we don’t go he will send his minions after us wondering why we didn’t come,” Jason agrees.

“Get the pack together, if we do this we are going to need everyone, I will not have my mate harmed,” Zane hooks a tuft of my hair around my ear as he looks into my eyes.

“Thank you,” I murmur as he kisses my forehead before walking off with Thomas and Jason.

Do you think Kade will want to help get our father out?

What are you planning Storm?

We go to the ball, cause a distraction while Kade takes a team and finds our dad and gets him out of there, can’t you feel the connection to our parents?

No…I don’t feel it.


I close my eyes as I focus on any kind of link to my parents, I push harder as I’m filled with pain as I scream out, falling to my knees as I see darkness all around me, dark cobwebbed walls with silver chains attached to a man in the centre. His eyes matched mine, he looked worn out, skinny from not eating, wasting away.

“DAD!” I call out with my mind as I see his head lift in shock.

“Phoenix…” He croaks out before he shouts in pain pulling at the chains before I’m thrown from the vision of him and back in the tree-line as Kade shakes me.

“Phoenix!” Kade shakes me.

“My dad, I saw him, he’s locked up, wasting away, he’s in silver chains Kade, we have to get him out!” I exclaim.

“How do you plan on that Phoenix?” He frowns, clearly feeling the need to help his best friend.

“How much do you know about King Shade’s home?” I ask.

“Not a lot, but I’m sure we can find out, why?”

“One of us distracts the King and his warriors, the other breaks him free,” I answer simply, I hadn’t worked it all out yet.

“I’m not sure Phoenix, this is dangerous as it is,” Kade sighs.

“I either do this with you or without you, either way, I’m breaking my dad out and we are getting my mum back too, I’d like to kill King Shade too, but that may take a little extra work,” I reply.

“Fine, I’ll help you, but the moment your life is put at risk, we are getting out of there,” Kade says.

“Ok,” I nod as he takes my hand leading me towards the pack-house.

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