The Curse : The Descendants Series Book 1

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Chapter 14

I sighed and moved a bit before I felt someone's grip around my body tightens. I smile a bit and held his hands and I felt kisses on my neck before I felt his breath on my ear, and he spoke, "I want to take a break today. A day, only with you", he said.

I turned towards him and smiled, "You'd do that?", I asked.

He gave me a nod, "Yeah, of course I will", he smiled and held my cheek. "Plus, I will be here when you study your magic on your own, because I sent Dana off duty yesterday. She won't be back until your final lesson", he explained.

I chuckled, "You would do anything for me to stay with you?", I asked.

He nodded, "Of course", he said and gave me a smile.

We didn't say anything and we just stare at each other before someone knocks on the door. Alex groaned and rolled his eyes, "I'll be back", he said and left the bed before answering the door.

I heard him just saying few 'okay' and then he closed the door again and set something aside before he lay next to me again and he smiled. I sigh, "I think you should go", I whispered.

He shook his head, "No. I'm not going anywhere. It's just a few report and things I asked Chris, that's it. Chris has my back, don't worry. We have the time and place to ourselves, Ingrid is away with Chris", he said.

I smiled and then our day begins there. We ended up showered together, but nothing more happened, we just admire and talk to each other, I think it's a good start of the day. When we're done, I wear shorts and a sweatshirt, Alex go for sweatpants and a hoodie.

Second thing we do, making breakfast. I looked over to him, "Toast, bacon, eggs?", I asked.

He shrug, "I'll help", he smiled.

I smiled and get some eggs from the fridge and bacons strips. he take out the pan and crack the eggs, while I'm cooking the bacons. We both talked and laughed, and even laugh at small mistakes we've been making while cooking. When he's finished, he took the loaf of bread and cut it into few just for us two before toasting it.

While waiting, he stood there and looks at me with a wide smile. I look up to him, "What?", I asked, but couldn't help but to smile.

He shook his head, "I'm lucky. Not only because you're pretty, but you're very independent, I can see. I'm very happy", He said.

I smiled and I turned the stove off before I put the bacons on our plates. I put the pan away and give him a quick peck and the toast is now ready for our little-late-breakfast, and enjoy it with a few chat here and there for course.

"Favorite drink?"

"Hmm... Hot coco", I answered.

"I love them too. But I prefer hot tea", he added.

"Okay, my turn. When did you find out you're a werewolf?'", I asked.

"I don't know... When I was ten, my parents told me and we have to accept our difference and stuff, we're special because we're hidden from the world, and.. Some more stuff...", He sighed.

I didn't say anything for a few seconds before I melt the situation, "I'm sorry to make this awkward, but I sorta need to ask you that", I mumbled.

"It's okay. I mean, we're laying on the grass field together, we might as well make a use of it for good memories", he smiled. He looks at me, "What do you want to know?", He asked.

I shrug, "I know it's not the time, but I really want to know you more", I paused. "How old were you when you transformed first?", I asked.

He shrug, "Fourteen. I almost tear the house down", he chuckled.

I chuckled, "You really thought of it as funny memories?", I asked.

"I mean, it happened once in a lifetime. First turned, you know? It was my very first full moon, a month after my birthday. I ran away from home then. All I remembered was that I bit someone, that someone was Adrian, the first person who joined my pack", he explained.

I learned the shocking truth by hearing this story. But he explained it to me, for me, I don't think it was a very big problem because he told me. I mean, I had to ask Adrian myself, but I guess now I don't need to.

"That's shocking, but I appreciate you telling me that", I smiled. He smiled back before I ask again, "Did.. Adrian ever talk to you about me?", I asked again.

"Of course, he never stopped talking about you. Notice anything different when he was fourteen? He goes at night every once a month, and then he stopped. Because after that moment, I told him what happened, then he trained together with me, my brother as our mentor and guide, my father as a combat trainer in wolf form. It was a real family bonding, me and him. Then he grew stronger every minute, reminding himself, if someone ever hurt you, he can tear their heads off".

I laughed hearing that and continued, "Of course I never knew who you were back then. But... Just so you know, he did everything, including lying and leaving you just to protect you. He loves you very much", he added.

I smiled, "I accept that now. Thank you for telling me", I said and we both talk some more, even though it's still three in the afternoon, I already feel like it's going to end well today, and I'll be glad knowing that. I thanked him for everything that he ever done to me, even though I'm only just a few months or weeks with him. I can tell he really loves me not only because it's his wolf nature, but his human self too.

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