The Curse : The Descendants Series Book 1

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Chapter 15

After laying on the grass field we decided to go and sit on the dock while practicing magic. He’s a good supporter for me and for my future as well. This energy I need in my life, and I found out that my life was a total lie for eighteen years, well that couldn’t been the worst of me, actually.

“I like the face you make when you read”, I looked over to Alex and he gave me a cute grin.

I chuckled and shook my head, “I’m not doing it to look cute, you know”, I chuckled.

He chuckled, “I know. It’s just a cute little habit you did, I’m gonna remember that small detail so I can confront you with it someday”, he said.

I looked at him and he smiled, so did I and I continue to my read and he played with my hair, braiding it and since I picked up a few flowers, he decorated my hair with it while giggling to himself, once in a while, he looks at my face and then smile, feeling proud of himself.

“You should braid your hair more often. I could do it for you”, he said.

I smiled and looked at him ,“Is there anything you won’t do for me?“, I asked jokingly.

He pretends to think and looks at me, “Hmm... No”, he paused. He smiled, “I will do anything for you”, He said and he kissed my lips.

The kiss lingers for a moment and we pulled away, looking into each other’s eyes before he gave me a genuine smile. I smiled back and spoke, “You really do love me, don’t you?’, I asked.

He shrugs, “Is kissing you not enough proof of that?’, he chuckled.

I shook my head, “It’s all I need”, I said.

He hugged me, wrapping his arms around my waist and hold me as I read more spells, memorizing every text I read. I look at him and he looks out to the lake while gently drawing circles on my waist with his thumb, This view is amazing. I really felt like I can never love anyone again.

I closed the book and I held his hands, melting into the hug and just enjoy the heat and view. He chuckled, “I never knew falling in love could be so... I don’t know... Peaceful”, he said.

I shook my head, “There are more feeling you will feel and have felt, actually. But, I guess this is your favorite. Spending time with me and giving me warmth. I love it”, I said.

I look at him and he smiled at me before he kissed my forehead and we keep on staying like that before we heard a howl. I sat up quickly and Alex stayed alert before we stood up I nod. I carry the books with me and head inside the cabin. When I head out again, I looked over to Alex who is already in wolf form before I ran with him to the forest.

We both stopped and I stayed quiet before looking around and look at Alex, “We need to split up. I can help finding the rest of the pack, I’ll be fine. I promise”, I said.

He walked closer to me before his head touches mine. A few seconds later, he ran to the other side while I ran towards another way. I ran and I touched the ground, focusing to where I’m going before I felt I know where I should be going.

I opened my eyes and run towards the direction and I heard a bark before I turned towards the wolf and I led my hand out before it attacked me. The wolf whimpered in pain and I use the roots to lock it down, chanting a spell to transform the wolf back to its form. A human, of course.

“What have you done to me?!” She asked while struggling getting herself out of the roots.

I shook my head, “Who are you??“, I asked.

She chuckled, “You are all in trouble. The next two full moon, the pack will permanently became wolves. You will fail to break the curse”, she explained.

“I know about the curse, I will undo it”, I said firmly.

She laughed louder and I became very irritated because of it. She spoke again, “Good luck, because the next full moon, it's your last time", she said before chocking and her veins became darker, she began chocking on blood, and blood came out of his eyes, nose and ears. Until she finally died.

I sighed and keep on running before I found more of Alex's pack. They all look at me before they let out a low growl. I sigh, "It's hard to explain, but I will tell Alex what I have discovered. You all need to come home, if it wasn't an emergency, I wouldn't be asking you all", I said and they finally head towards home.

I sigh and sit on the ground, thinking before I look around me. I heard footsteps and I saw Alex in human form, "You found them. I found more than half of them, already asking them to get back home", he explained.

I stood up, "Alex, something happened. You need to tell the pack", I said.

"Of course, come on", as we ran he transformed back to his wolf form before I told him everything what happened while we're on our way home.

Alex told everything to his pack of course they all freaked out, I know as specially Adrian, will be begging for his life a way out of this curse. I look at Alex and held my tears before he nudge me a bit, I shook my head and head inside the cabin before I look for a spell book that is more advance than the ones I have. And of course, advance magic requires more power, and I need to study them all before I can face everything on my own.

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