The Curse : The Descendants Series Book 1

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Chapter 16

I gasp and I look around before I adjust my sitting again. Fuck, I’ve been awake all night just to read the whole spell book about power channeling. I sigh and closed the book before someone opened the door. I look behind me and saw Alex carrying a tray, a glass of milk and a plate of sandwich on it. I sigh and he put the tray next to the book before he kissed my cheek.

I didn’t say anything except to just smile and he sat next to me, “I thought you slept late and woke up early. Then I realized you weren’t even sleeping next to me”, he stated.

I sighed, “I’m sorry. I know you felt that sore back”, I said while I get myself a stretching time.

He chuckled, “It’s alright. I know you’re trying to help”, he said.

I looked at him and sigh, “I have only one full moon to save you all. But, I wanna ask... Why aren’t you cursed too? Or Chris?“, I asked.

“Believe it or not, I am cursed. Cursed of guilt for the last few years, the first year was guilt because of my parents, second year was the civil war of rogues and packs, this year guilty because of myself, and more even bore those three”, He explained.

“I’m sorry to hear that”, I mumbled.

“I’m okay. I’m not used to it, but I will be okay”, he smiled and looked over to me. He lean in and give me a kiss on my lips, the kiss lasted almost two minutes before we pulled away.

I bit my lips and he is still looking at me, smiling at me, and really just enjoy the moment we’re having. I sighed, “Are you still worried about me?“, I asked.

“I’m worried about your thoughts, your decisions, it’s really getting into my head. Plus, you’re reading about channeling powers. I’ve read, my mother told me everything about it”, he said.

“If I channel powers from the spirit world, I will be strong enough to do the spell. Or other witches, another strong object or person will do. I’ll survive”, I added.

Alex looks at me and shook his head, “You really talk me through that, you know?“, he said before I smiled to him and he kissed my head. He sighed, “But, the next full moon is in a week... You should enjoy it, plus I want you to meet my pack in person”, he said.

I nodded, “I’d like to meet them”, I said.

He smiled before he excuse himself out of the library room and I keep on reading before I came across a family book. The crescent wolf pack. I shrug and read the whole thing from its history and it goes on way back from the fifteenth centuries. I sighed, “Well, traditions goes on for five centuries”, I mumbled.

Then I found the complete family tree of it back to the main Black family. I look at it and I found Alex and Chris, the last heir. But something or someone caught my eyes... I blinked a few times, afraid that it was a mistake until I realized it wasn’t. I look closely and gasp softly, “Is that really... Devon?“, I whispered.

The door flew open and I look up to find Chris. He sighed, “You wanted to see me?“, he asked.

“Yeah, I need to ask you something. I knew from Alex you’re very good with history?“, I asked.

Chris shrug, “Sort of. Mom used to tell me stories, unfortunately Alex never listened. What do you want to know?“, he asked. I hold the book I’ve read and hand it to him before he gave me a nod and looks at me, “You saw the family tree, didn’t you?“, he asked.

“Nobody said anything about Devon being part of the family. Heck, I never even know you three are cousins”, I added.

“Devon hated Alex for what he did. He left the pack willingly, of course at first he turned to a rogue wolf, a lone wolf, until he bit someone and he started a pack of his own. No longer a lone wolf or a rogue, he changed form. His pack is called the Last Quarter Pack, he named it when he started it. During the last quarter moon", he explained.

"Devon's witch told me that he can't kill Alex because he's in a mating process with me", I stated.

"Right, that. There's a little plot twist to the plan, as I figured out, even when you die before the mating process complete, Alex can find another mate. Devon wanted the process to be completed before he can get to you, that's why he freed you", He said.

"He wanted to kill me, then he can kill Alex. Knowing he's already broken, he will loose", I added and I look over to Chris as he nodded. I sighed, "Is there anything you can do? Talk to Devon?", he asked.

"Devon is complicated than I thought. I love my brother as much as you do, but Alex never wanted me to be involved into their fights. I know Alex, he's not a kid. But I always remind him that killing is never the way when there's options", he said.

I sighed and just sat there, thinking of what ifs and what will. I never wanted a civil war, this is very complicated. But then I remembered Chris just told me that Devon hated Alex after what he done. I look over to Chris, "What did Alex do to make Devon hated him so much?", I asked.

"It's not my rights to tell you. You have to ask Alex yourself, I'm sorry. But in Devon... He's never was the enemy of this pack, Samantha wasn't the person who cursed the pack or Alex. Devon's enemy is our enemy", Chris said before he excuse himself and leave the room, leaving me thinking even more.

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