The Curse : The Descendants Series Book 1

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Chapter 20

I opened my eyes and the space next to me is empty. I sat up slowly before I adjust my eyesight and take a quick shower, dressing myself in a pair of sweatpants and T-shirt. I head to the dining room, seeing Devon, Chris, and Alex already wide awake. Ingrid is talking with, from what it looks like, a hangover Dana.

Alex walked towards me and hand me a mug of coffee. He kissed my lips and smile, "Good morning, wifey", he said as he giving me a hug.

"Trust me, I hate the nickname", Dana slipped in.

I chuckled and drink the coffee before I sat next to Devon and Alex bring me my breakfast. I smile wider and he kissed my forehead before Chris slipped in, "He said it's an apologize for what he did last night", he said.

"Chris, shush! Do not disturb my wifey-to-be in the morning", Alex said.

"I am stuck with these idiots since birth, believe me, I wanna kill them as much as you do", Devon said while eating his toast.

"I think it's sweet", Ingrid agreed.

I just let out a laugh before eating my breakfast and listen to their stories. Of course this confuses me, Alex seemed so bubbly, Chris annoyed by Alex, Devon is warning me, the girls seems to be... Off a bit. I mean, Dana drunk last night? I missed something???

"Is there anything we're doing today?", I asked.

"You're going to be with the girls today. The wedding is on the day after the last full moon, which is in four days. And I will be hunting with the boys, this will also be the union of two packs wince Devon is family, we might as well make the party a little bigger than usual wedding. Okay, wifey-to-be??", he asked while smiling at me.

"So that's why you're so bubbly today. Umm, actually I'm gonna finish the paste today, so I guess I'll be out a little later", I said.

"It's fine, as long as you're with us. Now you men quickly get out before I make you guys to", Dana said while pushing Chris and Devon out, while Alex is still there holding his ground.

"No, no wait!", Alex said before he ran towards me and kissed my lips. I smiled but then Dana and Ingrid pull him away from me, leaving me laughing and he's whining ass finally leave the room.

Dana looked at me with a smile, "We are going to have fun, plus, we're going to look for a wedding dress. Devon contacted Sam, so we have all the hands we need and all the time we need to have our girl time today!", she said with excitement and Ingrid looks excited as well.

I just laugh and finish my breakfast before someone barge into the room and there stood Sam with balloons in her hands, looking excited and looking forward on the activity for today. Couldn't agree more to that.

I sighed and lay on the bed. I can feel myself red from drinking some wine. I held my cheeks and I sat up as someone opened the bedroom door, Alex came into the room and jumped on the space next to me.

he looks at me and I turned towards him, "How was your day?", I asked.

He chuckled, "Exhausting. We hunt miles and miles, we did found some bears, boars, I found a stag", he said.

"You ate them??", I asked in surprised.

"Nah, just chase them off. It was a good exercise", he chuckled. He looked at me closely before asking, "Have you been drinking?".

I nod a bit, "I did. My face is red, isn't it?", I asked.

He chuckled and kiss my nose before giving me a hug, "This is one of the thing I like about you. One time, you can act like an adult. And the other... You can act like a pure baby", he said before holding the both of my cheeks.

I felt a bit shy but he just hold my cheeks before he lean in and I gave him a nod in approval. He kissed my lips softly and I automatically played with his hair, I felt a bit blushed when I heard him letting out a low growl.

I moaned when he pull my bottom lip slowly and nibble on it. Continue kissing me he lay me down on the bed, guiding one of my leg to wrap around his torso. He slid his hand from my ankle, slowly towards my upper thigh, earning a soft gasp from his slow movement.

He smirked and his lips find his way down to my neck. I bit my lip to hold more moans, but no use. "Ahh..", I let it out as he starts sucking on my skin. Not only once he did it several times around my breast area.

"Alex... Please s-stop..", I begged as he nibble more on my skin. Then I came to my senses when he almost slid my shorts and panty off. I pushed him by force and I sat up, trying to cover myself, and I saw the bruises that he made, why? I haven't done the unlinking spell even though I'm cured, Dana doesn't recommend doing it right after I'm cured because I can be sick at any times.

He sighed and understands immediately why I did that. He come towards me and tilted my head slowly my eyes looking at his, scared and shy. He smiled, "Don't you trust me?", he asked.

I nod, "I do, but.. I think not now", I replied.

He gave me a smile and a nod, "Of course. I understand, don't worry", he said.

"I'm so sorry", I said.

He shook his head and gave me a hug, "No, I should be the one who is sorry. I should have understand you and never rushed you", he mumbled. I sighed and we both just sit there hugging each other, feeling each other again.

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