The Curse : The Descendants Series Book 1

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Chapter 21

"Is it done?", Dana asked.

"Yeah, it's done. I'm not linked to Alex anymore", I replied.

Dana talked a bit more about some magic here and there, I just listen to her. I just smile and then I look away because I feel like something is in my nerves somehow... I sigh and then Dana notice something is not right with me.

She walked over to me, "Hey, what happened?", she asked.

I didn't say anything before I pull my sweatshirt up to the middle and she looked surprised and happy. But she frowned when she looked at my unhappy face. I pull it back down and I just stayed quiet.

Dana asked again, "You don't seem so... I don't know... Excited?".

I sighed, "I'm, not experienced", I mumbled.

She chuckled, "What is that mean??", she asked.

I sigh and looks over to her, "It means that I'm a virgin", I finally answered.

Dana chuckled, "That is not a problem at all, Audrey. Alex loves you no matter what", she said.

"I'm just... I don't know. He seems to know everything, every move, what I like, how I felt... It's not the link thing between me and him, it's just pure him. Alex himself", I explained.

Dana sighed and stood in front of me, "I know nothing about wolf imprint, but what I saw between you and Alex... It was never just Alex who is looking for a mate, it's his pure love to you. In centuries, I have never seen a strong bond of love like you and Alex share. It's your inner human and his inner human, and as an Alpha wolf, he will protect you until the end of the earth", she said.

I smiled, "I'm just scared of what he will think of me. I do love him, from the bottom of my heart, I do and always will", I added.

Dana shook his head, "Then you two will have zero things to worry about between your relationship", she paused and look at the time and look over back to me, "Come on, dress up nice for tonight. The full moon is coming, you will be introduced to his pack, and you will be seeing your brother", she said.

I smiled and she pull me down to the bedroom, looking through my clothes and she rants about seeing more buff guys roaming around the area as human, shirtless. I mean, I don't judge, I won't, it's her opinion about guys and wolves.

"But aren't... I don't know.. witches and wolves and vampires supposed to hate each other??", I asked.

"Since you were born, history had changed. prophecy about a half spirit witch will unite the world, the wife of the most strongest Alpha pack. The magic realm now accept and bow to that prophecy, even some doesn't at all, but it's their lost", she chuckled and hand me a white dress. And I finally go changed after the clock strikes eleven at night.

When people are starting to show up and Alex was greeted by his pack with a hug on congratulating him for the upcoming marriage, I just bit my lips and head outside towards Alex and he smiled when he saw me before he spoke, "This is my fiancé, a talented witch named Audrey Julian Deveroux", he said as he introduced me to the pack.

Everyone was thrilled and they gave me a hug, welcoming me to the family. I was happy as well and Alex introduced me to his family members. There are the twins, Nolan and Noah. Of course, there's Adrian, a girl named Stacy, she's a nice person. Jackson and Jordan. Of course, the last of his pack was Chris.

I stood by the dock and held a glass in my hands before someone wrap his arms around my waist and kissed my cheek. I look over to him and he kissed my lips, he pulled away smiling, "How is my wifey doing?", he asked.

I looked at him, shaking my head, "I hate being in this dress", I answered.

"Why? You look stunning in this... White, lace, see through dress", he whispered in my ear before he nibbled on my skin.

I let out a very soft moan before I lean into his ear, "I'm gonna kill you", I whispered.

He chuckled, "With that tone saying my name, I don't think you will", he whispered back before has hand traveled to my bare back, "But, no. Not before our wedding day", he said.

I smiled and he made me dance to the music that was played and I look over to them, everyone was dancing as well, Jordan was playing the guitar with Noah. Nolan is dancing with Sam, Dana is dancing with Adrian.

I look back to Alex and smiled before leaning in and I kissed him. The kiss lasted for a little while, until he pulled me to another kiss and I smiled. He spoke, "You know, you should be resting. Tomorrow's a big day and we have much to do today. It's four in the morning", he added.

I nod, "I should be going. I'll see you this afternoon", I said before I walk pass everyone and excuse myself before getting inside the cabin. Of course I'm very tired with staying up all night until dawn.

I wiped my make up and wash my face, myself, and changed my clothes before I lay on the bed and thought for a sec. Tonight will be the last full moon, if this doesn't work... I might not ever going to see my brother in human form ever again.

I shook my head away from the thought and I sigh before someone came into the room and lay next to me, "Your heart beats fast, I'm worried", Alex whispered while hugging me.

I sighed, "Believe me. I'm worried as well..."

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