The Curse : The Descendants Series Book 1

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Chapter 22

Guess what? The remedy worked like a charm. This morning, they're going back to their homes, their places, and doing whatever they usually do as human being. Of course, it leaves me with some questions as well. I'm laying on the bed with Alex's chest as my pillow, early in the morning for the wedding.

"You okay?", he asked.

I smiled and look up to him, "I'm okay", I replied.

He smiled, "Not having second thoughts were you?", he asked.

I shook my head, "No. Not for a second I thought about it", I smiled.

I looked at him and he looks at me before I lean towards him and I kissed him. I kissed him deep, my hands are on the both side of his cheeks, his hands are on my waist. The kiss turned out to be one enjoyable make out session. I found myself splitting my legs above his torso and he sat up, making me sit on his laps.

He took his shirt off and then kept on going. He sent kissed down to my neck, and nibble on the skin softly, I let out a soft moan and I bit my lip in pleasure. I moved and kiss him again, his hands are on my bum, squeezing it and I pull his bottom lip slowly, earning a low growl from him, which is totally hot.

"Audrey..", he groaned and kissed me again before we both pulled away with heavy breathing, "Oh fuck...", he mumbled.

I bit my bottom lip, "I can feel you underneath me. Should I move?", I asked.

He closed his eyes, looks like he was holding in his breath, "No", he shook his head, "Don't move, or it'll be up again. You were rocking too hard", he said before he finally relaxed.

I chuckled and I just sit still before looking at the time, "It's dawn. We have to go in half an hour", I said.

"If my dick's still awake, I'm blaming you", he added before he kissed my cheek.

I smiled and we just stayed quiet before someone came barge in and I'm still sitting on Alex's laps. We both turned towards the door normally before Jordan asked, "Am I interrupt something here?".

I shook my head, "No, you didn't, don't worry. Why are you here?", I asked.

"To sort of pull Alex away from you before the wedding. We should go, Alex", Jordan said as he pointed out with his thumb.

"Be down at yours in a sec", Alex replied.

"You're that hard huh?", Jordan asked while teasing Alex and I just laugh along.

"Fuck you!", Alex said.

Jordan laughed before he left us again. I looked at Alex, "I'll see you later, okay?", I asked.

He nodded and I stood up leaving him on the bed, "I'll see you when you walk down the aisle", he smiled before I blushed and left the room to Dana's room.

I look at myself in the mirror and I just stood there looking at myself, what I have become. I'm still eighteen, and today I am getting married to the love of my life, which is Alex himself. I'm wearing an A-line type wedding dress, with an illusion of bat-wing sleeves, V shaped back that ended on my lower waist. The skirt ended a little below my knees and I smiled to myself as Sam set my vail over my head.

"You look beautiful, little sister", Adrian showed himself next to me before he smiled. He sighed, "I can't see the day that you'll be the one marrying my Alpha", he said.

I shrug, "I can't see the day when yourself get married to someone", I said.

He raised his eyebrows in annoyance, "Haha. You are hilarious, sister", he said.

"I know, I got it from you", I smiled before Sam looks at me one more time.

She smiled and sigh very loudly, because the satisfaction of herself for making the dress and everything, "Come on. Adrian needs to take you out there", Sam said before she walks out of the room and head outside where everyone is sitting, waiting for Adrian to take me out there.

We finally head out and when we're in everyone's view, they all stood up and I hook my arms around Adrian's before I whispered, "Thank you, brother".

And as we walked, everyone seemed to be very happy. Dana smiled holding Noah's hand, Sam smiled holding Devon's hand. I smiled to them and I look in front of me and there stood Alex with a wide smile and teary eyes. I couldn't help but to hold some tears as well.

When we both arrived, Adrian looked at me one more time before he smiled and Alex took his hand out before Adrian guide mine to Alex's hands. Everyone sat down and all I see and feel was Alex, everything seems like a dream. A dream too good to be true, and I'm scared of waking up.

After saying our vows, Alex was asked, "Alexander James Black, do you take Audrey Julian Deveroux as your wife?"

Alex nodded, "I do", he said.

"And do you Audrey Julian Deveroux take Alexander James Black as your husband?"

I nodded, "I do", I said.

"I pronounced you two are now husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride", Then Alex pull the vail and kissed me. I kissed him back and time suddenly stops. I couldn't feel anything except his warm and loving lips. I don't even know what happens next. But as long as he's with me, I'll be okay.

We pulled away and I saw his eyes glowing. I blinked and I felt like my eyes are glowing as well, something is happening to me. I don't know, but it felt... Powerful, and I like it...

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