The Curse : The Descendants Series Book 1

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Chapter 24

I bit my lips and Alex is just trying to sooth me after what happened a few hours ago. I can't stay calm, my hands are still shaking. What is happening to me?! I shook my head and Alex held my tight before someone opened the door, I didn't see who it was, but Alex did turned around.

"How is she?", It's Adrian's voice. But I didn't turn towards him, Alex moved a bit before Adrian spoke, "Alright then. I'm just telling you that Devon wanted a meeting, he said something's happening", Adrian said.

"Umm... Send Chris, please? I still can't leave her", he said.

Adrian didn't say anything and I heard the door closed. I sighed, "I'm sorry, it must be really important", I said before I look at him.

He shook his head, "It will be fine. Chris doesn't want me to leave you unprotected", he replied.

I sigh, "I almost die today...", I Whispered.

"But you're okay now. You're alright", he added.

I shook my head, "No, Alex. It's different, I experienced it more than once. I know I shouldn't be freaking out, but I am! Why??? I am scared with the thought of you being alone, tortured because I died. I'm so scared", I cried on his chest.

Alex hug me tightly. But that's not what I was expecting because I can still myself uneasy. I hiccup a few times and he rub my back with his thumb. I closed my eyes and I can feel him kissing my head. I sighed, "I'm now get why you're scared of loosing me... I'm scared of leaving you", I said.

"Shh... It's okay. You're okay. This... This can be some witch messing your mind, your head... You're strong. You can do this", he whispered.

I sigh someone barge inside the room again. Alex sighed, "Can you please knock???", He asked a little annoyed.

"There's no time to talk about it, we need Audrey to the magic realm now. Her witch coven is looking for her", Dana said before Sam is helping up.

"Woah, nobody says anything to me", Alex slipped in.

"Sam and I just found out. We need to leave now, it will take a few days for her to recover. We packed everything, we'll meet you at Sam's room", Dana said before they left the room.

I sigh and look at Alex. He just looked down to his hands before I spoke, "I'm gonna be fine. If you're willing to let me heal, I'll be okay", I said.

He looked at me and nod, "I believe you. You're my wife, I love you and I know you'll be fine", he said.

I smiled and he kissed me on the lips before he took me to Sam's room and find the floor is already been drawn a teleportation symbol. I look at Alex before giving him a hug and kiss his lips, touching his cheeks one more time. I pulled away and he kissed my forehead before I get inside the symbol, holding Sam and Dana's hand and the three of us chant the spell, and finally we're teleporting.

When we all arrived, I look around and the sky isn't blue. It's purple. I look at Sam and she's smiling, "it's midday. Come on, we're going to the market first", she said before pulling me to her as we three walk around the market.

"This butter ogre fingers are perfect. We're out of it", Dana said.

I just held in my a breath as they look out for more ingredients, and I walk around, but still be near them. I look to the charm booth and find one specific charm I has eyes to. I look at the purple charm bracelet and look at it closely before the seller approach me, "Mother Lycan. The charm's name is Mother Lycan or people like to call it The Queen of Werewolves", she said.

"It's very beautiful, I must say", I smiled.

She smiled wider before she spoke, "You are drawn to it. Not because of it's beauty, but because it's calling you", she explained.

"If I may ask, what is it behind the story of the charm??", I asked.

"It is said that the grand daughter of the supreme witch will wear that necklace charm, giving her the great power of the witches, spirit, and wolves. But since you're the only person in centuries who is drawn to this charm, I guess it's not wrong for me to read your past", she said before holding his hand out.
I gladly give her hers and she read my past. Of course there are flashes of image in front of me because she was reading me. Sam and Dana are both looking at me with a smile, I guess she knows that this witch doesn't exactly play around. She let go of my hand before she looked at me one more time and bow, "Forgive me, my Queen. I have sinned to think that you were never born. But now I see, the supernatural world are now safer than ever before. Hail great Princess, Audrey Julian Deveroux", she said.

I looked around and witches are also bowing to me. Dana and Sam smiled before bowing to me and then everyone stood back up before Dana and Sam approach the lady, "We'll take the charm", Dana said.

The lady smiled, "No need. She is the real owner of the charm, no paying", she said and my friends are relief they don't have to pay for it. And since that moment, every time I walk past someone, everyone are now bowing, are now greeting me. I feel like I'm someone else and I feel like there are things I should be studying as well. I need to know my family tree, I think it's the answer to everything that has been going on.

"The coven will be very thrilled. We will learn the history of your family and your future as well. Alex will be very proud of you", Sam smiled. The thought of Alex just gave me a little hope for myself, for my cure, and I hope it goes as we planned.
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