The Curse : The Descendants Series Book 1

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Chapter 25

Dana took me to me to the main room of the coven and everyone was looking at me. I sat in the middle before the coven gathered around and taking books and sacred rolls from the shelves.

I sighed and it starts with Dana, "There's a reason why your head hurts like someone drill your head with it. You're having a memory loss", she explained.

I look over to Sam, "What's your theory?", I asked.

"No theory. It's a fact. Think about it, Audrey", she said.
"Missing memories? What is that mean? Like, I lost my memory?", I asked.

Dana hand over a book full of family stories and I look every inch of it. There's a picture of me, of Adrian. But it says Adrian has no blood of a witch, he's half spirit only. I look at my story and I gasp when I found out something. I had a life before, like... A real life.

"I... I had a life before??", I asked with tears in my eyes.

Dana, Sam and the others are looking at each other before Dana said something, "One hundred years of your life was spent in this world. Your mother suggested to live with your brother away from home is the best, because the world was after you back then. You're a very powerful witch, even from your mother... But your father made a war within our borders", she explained.

I shook my head with more tears coming out of it, "No... No... Wh-What happened after that???", I asked all of them.

One elder stepped in, "But your path in front of you is much.. much bigger than your past. You are destined for it", she explained.

I sniffed, "What happened to my father??", I asked.

"Your father was the bravest man your mother has ever met. She freed him from the torture of his own family", another elder explained.

I look at the book and I read my dad's name. "Akeela Julian Deveroux. The Beast. First werewolf alive...", I mumbled.

"Your father was abused since child because he was different. He got married with your mother, thinking that she could save him. But his intention were different since then. He fell in love with your immortal mother, and they had children. You two", Sam answered.

"Then... What's wrong with the war?? What happened??", I asked.

Dana sighed, "They both disappeared because two supernatural and two world shouldn't be together. Wolves and witches were in war, then after you were born we stopped. When Adrian was born first.. We got cold feet, doesn't know what to do. The prophecy said a daughter, not a son. They both confused, doesn't know what to do for four years and they have been in war for ten", she explained.

I sighed and shook my head before I look up to all of them and closed the book. I look up to Dana, "What should I do now??", I asked.

She sighed, "You have to remember", she replied.

"I have to remember the whole century here alone??", I asked. They all nodded and I sigh before I held the charm on my necklace and I look up to them one more time before I nod, "Alright. I'll do it", I finally said.

"Put your hand around here first, then read the spell before you dunks your head in", Dana said.

I nod, "Alright, I'll try to do it", I sigh.

"In one condition. You need to focus on something, something you can anchor here again. A memory, a person", Sam said as she put goggles on for me.

I sigh and I fixed the goggles before I put my hand over the huge bowl of water. I took a deep breath before Dana chant the spells. I followed her until she's done and then I dunk my head on the bowl. I gasp for air before I opened my eyes again.

I gasp when I saw everything around me. It's a memory, but it felt real. All the vague memories, all came back towards me. I held my head and felt super dizzy. I kept blinking because I saw more memories of myself here. I gasp when I felt I can't breath anymore. I coughed a few times and I held my head.

I still see my memories and everyone I knew. Even my first lover, Matthew. I smiled when I hold hands with him, months dating, never had a kiss. Alex was still my first everything...
I screamed when I felt a pain in my chest. I look to my right and saw my mother held my head while chanting some spells and I closed my eyes because of the pain I felt.

"Audrey... Audrey listen!! You need to focus on a memory.... Alex... Think of Alex...", As a voice said inside my head. I take a deep breath and closed my eyes, trying to focus on my memories with Alex. I took a deep breath and I drift off like a sleep.

Once I open my eyes, I choke on water and I took the goggles off before I look around and held Dana, "I remembered. I remembered everything...", I said to her.

She nodded, "You'll be okay...", She said before hugging me. We pulled away before she smirked, "Someone wants to see you", she said before she stood away from my way and I saw someone standing there.

I smiled and ran up to him, hugging him tight, "Oh I miss you", I whispered.

He kissed my cheek, "I miss you too, I love you", he said before he look into my eyes and kissed me, it felt like forever. And that's what I want. A forever with him, him only...
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