The Curse : The Descendants Series Book 1

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Chapter 26

"How long was I've been gone??", I asked.

"Three days. Chris and the pack wants to know you're okay, but I don't know how. Then Sam came back to grab a few things and I talk it out with her, she said she also needed me for you", Alex explained.

"Won't your pack would be worried??", I asked again.

He shrug, "They worried about you more, believe me. And I'm also worried about you, for my pack", he said.

I smiled. I don't know what to answer, I'm just glad that he has that thought towards me. I look at him in the eyes before I have the urge to kiss him. I kissed him and he pulled me closer, deeper to the kiss. I touched his cheek and just enjoy the feeling of it.


We pulled away and I look at the person. It's Matt. I shrug and give him a smile, "Hey", I greet him.

He looks at me, then back to growling Alex and then back to me before he said something, "I would like to invite you to dinner", he said.

"Oh, um... That's very nice of you. But, I think I'll pass", I said.
"My parents wants to see you again. They said they misses you, wishing you would accept the invitation", he said.

I looked over to Alex slowly before I nod, "Alright. I'll see you at your place tonight", I said.

Matt left and give one more look to me before leaving the both of us. I sighed and kissed Alex again before I pulled away, "You're coming with me", I said.

"He seems clear to just invite you", he added.

I shook my head, "No. If I go, my husband is going too", I said and kiss his cheek.

"One condition", he smirked as he said while looking into my eyes before he kissed my lips. His hands are on my waist, one of my hand on his cheek, and one hand played with his hair.

I moaned and he picked me up from the floor before carrying me to the bedroom, I think it was his. He laid me down on the bed without disconnecting our lips. I tug on his shirt and he took it off before continue kissing me. He kissed my neck and my hands are roaming around his back, enjoying the feeling that he gave me.

He took my shirt up and all it's left is just my bra. He look me in the eyes and smiling towards me, "You got me head over heels about you", he whispered.

I shrug, "I got you under my charm", I smirked.

He shook his head and giving me a cheeky smile before he kissed my lips again. I pushed him gently, "We need to get ready", I said.

"You know that condition I said??", He asked and I gave him a nod. He smirked, "Wear something sexy underneath your dress", he said before he got up and head to the bathroom. I just lay there and sigh before I finally get ready for dinner.

I wore a plain black dress and let my hair down in natural curls. Simple make up and Alex put a coat over me. I look at him and smile, "Thanks. I.. I'm a bit nervous", I said.

"What? Because you came with your husband or seeing your former lover?", He asked.

I shrug, "Both. But, mostly the second one", I said.

He looks at me and I fixed his sleeves and his collar before he spoke, "Are you having second thoughts??", He mumbled.

I shook my head, "No, not at all. I love you", I smiled and kissed him for a few seconds before we both head out hand in hand. Because the witch houses aren't too far with each other, we don't need any ride.

I pressed the door bell and Matt opened the door not over two seconds before he smiled, "Hi, I'm glad you made it. You and your husband, of course", he smiled.

Alex and Matt shook hands before Alex took my coat off and hang it, and he did the same thing to his coat before Matt guide the two of us to the dining table. When we're there, there's a girl around my age helping Kimberly set up the table.

"Audrey, it's lovely to see you again", Donovan greets me and then saw Alex, "You must be the husband. Hi, I'm Donovan", he said before Alex shook hands with Donovan's.

And when it's dinner time after our small talk, Matt raised a glass before he spoke, "I would like to make a toast the return of Audrey and the pleasure of meeting her husband. And also, the announcement of me and Melissa's engagement", he said and he looks at Melissa.

I look over to Alex and gave him an obvious smile before he shrugs and we toast before we finally eat put dinner. Well, it was alright and fast, we talk a lot. But since the trip here was emergency, Donovan and Kimberly was looking for Adrian as well, so I explained everything to them, and everything goes on very well, I guess.

When dinner was over, Alex and I went back to our room and he helped me to wipe off my make up. I sigh and look into his eyes, his eyes are focus on my face, "Well, he's engaged", I started.

"Fine. I'm sorry that I didn't trust you, because I was scared as well", he explained as he finished wiping my make up.

I sighed and touched his cheek before pulling him for a kiss. He held my waist and my hands are on his buttons, undoing it. I guess he wanted to do the same for me, unzipping my dress as well before I took my dress off and he took his shirt off, the next thing I know, I was already laying on the bed and we're both already half naked.

He took my bra and panties off before he looks at me one more time and I bit my lip and nod. He kissed me and h's pushing himself in. I gasp and I grip his back out of pain, as soon as the pain passes, he moved and he kept kissing me before we both release and we both was gasping for air.

He looks at me in the eyes, "You didn't tell me", he said.

I shook my head, "I'm too scared", I replied.

"You could have just told me. Why are you scared? I'm the one who should be scared of hurting you. Why didn't you tell me earlier?", He asked.

I sighed, "I could have told you, but I... I can't, you're too excited and.. and.. I'm scared to ruin that for you because I'm still a virgin", I said and look at him in the eyes.

He nodded, "Okay. I understand now, okay. It's just... I should have asked you first", he said.

I shook my head, "It's okay. I love you", I said.

He nodded, "I love you", he replied.
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