The Curse : The Descendants Series Book 1

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Chapter 28

“But it’s growing fast, I don’t know why..“, Dana said while holding where the baby at.

“How long does it take??“, I asked.

“Seven, maybe. That’s all I can feel, but.. In three months maybe we can know if it’s a boy or a girl”, Sam replied.

I nodded before Sam actually left the room and then there’s Dana and me sitting alone. When Sam is away, Dana closed the door before she speaks, “Look, about the baby...”

I sigh, “Is she going to make it??“, I asked.

“She will but... I’m the only person who can read the future, I don’t see the complete feature but I know pieces”, she said.

I shrug, “Then.. What’s wrong??“, I asked.

“The baby’s world is... Dark. Dark except red eyes, all I see was red eyes”, She said.

I didn’t say anything because I felt like my whole world is dying right now. I’ve had enough darkness in me and I don’t need them in my child’s live.

I sigh and stood up before taking a hoodie with me, walking to the dock, crying my eyes out and I fall to my knees slowly while holding my tummy. I bit my lips and shook my head, “I’m sorry. I never wanted any of this happen to you”, I said as I take a deep breath and I finally sit down and take a deep thought of it.

I heard someone walking towards me and I saw Chris is standing there. He gave me a small smile, “Hey”, he greets.

I wipe my tears away, “Hey..”

Chris walk towards me before he sat next to me and smile, “I’m going to be an uncle. That is amazing. But, something tells me you’re crying because of something else”, he said.

I shook my head, “I’ve had enough of this”, I mumbled.

“You’re not getting rid of it, are you?“, He asked. I shook my head, “Then what’s the problem??“, he asked again.

I sigh, “I don’t want the baby to suffer as much as I do. I don’t want to get rid of the baby. Just the cold and dark world around her”, I whispered.

“Well, maybe that’s what you can do about it. Instead of introducing you to the big bad world, introduce her to the most amazing things around you. Family, friends, the pack... Something you love that she will love too”, he explained.

Chris turned to me and I face him too, “You’re my sister now. I can’t have you as a mate, but I learned to love you as my family, my sister”, he said.

I smiled, “Thanks Chris. I love you too”, I replied.

“Come here”, Chris said before pulling me to a hug. I hug him and a few seconds later we pulled away and Chris excuse himself before he ran to Alex, talking to him and Alex saw me before he signaling me to come with him, and I did.

We’re far away from the cabin and we’re still walking. When we arrived at the green field we stopped and we sit on the grass. We say nothing, we just sit there. I sighed and I look up to meet his eyes, who is already looking on to mine.

“I’m... I don’t know what to tell you”, I started.

“Take your time. I’m here”, he said.

“I don’t want the baby to have a bad life here”, I said.

“So am I”, he agrees.

“Alex... The future Dana saw wasn’t a good one. Red eyes and darkness was all she sees, and.. According to the situation right now, it’s not even good”, I sighed.

“What are you suggesting?“, he asked.

I shook my head, “I don’t suggest anything. I just want our child to be loved, and instead of the darkness Dana see, I want her to always know that her family is there to make that darkness disappear”, I explained.

Alex smiled and lean in to kiss me. I kissed him back before we pulled away smiling and he smiled, “I know we can do this. I will be there for you, I promise”, he said as he kisses the back of my hand and he held my tummy, where the baby’s at.

He smiled before we both heard a howl. I look over to Alex, “I can’t run..“, I said.

“Okay, you can stay or walk. I have to hurry”, he said before he ran then he transformed into a wolf, howling back then barking before leaving me sitting there.

I sigh and then I felt weird before I stood up and I look around. I gasp when I saw someone standing, quite far, from me. Then she smiled, “You’re the half breed, the person who broke the curse”, she said.

I didn’t say anything, but then she waved her hands around, before I felt the world around us turned black. I gasp when she flew a bit closer to me and I can see her face clearly. She gave me a creepy smile before she spoke, “Unfortunately, will be back when the baby's born”, she said.

Then I felt my knees weak, before I spoke, “W-What do you want??“, I asked before letting out my tears.

She chuckled, “Trust me darling, I can’t hurt you. I’m dead, I stood in the middle of life and death, you’re standing in the life line, that’s why I can’t hurt you”, she explained and walk around me.

She hummed, “Anyway, I’m here to make a deal. Just like I made a deal with your father”, she said. I looked at her, “Your father left me for your mother. I asked him, if he wants to leave me, we have to make a deal. And then the curse happened, the whole pack was cursed by certain time I count, and some link will be broken at certain time, but I make that link fixable like you and your brother”, She said.

“What deal do you want??“, I asked.

“I want your first born. If it’s a girl, I want her to marry my son. If that’s a boy, he will become my student for ten years. That’s all, those deals are the one that can kept my other half alive, I never make death deals”, she said.

I sighed, “When can I make the choice??“, I asked.

“You will bring me the baby when it’s born. I will chant spells and when it’s time, she will come or my son will get her. His name's Xavier”, she said.

"If I don't then... The curse will be back by the time she's born?", I asked.

"Yes. Rethink everything, and by time you decide, you won't look for me. I will come for you", she said before she waved her hands around and then everything went black.

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