The Curse : The Descendants Series Book 1

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Chapter 29

"Audrey?? Audrey!", Someone shook me and I open my eyes before looking around. I'm still on the same spot I look over to Alex, "Are you okay?? You must be tired. Let me carry you home", he said.

"Yeah, I'm just tired. I feel like closing my eyes for a sec, I probably lost track of time", I said. I look over to Alex, "Can I see Dana?", I asked.

"Okay, once we get home. Come on", Alex put his arm under my legs and the other on my back, carrying me back to the cabin. For a few minutes, we didn't talk because I felt weird talking about this to Alex. It's our child.

When we arrived, I let myself walk upstairs before heading to the attic and find Dana standing with a jar of kale. Seriously, kale. She smiled awkwardly before she put it away and she turned towards me again, "What's up??", she asked.

I shrug, "What's with the kale??", I asked.

"It's actually my dinner, I was mixing it with some of other herb that's edible", she said. She shrugs, "What's wrong??", she asked.

"I want to tell you something but... This feels weird. I met my dad's ex-girlfriend", I started.

"You mean Monica? The witch that learned sacrificial magic?", she asked and I nodded. She sighed, "She wants to make a deal with you wasn't she?", she asked.

"Yes and... I don't know what to say..", I replied.

"Well, her deals aren't exactly dangerous like death or anything. After that deal, it's quite fixable. But what was the deal she offered?", she asked again. Okay, in this conversation, I guess I was the one who is wrong because I didn't explain much to her, so she kept asking me.

"When the baby's born, the curse in this pack will be back. And to prevent that, she want s to make a deal in exchange for the curse to be broken. If the baby's boy, she wants him to be her student", I paused.
Dana shrug, "Probably for years, right? And if the baby's girl?"

"She wants her to marry her son", I said and Dana suddenly froze before she turned around.

"Vampire", she stated.

I shook my head, "I supposed I should know that one word?"

"Monica's son is a vampire. Xavier was... He was known because he was a monster, her mom transformed him into a vampire", Dana sighed. She shook her head, "Apparently, he was angry and his anger rage across half of the magic realm and Monica put him to sleep until one day he will wake up", Dana said.

I shook my head, "That witch wants a wife for her cruel son", I stated.

"Look, I know the story very well because... Because I used to be with Xavier", she sighed.

I stood there in surprised, "What happened??", I asked.

She shook her head, "Monica used me as a bait for a month to make him fall in love with me, and when he fell for it, she then put him to sleep", Dana sighed, ended the story and I just shook my head confused. I don't even know what else to think, what to say or do. My baby is still a baby. And it's not even born yet.

I sat on the kitchen stool while playing with the glass of milk and just sit there, thinking a lot of things before Nolan and Noah came into the room. I look at them and they smiled to me, "Hi, Audrey What's wrong??", Noah asked.

I shook my head, "Just thinking about lots of things..", I said before sipping my milk.

"Ey, Noah. Do you want some coffee?", Nolan asked.

Noah nodded before looking back at me, "So, what's that on your pretty little head of yours??", he asked and Nolan sat next to him, giving Noah his coffee.

I shook my head, "Nothing. Just some parents stuff", I mumbled.

"You as a parent or your parents? Because those two things are way... different", Nolan asked.

Noah nodded, "Good question", he added.

I chuckled, "Me as a parent", I replied.

Both of them nodded and Nolan ask again, "What makes you scared??"

"I don't know... Introducing my child to the world in a wrong way", I answered.

Both of them looked at each other and Nolan excuse himself before putting his mug on the sink. Noah looked back at me, "Chris told you everything, I knew because he also tell me. And we're all worried, Stacy is worry, Jordan is worry, as specially Adrian and Alex who is your husband", he pointed out.

I didn't say anything and Noah continue to talk, "Look, if there's really something going on, I suggest you talk to, at least, Adrian if you think Alex can't handle it well enough", Noah said before he stood up and putting his mug away.

I look up to him before he open his arms. I smiled and accept the hug before we pulled away and he excuse himself to go patrol again. I sighed and head upstairs and lay on the bed. I look up to the ceiling and I held my tummy, "I'll protect you", I whispered.

Adrian came into the room, "Sam saw you come in here, then she thinks you kind of in need my help. I don't know what for, I'm not the baby expert", he chuckled before sitting down next to me.

I sigh and he lay next to me. I finally spoke, "A witch offers me a deal. A witch that turned out to be.. Dad's ex-girlfriend", I started.

"Wow, plot twist", he mumbled.

"She was the one who cast spells to this pack. Since dad came from the Crescent Moon pack, she cursed the whole bloodline, but fixable connection like you and I", I said.

"If you refuse the deal?", he asked.

I sighed, "The curse will be back when the baby's born", I said.

And then there's an intense quietness around us before he sigh, "Well, we fucked up", he stated.
I nodded, "Yeah".
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