The Curse : The Descendants Series Book 1

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Chapter 30

It's been three months and Dana still can't tell the baby is it a boy or a girl. I am anxious to know and this is really scared me, I'm happy, but I'm scared because I don't know how this deal is going to work.

Everything I did, everything I've done, I'm scared that it will go to waste because I'm scared that from the minute that my baby born, it will be taken away. I sigh and wiped my tears away before Alex knock on the bathroom door, "Babe??", he called.

"It's not locked", I said before he click the door open.

he lowered himself to my level, sitting down next to me and hold the baby bump. He looks at me and smile, "I felt happy, I felt very happy", he stated.

I smiled, "Well, I'm glad", I replied. He lean in and kissed me before we both felt something underneath our touch and what I feel myself. I gasp and I look over to Alex, "Did you feel that??", I asked.

Alex let out a laugh and he looks at me, " I guess the baby's happy when his parents are both happy", he smiled.

I shrug, "You think it's a boy?", I asked.

"You think it's a girl?", he asked back.

"I'm not saying anything. I was just asking", I said while smiling t him and kissed his cheek. "Leave, I need to clean myself", I chuckled.

Alex kissed me one more time before he left the room. I lock the door using my magic and I stood up, grabbing the towel to dry myself, then get dressed before heading back to the bedroom. Dana's there laying on the bed waiting for me.

She look up, "Gender reveal time, come on", she said while patting the spot next to her.

I sighed and lay on the bed before Dana swing something above the baby bump before she chant some spells and she stops, the things swing around the baby bump by itself before it stopped.

Dana put her hand under the thing and she rub it before shaking the thing, opening the lid and smelling it. She looks over to me, "It's a girl", she said.

I sigh and held my tears before I sat up and turned towards him, "I'm not ready to tell Alex the offer, but I will tell him that the baby is a girl", I said before standing up and grabbing my cardigan.

"Audrey... Tell Adrian about the result", Dana said before I nod and head outside the cabin, looking around and then I heard a howl. Then I saw a familiar wolf limping over to the cabin. Sam came out and then she waved her hands around before the wolf turned into a person. Devon.

I gasp and walk over to them before Sam lay Devon on the ground and she spoke, "Devon's half is on fire", she said.

"Wh-What happened??", I asked.

"Rogues attacked his place. His pack escaped and they're all scattered", Sam said before she fixed Devon a bit. She sigh, "He'll heal", she stated. I sighed and just shook my head because these days has been very weird for me and around me as well.

I sighed and Alex came out from Devon's old room. He sighed, "He's okay, he's resting", as he said that, the whole pack of his are relief to hear those words. I just stood there and held my baby bump before turning and walking away.

"Wanna go for a walk?", I turned around and Adrian stood there before I smile and gave him a nod.

We both walk out of the cabin and slowly heading towards the dock, sitting there and I look over to him, "It's a girl", I started.

Adrian nodded, "You wanna give her away, then?", he asked.

I shook my head, "I don't know. I... I don't want her to feel what her mother felt. Loosing her parents, being lied to, and everything is just...It's all coming down to me so fast, just thinking about it makes me wonder how she'll take it", I said before looking away.

"Hey, come on. You're not mom or dad, you're Audrey Deveroux. My badass sister and the best parent that my niece has, she will be a great parent", He said.

I smiled, "If the witch is going to make an offer, then I will also make an offer to her", I said.

Adrian nodded, "That's an idea. But, how is that work??", he asked.

I stood up slowly and sigh, "Leave that to me. I have to go get Dana", I said. But before I could do anything I look over to him, "Can't run, forgot", I mumbled.

Adrian laughed before he stood up and of course, take me back to the cabin. I head up and look for Dana, "Hey, Dana??", I called while knocking om the door.

Dana opems the door, "Yeah? Come in", she said before I sat on the chair and she smiled, "What do you have in mind this time??", She asked.

"I wanna make a deal with Monica as well", I stated.

Dana blinked, "What??", She asked.

"She wants to make a deal, and I want to as well", I said.

Dana sighs, "It's not easy but... We can play fire with fire. She will be surprised. So that means you've already decided??", She asked.

"I will right after I tell Alex about it", I replied, standing up from my seat and head to my room. I sigh and another kick kicks in, earning a smile from me. I sigh, walking up to the bedroom and just lay there before closing my eyes, of course I felt tired carrying another human being inside me.

It's not as eaay as it looks, of course. But who can complain, I'm just doing what a mother would do for her child. I sigh and Alex came inside the room, "I thought you were with Adrian?", He asked.

I sat up and take a deep breath before he sat next to me and I look at him in the eyes, "I have something to tell you. More things are going to happen if I don't do this", I said before je nodded amd we both hold on to ourselves before I tell him from the very beginning.

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