The Curse : The Descendants Series Book 1

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Chapter 31

"Breath, just take a deep breath. Come on, you got this!!"

"I-I'm trying... I can't..-"

"One last big push, come on!!"

As I give it one last big push I let out a shaky breath and Sam wiped my sweat away before everything is turning very clear. I look around and Dana hold something in her arms. My vision and hearings are very clear now.
I smile and I cry tears of joy as I saw the beautiful angel in front of me. I held her in my arms and I cried some more before Dana took her from me again, cleaning her. I sigh and Sam helped me clean up. After a few hours of cleaning up, Dana came into the room, holding my daughter in her arms.

"She's beautiful", she said as she give her to me. Holding her in my arms made me realized on how precious time is. I kisses her small hands and I couldn't help but to cry too.

"What are your going to name her??", Sam asked while taking a seat next to me.

I smiled, "I don't know... There are so many names to choose from", I paused. I look at her one more time and smile, "I think... Elizabeth Julian Black", I said.

I look over to Sam and she smiled, "It sounds perfect", she said.

I smiled at Elizabeth and I saw her small smile before Sam stood up. Someone opened the door and I saw Alex smiling there. Sam excused herself before Alex came into the room and he saw Elizabeth in my arms. He sat next to me and he touched her small hand.

"You named her??", He asked.

"Elizabeth Julian Black. My second name and your last name", I smiled and slowly he took Elizabeth from my arms and he held her before I spoke, "We just have to wait", I stated.

Alex sighed, "Yeah... But let's focus on this for a while, okay??", He asked.

I nodded before I gave her lips a small peck and he kept holding her. I stood up and we head to the main room where everyone is there. They all saw Alex holding Elizabeth and I just stood there smiling, I don't even know how to feel anymore. I feel like everything is perfect at the moment.

Devon smiled at me and walk me towards a stool, "So, you have a daughter", he starred.

"You imprinted", I added.

He chuckled and we both looked over to Ingrid who is laughing along with Dana and Sam before I look over to him, "You both are amazing", I said.

He chuckled and we both continue to talk before I felt something off about myself I lift my cup before I felt like I'm drowning into it. I saw someone laying inside a coffin and then a few seconds as I saw him. He opened his eyes and I gasp. I let go of the cup, but Devon caught it before I look over to Alex who is already looking at me.
I shook my head, "He's awake. Xavier's awake"

I sighed and just sit there while looking down to Elizabeth and I bit my lips before I closed my eyes and I sigh before I open them, Monica's looking down to my daughter. She smiled, "She's very beautiful", she said.

"You made your offer and I accept. This time, it's my turn to make a deal with you", I said.

Monica looks over to me, "No blood shall spill in process, I vowed", she said.

"I want you to keep your word that my daughter will be safe from all harm", I started. Monica nodded before I continued, "Your son does not go near Alex or Devon's pack. If he wants to see my daughter he's allow to, but she shall seek her own path when as she gets older to see him", I said.

"So you're saying... She will go as time takes her??", She asked.

I nod, "It's the nature of magic as well", I added.

Monica nodded, "It's a deal. I will contact my son, and he will come as she will. If this is to get my son to marry your daughter, I will also made him a promise to not touch her unless he's allowed by her", she said before waving her hands around and then she left.

I sighed and I come near Elizabeth before kissing her forehead, "You are safe now, little Lizzy", I whispered before I look her from above. I smiled and held her small hand, as she grip mine slowly and I felt connection with her as I put my forehead on hers.

I heard the door opened and I look towards it before Dana came into the room smiling, "How is little angel going??", She asked.

"Sleeping", I chuckled.

Dana lay on the bed next to Lizzy, "You two shared a very strong bond. I can see that from when I entered the room earlier, she's very strong than an ordinary witch. She's half witch, half wolf", she explained.

I look at Lizzy and she then opened her eyes slowly before looking around, adjusting herself. I smiled, "Her growth is incredibly fast", I said.

Dana nodded, "Her wolf gene isn't exactly a wolf gene. You're a half breed, but she... She could have three DNA inside her. Which I don't find often around inside or outside the magic world", she said.

I shook my head, "Are you saying that my child is... Is a miracle baby of some sort??", I asked.

"Well, it's not wrong to look into her DNA. You know who your mother is, I guess that leads down to who your father is", she sighed. She looks over to me, "But there aren't any clue who he really was. Crescent pack from time to time just know that he was the first werewolf", she explained.

I sighed and realized something before I look over to Dana, "Monica knows my dad", I said.

"No. We need another source, she won't be enough. Besides, she lives between two worlds she can't always jump here and there. We need to study your dad from history", Dana said before snapping her fingers and poof. A book of werewolf history.

Okay, let's study then.
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