The Curse : The Descendants Series Book 1

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Chapter 32

"I'm going out in a few hours. Can you guys look after baby Lizzy for me??", I asked to the boys and Stacy in the living room while watching horror movies.

"What should we do??", Adrian asked.

"Check her diapers, feed her, comfort her while I'm gone. She's a baby, and a wolf cub as well. Treat you family well, guys", I said before giving them one last smile and they all nod. I nod, "Good", I said before I finally head to Dana's room.

Dana prepare the teleport circle before we both hold hands and finally teleport to the magic realm, keeping our heads low and instead of going to the city, we're going else where.

"Where are we going??", I asked Dana.

"You want to know your pack before today? We're going to where it was born. Come on", She said before heading to the forest and walk some more.

"While at it, can I ask you something??", I asked.

"Shoot", she replied.

I sighed, "If werewolves are real, and so does witches... Why does the vampire aren't exactly... I don't know, in the story other than Xavier??", I asked.

"Well, for starters, we're hanging out with werewolves. They don't go near the enemy unless we're doing something wrong to them. And here, we've done zero things to them, so no problem involved. Besides, a vampire and a pack of wolves? They don't stand a chance", she explained.

I nod and we came to a stop. A house in a forest. We got closer to the house and head inside before looking around. I saw the name 'Deveroux' and that's when I realized that this belonged to my dad.

"If you're alive back then, your dad wants you to love in this place", Dana said before looking inside the books, which is surprisingly not as fragile as the house.

"The books are still good", I stated before holding one in my hands.

"Yeah, books have their own protection spell to protect them. Plus, your mother loves to read. As specially ancient history", she said before showing a book to me and we both look inside the book. "There. Alpha Akeela himself has a mouthful of history", she mumbled.

I shrug and keep on reading before I felt someone is calling me. I look around and I felt the floor shook. I crunched my eyebrows before I felt someone kept calling my name. I look up to Dana before I ran around the house and I found the stairs to the basement.

"Audrey!", Dana said while calling me.

I kept on running before I found a door and I try to unlock. I bang on it, "Hello? Can you hear me???", I called.
"Audrey, there's no one..-"

"Hello???", The person called.

I bang on the door before I took a step back and chant some spells and the door bust open. I look around and I found someone hanging on the wall, with chains around his legs and wrists.

I look down to him and get to his height level before he looked at me with red eyes. I gasp slowly before realizing something, "He's a vampire", I said.

"Here. You must still be hungry", I said while handing him another blood bag and he accept it. Dana looked at him with a piercing look one more time before she turned away and walk towards a tree, hiding herself behind it.

I sigh and the vampire looks at me, "Your friend doesn't like me much", he sighed.

I shook my head, "She had... rough times with vampires", I sighed.

"I'm Tyler", he said.

I smiled, "That's nice to hear. I'm Audrey", I said.

"I know who you are. The hybrid's daughter, both hybrids", he said before finishing his last blood bag.

Dana showed herself before walking fast towards us, "What did you say??", She asked.

"Hybrid. Akeela was a hybrid, he took my family as his experiment a very long time ago. Yeah, he's a werewolf, a powerful one until he decided to hunt vampires. I thought that he was just hunting them, until I realized that he was using the blood of a vampire to transform himself to a hybrid", he explained.

"Half wolf, half vampire", I stated.

"Exactly. Technically, Audrey, he has vampire blood inside her. You're a tri-breed. Three blood of the most powerful elements in the world", Tyler said.

I looked away and thought for a sec before speaking, "So my daughter... Is just like me??", I asked Dana.

"Well if she's your daughter then yeah, she has her mother's blood. She's also a tri-breed in danger, since she's very young and vulnerable, her blood can be easily use by anyone who wants power", he said.

I look at Dana and she teleport herself back at home before I sighed and stood up from the log. I walk around and Tyler stood up, "Look, I know you don't trust me, but trust me on this one, she's better with Xavier than she is with anyone", he said.

I stopped and looked at him, "How do you know about Xavier??", I asked.

"Everyone know about the prophecy of your daughter. I was tortured by your dad for a century he kept feeding me so he can draw blood from me as he pleased. I know you are not your dad and Xavier can protect her from him too", he explained.

I shook my head, "What do you mean??", I asked.

"When the time comes, as it should, Akeela will come back from the line between life and death to get the child", He said before I shook my head.

I held my tears before I look at him, "How much time do I have??", I asked.

Tyles shook his head, "I don't know...", he replied.

I sighed and I took a deep breath and look back to him, "I want you to do something for me..."
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