The Curse : The Descendants Series Book 1

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Chapter 34

"She's dead"

Alex didn't flinch and so did anyone else, they know I had a plan. I didn't say anything else before Akeela let out a growl, "What did you do?!", he asked.

"Keeping her away from you", I said before I slowly let go of Adrian and then the rogues came out of the shadows before they ran towards us. Alex and the others transformed to wolves before they ran towards the other wolves.

I ran towards Akeela and do did Adrian. He was about to hit me but I ducked away and I hold his hand and throw him up in the air. He landed back on the ground and Adrian attacked him.

I hold my hand out and pin him on the ground with my inner spirit. He's not sinking to the ground before I held his neck, "You admit you're a monster", I said. I sighed before I take a deep breath and let it go slowly, "But you're my father. I could have said the same, but I never wanted my daughter to see her parents that. You had your time", I said before I waved my hand around.

Then there's light coming from the ground. I sighed and then Akeela was taken down to the ground, "No... Paula, no!", he screamed knowing that my mom has darker side than mine. Yes, it's my mother, I know, I can feel her energy around me.

The wolves then retread and scattered before the pack gathered and I fell on to the ground. I sigh and just sit there before I saw Adrian came running towards me, "Hey. You okay??", he asked.

I sighed, "It wasn't his time. He will come back, he will find a way to seek for Elizabeth. Just not near this time..." I said.

"Then what should we do??", he asked.

I shook my head, "Nothing. It's not for us to take care of him anymore", I said.

He sighed and gave me a nod, "It's Xavier", he said.

I nod and he helped me up before Alex came towards me and give me a hug before he kissed my lips and we looked around, it's quite the chaos. We sighed and head inside the messy cabin and saw Stacy, who is healed, cleaning the place.

She sighed and she gave me a hug before we all cleaned the place, Noah and Nolan take care of the other places and then I head upstairs to find Sam who is standing alone in the attic. She turned around towards me and shook her head, "He will come back, but..-"

"But it's not my rights to stop him", I sighed.

"Xavier will", Sam added. I nodded and she sighed, "How can you know??", Sam asked.

I shrug, "I don't. But he made a deal with my daughter, Elizabeth will find her way and he will also", I said and I gave her a hug before the two of us head downstairs. Devon looked at Sam before I stabbed her on her chest and I sighed, "She lead them here", I said.

Devon nodded and he carried her body out of the cabin and he prepare woods to burn her body away. I sighed and wiped the blood of my hands before Alex came to see me, "Let's go and take a break...", he said and I gave him a nod.

He kissed me as soon as he locked the door before carrying me to the bed. He took his shirt off and he took off mine as well before he kissed me again. He kissed my body and he took my shorts and panty before he starts licking and sucking my private are.

I bit my lip and I moan a bit before he then kissed upwards to my body, then my lips before I gasp when he put it inside me. I arched my back as my nails digging on to his skin in pleasure and he kept on going until we both release ourselves.

We both panting and he lay next to me before he spoon me. He kissed my shoulder and up to my cheek before his other hand sneak down to my private area again, I gasp when he put a finger in. I bit my lip before he moved it faster.

"Ahh... Ahh...", I moaned some more as I release again. I sighed and let my body rest before Alex kissed my cheek, "Alex...", I breathed.

"I'm here, Audrey", he said before kissing my hand.

I sighed, "I'm sorry I said that about Elizabeth. I lied to protect her, but I shouldn't have lied that way...", I said before wiping my tears away.

"It's not your fault. At least we know now that someone is taking care of her now", he said before he kissed my hand one more time. He sighed, "By the way, we haven't been having sex since the first time you have", he said.

I hit his arm and he chuckled before I kissed his lips, "Lizzy will be okay", I said.

Alex nodded before we lay there and after a few minutes. Then Alex decided to head out, I sat up and get myself dress before I head to the kitchen and saw Devon talking to Jordan and Adrian. I sighed and sit next to Adrian before he hugged me and kisses my head.

"How are you feeling??", Jordan asked.

"I don't know. Alex seems like he misses sex", I said jokingly.

"You guys did not....", Devon didn't continue before he looks over to pissed Adrian.

I chuckled and looked at him before I kissed his cheek, "Adrian is not pissed because Alex did it with me, he pissed because he doesn't have anyone to do it with him", I teased.

"Okay, thank you for explaining", Adrian said. Devon, Jordan and I just laugh it off before we talked about some few things and then everyone scattered again. I head to the dock and just sit there looking out to the lake.

I sighed and I heard steps. I turned around and find Alex walking towards me, smiling. I smiled back before he sat next to me, "Everything is different now, I guess?", he asked.

I shrug, "I guess", I mumbled.

Alex held my hand, "We'll find her. Don't worry", he said.

"I'm not. That's the problem, I don't have that worry feelings. I just think... Maybe the Xavier that was dark and dangerous wasn't as anyone said. Maybe he's just need an anchor for him", I paused and looked over to him, "An anchor for his heart", I added.

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