The Curse : The Descendants Series Book 1

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Chapter 35 (Last Chapter)

A few months had passed, there's no witch left here except me. I come and go to the magic realm just to visit my coven and tell them the truth about my daughter. They know, but the dark side of the story isn't for us to worry about it anymore.

The pack and myself moved away from the previous place to a much safer side. Devon found himself his pack again and he split from us, but we kept in touch with him. However, after Sam was burnt because she helped Akeela, made a relief to the coven.

My mother gave her half of the energy to me, to find my daughter back, but however, the coven forbid me to do it. They don't want me to risk my life, because there are more evil in this world, not just Akeela.

We moved, still, in the middle of the forest, but however, it's a lot more cozy. There are three four cabins, a huge one for us to spend time with. Chris went away for a few days, but he told the pack he will be back. The pack wasn't as pretty as before, but it is home and it is what it is. Alex is back on his track as an Alpha and he made allies with other packs.

Honestly, this energy everyone gives was the same energy that Lizzy used to give me. I sighed and I closed the book before putting it back on the shelf and look out to the window. "Audrey, do you want to go grab lunch??", Nolan asked.

I nodded, "Yeah. Hold up!", I said before running outside and we walked to the big place before we head inside and find Ingrid serving food, Noah is there. But Jordan, Adrian, Alex, and Chris isn't here yet. And we have some new recruit, their names are Darren, Oliver, and Tristan.

"Come sit, guys. Lunch is almost ready, Noah stop eating", Stacy said while slapping Noah's hand.

We laugh it off before Nolan and I sat down on the dining chair, talking some more with Noah and Stacy as well. Tristan, Darren, and Oliver came inside the room and we greet them all before we started to eat. Of course the older wolves has their own duty, so we didn't even ask where they are or ask them to come for lunch.

"Here's your water, Audrey", Tristan said before handing me a glass of water.

"Thank you, Tristan", I smiled before he gave the water to the rest of the pack as well.

We joke around here and there and we talk some more. And then we decided to just chill in the big place for a while before they go back to their places. And we talked for a while, here and there, before finally the elders has arrived. Adrian came in first and gave me a hug, then Chris also gave me a hug, Jordan did the same and they did that to the rest of the pack as well. Except one person.

"Adrian, where's Alex??", I asked.

"Oh, I guess he blocked you out. He'll be back tomorrow night, he needs some time alone", he said.

I look outside and find him looking at me before turning around, turning into a wolf then run inside the forest. I sighed, "It's the thirds time this week", I mumbled before heading back inside and join the others.

I lay on the bed and just looking at the wall before I heard someone knocking on the door. I sigh and stood up before I saw Chris, "Hey, am I interrupting something??", he asked.

I shook my head, "No. Do you want to come in??", I asked.

Chris nodded before we both head to the living room and Chris sat down on the sofa, I head to the kitchen, grabbing water and a beer before heading back to the living room and I sat next to Chris.

He smiled, "Beer", he stated.

"You always asked for one", I chuckled.

"Thanks", he chuckled before drinking the beer and he sigh.

I looked back to him while fiddling with my fingers, "How was he?", I asked.

Chris sighed, "Paranoid. I don't know why, but he kept insisting that there's a vampire coming near the pack, wanting to tear us apart and something like that. Audrey, he's been hunting this vampire for a month, I keep telling him to stop but.. I don't know. I know he's really worried about Lizzy", He mumbled.

I shook my head, "I'm worried too, but I guess this is beyond that". I sighed, "But even if there's only one vampire, I'm sure there's something important to it", I said.

Chris sighed, "It's just... Alex is the Alpha, like, he's known because he's the strongest one than me, smarter, and everything. But I came to a thought that this is.. Wow", he finishes.

I chuckled, "Well, remind him again. Maybe he might snap back, to the real world, I mean", I chuckled.

Chris just nod before we both heard Alex howled and the pack began to scattered out, transforming before I jump on Chris and we sprint to where Alex at. We came to a stop when we saw Alex pinning someone down.

"Help! I mean no harm, I swear!", The person said.

"What are you?", I asked as the other wolves behind me giving the person a growl.

"I will tell you everything, I swear!", he said before I took some steps closer and held Alex before he looked at me and let go of the person. The boy stood up and cleaned himself before he sigh, "I must thank you, I thought I would never have found someone I could talk to", he said while giving me a slight smile.

I shook my head, "You talk funny", I stated.

He chuckled, "Forgive me, I have been away for quite some time. Centuries of sleep really kept me behind on everything", he said.

I shook my head, "You're a vampire?", I asked.

"Correct. Well, my mother turned me to a vampire then she damned me to sleep for centuries, and then I heard she will wake me up when the time comes. Then I guess the time has come", he sighed.

I look at the wolves and they all just stood there without doing anything, focusing on our conversation before I ask, "What are you doing here?", I asked again.

He shook his head, "I'm actually looking for the parent of my bride to be. My mother lead me here. Are you Audrey?", he asked.

I let out a small gasp before I nodded, "Xavier?", I asked.

He nodded, "Correct", he stated before everyone then looked at each other and Alex walk over to me before I sighed and I look sadly over to Xavier. He shook his head, "What's going on?", he asked. And of course, I just have to open my healed wound.

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