The Curse : The Descendants Series Book 1

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Chapter 7

I opened my eyes, but all I see is black. I panicked immediately and I know I'm not in Alex's room, I sighed and tried to reach the blindfold with my hands before I also open the tape from my mouth.

After I adjust my view, I'm surrounded by red furniture and my legs are chained to the bed. I then realized and saw what I'm wearing a black silk dress. I sighed and the door flew open.

I look at the person and he just staring at me from my eyes down to my exposed legs. I pushed the dress to cover my legs from his eyes before I spoke, "Watch your eyes", I said without making eye contact with him.

He chuckled and closed the door before walking towards me and sat in front of me. He touched my cheek but I flinched away, "Don't touch me", I said.

He shook his head, "Alex really got you under his hook", he said.

I didn't say anything else before he forced me to turn towards him. I still avoid eye contact from him and he chuckled, "Let Alex find you, then. So I can have his heart and his wolf head on my wall", he whispered in a low tone.

I looked at him in the eyes and say, "Fuck you", I whispered before he let go of my chin and he head out of the room without saying any words.

After a while, someone came into the room. I look at the person and she closed the door, "Hello", she greeted.

I shook my head, "Who are you?", I asked.

"I'm Samantha. I'm a witch half the person you are", she explained.

I shook my head, "What is that supposed to mean?", I asked.

She smiled and sat in front of me, but a little further. She sighed, "You are a half witch. Half moon spirit", she explained.

I blinked a few times, "What?", I asked again.

"Wow, I guess not every mate doesn't hide secrets. Alex didn't tell you", she asked. I shook my head and she spoke again, "Lemme tell you this... You were born, but you were on the edge of your life. Your real mother, was a witch, she.. Gave you life while you were on the edge, however, she's not alone", she explained.

I looked at her and she waved her hand on around the chains on my leg, "You won't run until you find answers. Plus, Alex is looking for you. Devon wants Alex, not you", she added.

I sighed, "I will listen to you, but please, don't let Devon hurt Alex", I said.

She smiled, "You don't..-", her smile faded when she holds my hand and then she continued, "You... You're on a mating process with Alex..", she whispered.

I nod, "What's wrong?", I asked.

Samantha shook her head, "Alex cannot be killed. Devon knows the law, Devon won't go against the law unless... Unless he already knows and...- Oh no", Samantha stood up while pulling my tied hands and ran towards Devon.

"Devon! You knew!", Samantha yelled before she did something and Devon dropped his glass of vodka and looked at Samantha.

Devon choked before he spoke, "I don't know what you're talking about!", he defended.

Samantha let him go before dragging me next to her, "Her. I know you want Alex, but do you ever think about her??? She's Alex's mate, they are in a mating process! You know the wolf law in that!", Samantha said before Devon stood up.

Devon looks at me before he sniffed before he looked at Samantha and he nodded before Devon jumps out of the balcony and he howled. Samantha pulled me out before we head to the forest and Samantha didn't say a word to me.

"I'm gonna teleport you, here", She said before handing me a white fabric. I was confused before she finally did something with her hands and I closed my eyes before I felt a wind gushing past me.

I opened my eyes and I'm completely naked, just holding the white fabric. Oh so that's what it's for. I cover myself with it and I walk towards the wide open place to find myself in the place where Alex took me, the cabin.

I look around and no one saw me, but I saw Alex sitting on the dock. I walk towards him and I stopped in the middle of the long dock. He turned around slowly and stood up quickly before he ran towards me.

I hugged him and he kissed my head, "I almost going to kill Devon, I swear", he said.

I sighed, "I'm okay. He didn't do anything to me, I promise", I said. Alex looked at me and looked down before I shook my head, "I wear clothes when they took me, but when the witch teleport me back, she only gave me this fabric to cover myself, and here I am...", I explained.

Alex gave me a nod before he picked me up bridal style and carried me back to the large cabin. When we git inside our room, Alex picked up the clothes I will wear and he sat next to me while holding my waist and I kept holding the fabric before I looked up to him, "I'm going to put the clothes on", I said before he gave me a nod.

I slipped out of his touch before heading towards the bathroom and lock it. I sat on the toilet seat and put the shirt on, I stood up and put the shorts on before washing my face and I bit lips. I need answers.

I head out and find Alex is laying on the floor while looking out of the window. He looked at me and smile, I smiled back before I sat in front of him and he sighed, knowing what's coming. I shrug, "I'm sorry", I said.

He nodded, "What do you wanna know?", He asked.

I stayed quiet for a sec before shaking my head and spoke, "Everything..."

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