The Curse : The Descendants Series Book 1

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Chapter 8

At this point, I am actually confused. I sighed and shook my head, “So your pack was cursed? But... I’m nobody. How can I save your pack? Even if I can, it will take ages”, I said.

Alex sighed, “I know that witch told you something, tell me what is it”, he said.

I shrug, “She said... You cannot be killed because we’re on a mating process. What is that mean? And why didn’t you tell me this sooner?? I just thought you and I were... I don’t know... You just said you liked me, but that’s it..“, I mumbled

Alex gave me a smile, “Well, you’re not wrong”, he said.

I shrug, “I might be just high because of it”, I mumbled.

Alex chuckled and kissed my cheek before he looks at me in the eyes, “If you think you’re not ready, then I’m not going to push you. But, just so you know... You can actually be with someone instead of me, but.. You kind of accept me, at some point”, he said.

I shook my head, “What do you mean?? I can choose someone else, then??“, I asked.

Alex shrug, “Well, yeah. I mean, I don’t know this concept clearly. But, Chris has been there before. I believe it goes like... When I imprinted on you, just that, I’m just marking you. You know someone is imprinting on you is when you feel attached to each other and... Just by allowing him kiss, touch you, hug you and make you feel something.. You take him as your mate”, he explained.

“What about you?“, I asked.

“For wolves, we can imprint on a mate. When she or he is taken, you will know like another part of you was missing and you just felt like you lost your way. Yeah, we can do it again but... The chance of doing it again would be about... Five to one percent”, he shrugged.

I gave him a nod and looked at him, “What happens after this? I mean, you said something about breaking a curse?“, I asked.

“You can worry that later. This week is the full moon where you can see your brother”, he said.

I blinked a few times before shaking my head ,“You... Wait... All these years, that means... He’s a werewolf???“, I asked.

Alex shrugs, “Yeah, I forgot to tell you that detail”, he said.

I sighed and got closer to him before we talk some more, share some stories again. And for once, I enjoy talking to someone who will spend the rest of his life with me. I even laugh as he told me some jokes about himself. This feels warm. Very warm.

I looked at him the eyes and he lean closer before he kissed my lips and stayed there, in front of me while our lips are still touching. He smiled and so did I but I fluttered my eyes closed again before he kissed me and did the same thing before I open my eyes and looked at him.

“You will also feel clingy around your mate, and a warm thing on your chest. Signaling you’re safe with him and you accept them in any way”, he said before he kissed my lips quick. I smiled and hugged him before he hugged me back and just enjoy the feeling.

“Here, try this one”

He hummed and nod, “Wow this is good”, I chuckled and he gave me a smile.

I let him try my home made lasagna and he hummed, “This is bomb. You should make this when the full moon arrives, everyone will love it”, he said before taking another bite of it.

I smiled and gave him a nod, “Okay”, I said.

Alex smiled before he make himself comfortable again before he spoke, “There will be a witch coming here after the full moon, teaching you magic, how you study them, and how you control them. I want you to just learn and focus on it, after you know what you’re capable of, we’ll try to study them together. How’s that?“, He asked.

I smiled and nod, “That sounds okay”, I said.

He looked at me and smiled before he kissed me and I kissed him back before someone cleared his throat and I opened my eyes to see Chris. I pulled away and Alex looks at him with annoyance. Alex just stare at him and Chris spoke, “Dana is here”, he said.

Alex looks at me, “I’ll be right back”, he said before he gave me a peck on my lips and head out.

I just stood there and Chris looks at me with sad eyes. I was confused at first before I have the urge to ask him, “Was... Was the gray wolf... You?“, I asked.

He sat down on the stool and nod, “Yeah. Yeah, it was me”, he answered.

I just looked at him and looked down at my hands. I shook my head, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you were... You imprinted on me”, I said.

Chris gave me a small smile, “Even when you knew, you will still choose Alex over me. I’m sorry, it’s just that... I have Ingrid, I just don’t want to break her heart when she knew about it. Ingrid has been there for me for a long time, before she knew I’m a werewolf but... I don’t know how everything will be when she finds out about me... Not imprinted on her, but you instead”, He explained.

I shook my head, “I don’t know. But, one thing I know for sure is that she will hate me”, I chuckled.

I sat in front of Chris and he looks at me in the eyes. He lean in closer but I hold a hand in front of me, shaking my head, “I’m sorry. I didn’t choose you”, I said.

Chris gave me a bitter smile, “It’s okay. I better go patrol again, I’ll see you later”, he said before leaving me sitting there alone. Alex was right, after I chose someone, I only feel towards that one specific person. But since Chris is Alex’s brother, it felt almost the same. And I’m scared of that.

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