Heart of the Immortal (Book 2)

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Truth beneath the Lie

Kira ran the events of that day over and over and over until it was burned into her eye-lids. Every time she watched the hateful and disgusted gaze of those eyes pierce her very soul. 'That person's' gaze that held no emotion towards her; completely voided of Kira's existence. As commander she disappeared from their sight, but now things were different and in the future it would not be avoided. Even her message given to Catherine was worded and designed to see how they would react because Kira has had doubts since the beginning. Ian's arm was in a sling and had a hard case over it and he would be out of the field for a couple weeks.

As horrible as Kira felt about hurting her brother, it was the only way to keep him alive and now Syndicate controls a side-branch building towards the outskirts of London. A small price to pay for his life that she was willing to accept and gladly so. Now it was a matter of whose side she was on: vampire or humanity, rather what she was going to use to protect humanity. Ian didn't talk about the skeleton-masked vampire, rather Kira didn't bring it up because she couldn't bear hearing what her brother thought of her.

After lunch, brother returned to work and Kira to Octave, with school completed she was able to fulfill her promise and therefore would act on her own from now on. Kira would get revenge because 'she' wanted to, not because she was suppose to; she would force this world to acknowledge her and in the future become a force to be reckon with! John noticed Kira's growing progression, but the lack of conviction to 'kill' out of revenge continued to be absent. She was not meant for that--she was too kind-hearted for that, rather if she applied herself to a goal worth fighting for, something that would make her happy she could obtain great strength, it still would not be enough however.

Kira switched her sunglasses to small goggles when she wasn't around her brother because people would be less-inclined to remove them. Triss treated the night of the meeting as if it never happened, but became more hesitant at supplying Kira with blood tablets. Drew passed a glorified invitation to Kira and explained that she would go as well, as a Syndicate operative to protect Lady Elisabeth. Kira chuckled at being on the flip side of a coin, how different things between the light and dark and yet who can tell which is light and which is dark? Kira saw this as the perfect opportunity, but alas she would not violate the demand--she would remain out of 'that person's' sight until 'they' came to her.

Crawling back like a wounded animal is not an action Kira was about to do. Once again it is a Masquerade Ball, but it would be held at the Nation's castle, high in the mountains of what was once an Ancestor's kingdom; the strongest of families ruled there during a time long past. I remember when I was told the ball was held at the main house for me. Kira chuckled half-heartedly--wasn't that a lie too? Hei designed the masks for the ball and it was found ironic that her's was a mask that reflected the previous ball's demonic design and her single-eye problem. Many people Kira recognized from last year, having the realization that they were Syndicate brought the suspicions that everyone could be an enemy at one point or another.

Catherine was on the same flight, rather Kira was the only 'human' (however small) on a private jet with two Purebloods, an ex-human, and however you count Elisabeth. Kira did not enjoy fighting the urge to rip out Catherine's throat, but reading quelled her rage--Life of Pi. Apparently Alucard asked for Kira to be on the flight, he probably sensed the irregularity when they met and was fascinated. He engaged in conversation, which is not like a Pureblood at all because they are proud beings who know all submit to them. Kira seemed immune to such fear of strength, rather she was amazed by it.

'Do you have any gifts?' The Pureblood asked.

Kira shook her head, shutting her book and resting it on her lap.

'I'm sure you do, it just hasn't manifested yet. After all, our gifts are said to reflect our soul...' He chuckles, 'Or the lack of one.'

Kira smiles. 'If I did have one, i'm sure it would have manifested by now.'

He laughed sipping his crimson drink, a scent Kira excused herself from, 'I would not be so certain. Our gifts tend to manifest during times of great emotional experience, sometimes for the better, others for the else.'

Elisabeth followed quickly and comforted as the Demi-human downed more tablets. Cheap trick her father played, he was testing his theory: that woman has yet to drink human blood. Her family is full of assholes, but supposedly they were good people--bullshit, but whatever. They arrived the day of the ball and would leave two days later, but Kira knew she only had enough tablets for less than that and it would be worse with the temptation of the ball.

Elisabeth was to meet Jake, accompanied by Kira they would enter the ball and from there Elisabeth said Kira could do what she wanted. Wherever this faith in the Demi-human came from it was misplaced--Kira didn't think she deserved such trust; she wanted to kill her mother after all. The castle was huge and very-old, yet despite its rough outside the inside was state-of-the-art and to no surprise because this was originally 'that person's' home.


Kira kept a distance between them, she didn't want Jake to see her this way, to know she was even here. If people knew...she would be regarded as a traitor and more people would die before she met her end--Kira planned for it to be by her own hand. Jake greeted Kira as well, but instead of relief she felt hollow--he didn't recognize her, not by scent not by presence; she keeps forgetting that she isn't the same person and has become something distorted.

Weaving thru the crowd Mozart caught her eye as he played with the orchestra and Kira thought when returning to London she would take up the violin again. The mass of vampires halted, all turning their sights to their queen: Eona Nightraven, third proceeder of the Vampire Nation. Kira could not help, but be captivated by her beauty, she hasn't changed a bit. The radiance was no different from back then, but Kira could tell that the smile she gave was false--it was the same as she gave to the queen. What reason was there for her to feel that way? Of course it could be a trick, Kira didn't know what the queen was thinking after all and always misunderstood her words and actions--everything was an act to entertain her remember.

Who would love her worthless self? Emily did. Kira turned away and made it behind a pillar--her chest felt tight and every part of her body was hot. Why is it every time this happens its always her? Vanishing, then reappearing in an empty hallway Kira felt dizzy and almost fell. The feelings she had back then were false weren't they? Just a projection of an admiration gone haywire. Kira did not want that to be the case--they say the heart grows fonder with distance; away from the queen's influence those feelings had not disappeared.

She resumed her mission, he was around here somewhere and it would be a matter of finding him and 'calmly' asking and answering. From behind a gust had her move to the right. Wolfgang unsheathed his sword and prepared to fight--this person moves well, an assassin no doubt. Finding him was easier than she thought, but convincing him was another matter.

Kira frowned annoyed, "I just came to talk, asshole."

Wolfgang attacked again, "Those who are banished do not return just to 'talk'."

Kira grabbed the swords's blade and ripped it from his surprised grip. Now it was hand-to-hand and fighting him with this curse was what saved her. He was seventy-percent serious, otherwise this would be an impossible fight. Wolfgang did not believe that this was Kira, she moved far too quickly, had strength that matched his own and moved entirely differently. He had a hard time keeping up. Kira exhibits signs of being a vampire, yet her scent and aura is emits human.

His arm was grabbed and the rest of his body followed when thrown across the hallway. The mask she wore dropped on the ground, a quick-ditch effort to throw off her aim. Wolfgang jumped at seeing her eyes--has she become a Ghoul?! Kira took up his sword and walked swiftly before he could recover--aimed at his neck Wolfgang could not move without losing his head.

"I'm going ask you something and you have to answer me honesty."

Wolfgang snorted, "And if I don't?"

Kira flipped the blade to the handle facing Wolfgang and returned the weapon. Nothing would happen, she would just find out another way. Suspicious of her intentions Wolfgang led her to familiar ground and locked the door behind.

"You're foolish to come here--"

Kira cut him off, "When have I ever cared what you thought about me?"

The Commander-of-Guard fell silent.

"You would have killed me." Kira began, "I know you, if I really posed a threat to Eona's life then you would have killed me without hesitation or care for the consequence."

Kira leaned against the table.

"Wolfgang...you've been with her since she was born and cared for her as your daughter. While I only cared about her duty you always wanted her to be happy, honestly its no wonder you hate me."

She understood back then, but was so conceited with being a servant, with maintaining her life as is Kira ignored those wishes. It was selfish and the act of a coward and there is nothing that can undo all that; that is if the truth is as it seems.

"Why...was I really banished?"

Wolfgang did not hesitate in answering, "It was to protect you, an action that failed it seems."

Eona, Wolfgang, and Emily were the only ones to know. Afraid, after Kira degraded into a Ghoul, that Eona's lust would only hurt her precious again or worse the queen decided it would be best if Kira stayed away. She wanted her human to have freedom, to live a normal life and not to risk her life out of 'duty'. To keep Kira away would be no easy task however, she was loyal to Eona and never doubted her words, but at the same time it would be a matter of how she would react.

She has become dependent on her existence behind the queen and doesn't want to change, but that cannot be. Emily was the only option, she didn't even need to ask because the doctor was already in love with Kira and would do anything to keep her happy. Eona could hardly stand giving away her love to Emily, but to keep her safe, to keep her happy this small amount of pain was necessary. Telling all of this was also necessary; Emily died, the plan failed and now Kira is no longer human, or fully one.

"Is that so?" Kira whispered.

Then it wasn't a dream, it wasn't false; everything felt before was 'Kira' and not a projection. They were hers, belonging to her alone and to this day they had not changed--they only hid themselves. Emily was the woman she loved and will always love and those feelings were for only her, but the other part of Kira's heart yearned for Eona nonetheless. Even when she thought Eona hated her, Kira never returned that emotion, she never was able to hate her, no matter how many times she was betrayed or abandoned. Those feelings have not changed at least.

"What will you do now?" He asked.

Wolfgang didn't know what to make of Kira who has become a half-human, half-vampire. Those beings are not suppose to exist, rather its impossible for one to be born.

"I can't be with her...not the way I am now..."

Once again Kira is being cruel, is denying the queen her happiness. The happiness she is obligated to return after what has been done for her. Wolfgang knows this, but understands what Kira wants: she can't forgive the people who killed Emily, but she wants more for the queen, she wants to protect her again. The demi-human pulls back her hair revealing the large portion of white in her color--Wolfgang's eyes widened.

"I don't know how long I have honestly. Whatever Emily did to keep me alive--it changed my body, into something no one understands." Kira said, "With whatever time I have left--I want to use it for Eona's sake; to create a place where she doesn't have to fight anymore."

Kira gave a withering smile, knowing now that she has something to protect again is what will give her the conviction she needs. It won't just be for Eona, but herself, Kira will kill anyone who tries takes away her happiness--it will start with Emily's killer.

"Would it not be better to live with Eona again? Giving her some joy if your end is near--"

"I can't...I don't--she shouldn't see me like this, whatever this is." Kira shook her head.

Wolfgang would not tell Eona of their reunion. She could not know of any of this, nonetheless it would be worse if she found out Kira has dealings with Syndicate, for that matter it was good Wolfgang didn't know. The eye returned to its sky blue, just after more tablets were consumed.

Wolfgang noticed the shade of her iris, "You have yet to drink blood?"

"Human blood, I was injured pretty bad because of an AVW and was forced to drink another vampire's blood."

Kira sighed, sliding the case back into her pocket.

"These don't do much, I still have a significant craving for a specific type, but I don't know which it why."

Wolfgang folds his arms, "Its Eona's; she's the same towards you, though she hides it I can tell how much she's suffering."

Kira wants the queen's suffering to end, she wants to go back into those arms, but things won't be as they were before. I love Emily, but I'm in-love with Eona. The two depart ways, Wolfgang said he will help however he can, but it would be difficult to hide it, yet not impossible. It seems a lot of things now a days are possible. Kira rejoined the party and no longer felt burdened nor shamed to stand before Eona. Just as last year she rejected every person to ask for her hand in dance and this made Kira happy. At least one of them didn't change and she was grateful it was Eona.

From across the Grand Hall she watched, knowing how frustrating it must be for her. It was for both of them, especially since Kira could not control her thirst. She was suffering with this for ten years. Mozart played the same arrangement as last year, a composition Kira motioned her fingers to. At last she could take no more and decided to repeat history one that many people remembered.

Time between them was frozen, as Kira approached the throne and once again all were in aw at the aura she emitted because to them it was alien. She did not stop at the bottom of the throne as before--Kira was not a lowly human servant, not to the queen, not to anyone and only halted when she was directly in front of her. Eona has never been the short for fancy dresses, but instead of last year's fiery red she wore a deep navy blue; it didn't suit her.

'My lady...' Kira offered her hand, 'Would you care to dance?'

Their whispers compared the suitor to that of last year--Mr.Nobody. Eona stared at the person before her, a slender woman that was sure to be an athlete based upon the stride she took when walking up the stairs. She wore an old-English noble men's coat, but there was not a trace of noble-cy found in her voice. Many of them have an arrogant way of speech or one could tell where they are from based on the words or accent. She had a formal way of speaking, but regardless who she is she is probably another spy from Syndicate and Eona is in no mood to appease them. Kira watched her love's facial features and gathered she probably thought this woman in front of her was a spy of sorts. Its no surprise she didn't recognize Kira's scent...no one would because its purity had been tainted.

The suited retracted her hand, 'That's unfortunate, I did enjoy our last dance.' Eona hesitated.

The suitor stepped down leaving a faint trail of Cherry Blossoms. As she walked the vampires came closer, wanting to know this person, wanting to embrace the delightful and unique scent. Her anger flared at their greed and for a moment she allowed her inner demon to fluctuate and ward off those around. It did more then repel them it also made them jump and step back, a reaction she did not expect. Little did Kira know that what they felt was not what she thought--a sinister evil.

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