Heart of the Immortal (Book 2)

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A God to Non-Believer

Kira had gotten faster and stronger, no longer was she knocked over, but maintained a strong footing and absorbed many of the hits. John ended the day's practice, enabling Kira the chance to visit brother in his office again.

Ian rolled his chair back to see Kira coming down the hallway, "How'd your trip go?"

His sister was a bit brighter since that trip, she did not have a storm cloud hanging over her head and seemed happier.

"I saw Wolfgang." Kira sat in a chair besides him and spun.

"That dick of a guard the queen had?"

Kira giggles, "That's the one."

Ian gave a sigh, Kira should know better than to involve herself with vampires--she is no longer protected by them.

"I know the Association is fighting vampires..."

"Kira its all humanity, we're fighting to protect your future and everyone else's." Ian countered with concern.

His sister smiles, sipping tea once again. The thing is Kira isn't just part of humanity, she is apart of vampires as well. She exists on both sides of the brink, but all at once Kira is furthest from both. Ian knows not all vampires are evil and many just want to be left alone, but its his job, his duty, to protect humans from the vampires that mean harm.

"Not all of them want to kill humans you know, I'm sure if we tried it could work again...its still her dream..." Her sentence trailed off, if only things could go back to the way they were before. No, that's not what she wants, Kira doesn't want to go back, doesn't want to lose this courage--Emily's courage. Ian knows he cannot comprehend everything his sister is thinking, but he's glad she hasn't changed. He reaches and caresses her head, messing up her hair.

"Hey--what's that for?"

Ian said nothing and returned to his paperwork--the sooner his arm heals the sooner he can get back to helping Kira, however he as her brother can.

Being summoned back and forth between Spain and England is not enjoyable in the least. Rather Kira was agitated over the fact she was being summoned like some dog! There has not been a single moment that she has been under the rule of the Pureblood King nor Syndicate. Catherine is going to have blade shoved into her one day if this shit keeps up. Elisabeth was not at the house, good because it will be much easier to confront Catherine without her interference. Entering the house, Kira found there were dozens more vampires than the past two times. If she was lucky they were Syndicate vampires here to try to kill her--satisfying excuse to let loose on some of them.

In an underground facility, she was led with many others to an elaborate arena, her in particular to where Catherine and Alucard resided. In a situation such as this you must understand that the self-control required to maintain one's composure now was completely gone. Kira refused to show an ounce of respect to the 'authority' of neither the bitch nor the Pureblood. Catherine led Kira to a seat beside them with a lustful smile. If she would show her fangs as would Kira. There was a window in this room, tinted it allowed a view of the entire place and yet could not be seen within.

'Catherine tells me you have been looking for us.' Said a familiar deep voice.

If this is some game consider it played and beat. Kira can be foolish, but she is no fool to what is obvious. The mask was placed strategically as well, he wanted Kira to see it, wanted to see her reaction, her motives. Even Catherine is in a position to attack Kira if need be in a 'blind-spot'. In the back of her mind there was an inching feeling, a strong instinct to tear them apart--the vampire.

It was held back, by sheer will-power those negative emotions were subdued by the notion that losing to them would mean losing everyone held dear. If only she had the same power as back then--Ghoul's have limitless capacity because the sense of fear and 'self' was absent, an end Kira did wish to avoid however.

The demi-human shrugged, "You haven't exactly made that easy, after offering me 'the truth' and all."

She would not submit to the illusion of authority these two believe they have over her. A human has free will and will not obey the whims of an Immortal and the demon within has the pride to refuse to succumb to submission. Kira will not show these two the respect they believe they are entitled to--they have to earn it. Catherine circles Kira, she comes closer, moving aside the raven black that was meant to conceal the snow-white. Kira snaps her hand around the vampire's wrist and almost motioned to break it, but felt a hand to her throat--the bitch was quick.

'You're just as arrogant as last time, do you really believe you can stand a chance against me?' Catherine asked proudly.

Kira chuckles darkly, tapping the tip of her blade against Catherine's thigh. At least I have skill to match my arrogance. Making up for weakness by sharping other extensions of herself and in this case still being able to touch and AVW has many advantages. To the inattentive vampire it also means a surprising death. Alucard applauded rising from his chair, Catherine withdrew quickly while Kira was hesitant to sheath her blade.

'My dear may we have a moment?'

Catherine smiled devilishly, coming around and kissing her dear husband--Kira turned away quickly, not wanting to see that. Catherine indulged in the visitor's comfortableness and then left. Alucard offered Kira a pop then took up his own beverage when leaning against his chair.

'You've gotten taller.'

Kira sighed noticing how natural it has become to be surrounded by enemies.

"You killed me and my height is what you remember? You're an odd vampire"

Alucard chuckled, 'I also brought you back even after you ripped my arm off.'

Kira rolled her eyes, "Its not like you didn't deserve it--you were trying to kill my friends and family."

Alucard's eye-brow rose, 'Are you referring to your precious Eona, the same woman who threw you away after saving her?'

The Demi-human's aura intensified, Alucard silenced his tongue feeling he struck a nerve. She must hate the Pureblood, perfect, that can be used effectively with the proper direction. Then again...the queen may have had ulterior intentions, but Kira seems unaware of any notion of them. Kira is quiet fixated on Catherine surprisingly, no doubt his wife has carried out one of her 'secretive' experiments and it has come to return the favor.

"I'm wondering why a Pureblood knows where a single human comes from."

'Is that the only reason you've been looking for me?' Alucard gave a disappointed sigh

If so then he will not even tell her--a person without a reason for something is not worth using. They are easier to control, but weak and expendable and these are qualities that are not found within Syndicate. Every vampire has a motive, a reason to live their eternity otherwise they'd commit suicide or let the Investigators get them. Considering Kira has done neither of these, especially since she had nowhere to go then there is surely something that keeps her going. Revenge perhaps? That doesn't suit her however, Kira is too kind-hearted, too good and compromising, actually its rather infuriating that she allows people to step over her, but what could you expect of a lowly half-human?

"Someone I loved was killed and I want the one responsible dead."

The king laughed, what a childish statement. Kira growled, hating their underestimating of her, just because she's human, just because she fought for someone else! Everyone keeps telling her she's weak that she has no conviction well she'll show every single one of them!

'You have a lot of courage to talk to a god this way.'

"Its a good thing I don't believe in God then."

'You have yet to learn.' Alucard's tone grew hostile, 'It was only natural that your lover died--humans and vampires can never coexist--' He catches a fist to his face; that was unexpected. He knew Kira was different, he knew she was not 'just' human, but he didn't know just how much it was a success.

Kira's red iris glowed, "Want me to take that other arm, Pureblood?!"

Thru the window Kira flew, with enough airtime she spun to face the ground, pulled up her mask and landed on her feet. She laughed at his quick loss of composure, then turned her attention to the arena she stood in. The Pureblood King with his blank mask appeared on the jumbo-tron before over a thousand immortals and announced the execution on live television. Kira looked behind and saw one man and one women--Investigators given the faint scent of AVWs. Her own weapons spoke to her every so often, faint traces of 'someone' reaching out to her, but only if she touched them with her bare skin. The execution was to be chained humans against a large amount of Insane.

'She will realize it one day, just who started the war, and when she does we will be the ones she will fall to.'

Catherine sits back down, not happy that he went so far as to break the window. This is a perfect opportunity nonetheless, for her to make a much needed observation. Lets see just how the fruits of their labor have prospered, the white hair is already a sign of progress; time to see which way. The gates began to open, Kira ran to the captives and saw that they were chained to posts. They are to be slaughtered like cattle!

The hunters yelled for Kira to stay back, and yet saying that there would be no begging from either. For a second Kira hesitated, if they lived they would continue to do their jobs, continue to kill innocent vampires; driving families apart and causing more bad blood. So what? Human or vampire she would not let innocent people die right in front of her! The chains were broken and Kira unarmed herself, willingly giving the humans her AVWs. They were shocked, that this vampire; this 'human' she has to be--to touch an AVW was not possible for immortals!

Kira removed her shades and cast them aside, "I'm still human!"

That wasn't the reason because deep down Kira knew she only wished to be human again, but to contradict she could not stand her own fragile-ness and weakness. That's why she had to change, why she wanted to change in this smallest way possible. Call it selfish, call it arrogant, but this is how screwed up her life continued to be. The Investigators attached the retractable blades to their forearms and prepared for combat, shaking off their dumbfounded expressions at seeing a one-eyed being.

Thru her vampire eyes Kira saw the Insane move with unimaginable speed towards them, but they were not alone. Normal Syndicate vampires also came, yet they were not in a position to attack. For a second Kira yanked her mask out and downed the entire container of her tablets swallowing their bitterness whole. Mistakes could not be afforded and she would no fall to their (Insane) level, not yet.

"Get ready!"

The two forces clashed, cutting and breaking; yelling and hissing as each side fought for survival. Kira grabbed the arm of a woman Insane, 'C-om-rade!' She smiled in relief, a gesture Kira found insulting and proceeded to tear off the vampire's head. Her blood splattered onto Kira's face and clothes, it sweet scent filled her nostrils and enticed the senses. She licked the spec on the corner of her lips and felt a an explosion of relief erupt in her mouth.

The woman Investigator was saved by Kira and to the human's surprise the person before them was fighting to protect 'against' the vampires. The fighting ceased after the last Insane flew into the wall and became ash as Kira held its breaking heart. As the last bit of the heart passed thru her fingers the Pureblood King appeared on the tron again.

'Shall we place a bet Miss human-lover?'

Kira translated to the humans who only grasped the modern vampire language (Kira spoke modern and ancient). They were not interested in what the king wanted with her, more of whether they would survive the next wave.

'If you can prove to me you are serious about taking your revenge then I will let those humans go.'

Kira took a rock and threw it, landed a few hairs shy of hitting Catherine, "You're on."

Syndicate vampires circled them within a heartbeat. Kira sensed that many were nobles and would not be easy to take down especially if they were gifted. If I protect them I'm probably going to get banged up pretty badly.

"I don't suppose you have anymore tricks up those sleeves of yours?" The man went back to back with Kira and his partner.

"Guess we'll find out."

Kira attacked first, locking hands with the first person she faced. The first move was her first mistake and she realized this when a sword-like extension ran thru her side.


Blood trickled from her mouth and then splattered, pooling at her feet from her jaw and wound; stumbling, Kira lost her footing and hit the puddle with her knees. I screwed up... The humans were holding their own, but without Kira they would not last much longer. The vampire that wounded her ignored Kira as she failed to stand and walked towards the real fighting. Ah... Emily stood in front of her, touching her cheek with that warmth.

"Em...ily..." Kira reached, but fell short of touching her love. Shit. Her hands clenched at the rage she felt towards herself--the only thing that's changed are her words! Words will not avenge Emily, words will not keep her brother safe and words will not protect Eona! Get up! Kira clenched the wound that was slow to heal and continued to feel Emily's touch.

Kira choked, "Why did you have to die? If I had just been stronger..."

Emily cupped Kira's cheek, "I don't want you to get revenge, I want you to be happy and that's all I've ever wanted."

Kira began to shake, yet no tears came, "But I can't stand it! That I couldn't protect you, or anyone, that I'm hurting like this--its all my fault!"

If she had just buried away her feelings for Eona and Emily then neither of them would have been hurt. This all started because Kira was human because no one else could stand a human's presence in vampire society! If she didn't exist then it would have been easier, for everyone, and no one would have to die because or for her!

Emily's smile lessened, "I don't regret it, not for a moment because our short time together made me happier than four hundred years of walking this world alone."

She wrapped her arms around Kira, "I know it hurts and I know its confusing, but from now on please live your life the way you want to. Humans, vampires, it doesn't matter at all what you are. Where we come from and what has happened to us does not determine our fate or our destiny. Its what we do and are willing to do for the reasons we see that make us who we are, who you are; don't let anyone determine the person you are."

The lover lost began to fade from Kira's sight, "Please...don't leave me..." Emily hugs her tighter, "Don't cling to a memory, Kira." She was gone after that, leaving Kira alone to her thoughts. This is what she wants--power to make everything go her way. No more victim, no more weak piety of a servant who held her life less than the vampire. Kira doesn't want to watch people die; she can't stand these vampires, how they believe themselves better, how they'll kill innocent people just because they hold different beliefs. Screw this.

Against the rejection of her body Kira jumps a vampire and sinks her teeth into their shoulder. She's thrown across the arena and thru a wall, yet emerges as a fully-realized Demi-vampire. Kira moved in the path of a vampire's attack to the human, grabbed the arm and chucked their entire self across the arena. It was no different when the woman and another vampire went head to head--Kira took the AVW thru her hand and seized the vampire's neck. The human was knocked down and before the vampire was Kira took their blood into herself.

"What the fuck you doin'?!" He shouted, forgetting this person could still be a vampire.

Kira glared at the two and ignored the demand for answers. There doesn't need to be anymore killing. Over and over they fought, but while the humans grew weary Kira seemed to get stronger and stronger with each fill of blood she had--it would not be satisfied.

'So you will drink blood if its to protect humans, but not to save your own life?'

Kira recognized the mask and the voice behind it--Triss. She took the blow to her stomach and hit the ground and did not move. Now fighting her friends, but this had to have been expected because after all she knew they were Syndicate.

'I'll get my revenge by any means necessary.'

Kira sat up and spit blood to the side, 'You can't achieve your ambition and maintain your humanity.' Triss warned when looking to the humans.

Kira stood and back stepped towards the two mortals, 'Then when I lose it, I'll get it back.' She dug her nails into her arm, breaking its bone...it was coming. Slowly her mind was slipping, the feed to the tron above of her showed that and entire streak of white that traveled from her roots to the tip on the left side.

"So thats how its gonna be..."

Kira was gone in the blink of an eye as were the humans she guarded, taken to the top of the stairs where she saw the vampires enter. In truth Alucard expected her to escape the way she came because she knew there was a way out, but she was no idiot and must have known guards would be placed there. This would normally be the time to corner his prey, but Kira had peaked his interests and he had no intention of giving his new friend away to amuse his wife. Catherine would sooner or later kidnap her without a doubt and perform all sorts of twisted experiments again, but until that time Alucard would prepare for the aftermath.

'Have you lost interest my love?' Catherine said quizzically.

'Not at all.' The king answered, 'In fact she has peaked my interest even more.'

Kira kept behind the two and she was grateful they trusted her enough to allow such. It would be easier this way--if vampires came from behind then she could protect the humans and if by front they would counter and she would grab them again and move past. It wasn't a thought-out plan: find an exist, knock out the humans and take them to the closest Association, but it was something. They had yet to cross paths with any vampires meaning either there was an ambush ahead or Alucard called them off.

The humans grew tried and had to rest, but Kira kept them going because if they stopped their adrenaline would slow and it would be worse for all of them. Stairs were ahead and by appearance they were unguarded, but the trio all knew better than to hope. Kira went first, jumping out quickly so if there were enemies 'she' could take care of them and open up an escape for the humans. Reflecting on her thoughts...she's referred to them as 'human' quiet a bit, like she isn't even like that anymore. It was clear. The humans would not make the climb of well over ten flights of stairs so Kira took them into her arm and arrived in a flash. She too began to feel the affects of fatigue, possibly due to her own blood loss, but it didn't matter. Before the humans emerged from the darkness and see where they were Kira rendered them unconscious. I'm not doing this for them...

She kept telling herself that, but deep down Kira was afraid what would happen if the Association found this location. The man and the woman were carried over her shoulders and brought to the closest Association; quiet a few cities away to her dismay. Kira didn't speak Spanish, therefore she didn't understand a word when the Investigators shouted and aimed guns at her head. She set down the two she carried and turned away, moving far from their sights finally watching as the saved were taken inside. He let us go.

In some way, shape, or form she convinced him and to her surprise he kept his word. Kira admits she didn't expect that. She was not tired, for once she was not starving either; however she was not satisfied, this is the best she's felt in quiet some time.

'You are the first Immortal to disobey me.' Kira smirked at his comment.

Alucard rather enjoyed a breath of fresh air, a few cities over from his home is always a pleasant walk. Kira had become fed up with fighting for once, but found she may not be able to outrun a Pureblood. He hasn't killed her yet, he must have a reason for following her all this way.

"I don't obey anyone." She answered.

The last of her wounds closed up and with fresh blood in her veins every part of her was heightened to the extreme. Its true his method of having her display her strength is a but unorthodox, but battle is the only way to become strong. In Kira's case, she exceeds a her limits only when its for the sake of someone else. She is nothing like her mother, but Alucard wonders if things progress as they do will she drop to that level? The king came closer, bent down to reach Kira's height and whispered the truth he promised.

'Let me tell you about your mother...'

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