Heart of the Immortal (Book 2)

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Immortal Suffering

She has been locked in the room for over a week now. No one goes in, no one comes out and as far as the staff 'officially' knows 'that person' betrayed the queen and vanished. He stood outside the room and did not move at all--they could not see her like this, no rather he was protecting the queen from them. Eona lied on the bed where 'that person' once slept and nuzzled her face in the sheets. Their scent was thick and sweet; Cherry Blossoms, something that was also carried in the scarf she held. Her chest hurt, like a hole that wouldn't be filled; the place where her heart should have been.

She didn't want this, to give 'that person' up to another, to loose the only person she's ever loved like this--it was the most painful thing. Emily would take care of them, love them in her place and bring happiness where she only brought misery. Even if they didn't want to go, even if she wanted to keep things the way they are it couldn't be that way. Eona watched 'that person' grow from a sweet child into a beautiful woman and prosper as a rare flower. For so long she was afraid 'that person' would reject her, but after the ball, after it was said Eona would never be hated--the kiss they shared sealed the truth of those feelings--a blossom of hope grew. She wanted to bring 'that person' fully into her world, have her remain beside her not as a servant, but a lover.

Everyday was a battle, she did not want control, she wanted something natural, something real in a world of lies. It was hard, obsessed with the servant's role, Eona was pushed away and feelings that should have been hers went to Emily. At first Eona wanted to tear apart the doctor, a woman she did not even trust, but she saw that smile, something that she never received. She couldn't stand the distance between them and wanted to close it, but once again she forced her desires onto 'that person' and ended up hurting them again. Kira... She brought her servant along with her, just a chance, she wanted a chance to confess her feelings and this summit would have been that chance. How could she have known things would turn out this way?

An attack was expected, but the information stated it would be 'after' the submit and then she watched the woman she loved, stand in front of her and fight to protect her. A human did that, no, 'Kira' did that and it was then that Eona realized that Kira could not be brought into the world of night. It was in her movements as she killed, on her face as she was killed--by falling in love with an immortal this was to be her fate. It was not the end. The tattoo the doctor placed on the human had mutated the queen's venom, causing it to spin out of control. It was more of a 'stigma', a curse, that she agreed to place on Kira, because of her own selfish desires and now the person she loved had to pay the price.

A Ghoul emerged and Eona refused to recognize it as Kira and came to terms with ending her. She couldn't see past the monster that had taken her beloved human--Emily could, Emily did, and after Alucard restarted Kira's heart the queen could not forgive herself for losing faith. While Kira was in the hospital the decision was made--she never trusted the doctor, but after seeing her risk her life...she trusted her love of Kira, from one woman to another. Wolfgang, Emily and Eona decided that Kira could no longer stay here, that she had to stay away from both the Nation and Syndicate, but above all they had to keep her from Catherine. That woman was dangerous and a threat to the human, though Eona did not understand the fascination the vampire had at the time. In order to live, Kira could not live with Eona.

She had to hate the queen, had to curse her, to never want to see her again otherwise she would just comeback and everything would start all over. The look on Kira's face though...Wolfgang told Eona to remain in her room, that Nightcore would settle this, but she could not. When Kira called out to her, when she shouted on the top of her lungs Eona had to come, had to face Kira and say it herself. If she had stayed any longer, if those sky-blue eyes looked at her a second longer the queen would have broken down. She did not, her heart broke, watching Kira leave, waiting as the scent of the original Cherry Blossom faded, leaving only the scarf in the snow.

Wolfgang could not bring a smile back to his queen's face, but then just as she was finally able to enjoy the small joys of life Kira used the emergency number and called her. Alone in the queen's chambers Wolfgang did his best to calm a frantic Pureblood. Why would Kira say such a thing? What happened to the doctor? What had happened to Kira and why would she not answer any calls back? This did not sound like Kira at all and for once he wondered what was happening to the human.

Emily never told them where she would take Kira, but as the Syndicate has spies within the Nation as does the Nation within Syndicate. At least the doctor did one thing right and that was keeping her and Kira hidden. None of his informants, not even the Association, could find them and for a time the ancient vampire thought that was good. The further away the better because Kira was human and would die, time would pass and as any other human she would be forgotten; a distant memory.

The Masquerade Ball was a sign of power, but without Kira there it was nothing more than an annoyance to the queen now. Wolfgang junior's music was comforting, but she wanted to hear her favorite violin and without it music was blane. A sudden enticement caught her and excited her, filling her body with a hot fire, Blood? The blood's scent touched the tip of her mouth, like passion on fire and such blood was only produced by a single person--she wasn't here, no matter how much Eona wished for it Kira was not here. A masked woman came before her, stepped closer than any other person without fear, without respect and without lust.

The scent of Cherry Blossoms was even stronger, but something else was present, a hint of sage. This could not be Kira. She outreached her hand offering a dance, but Eona rejected it, then something she said...mentioning a dance last year, but the only person she danced with was--the woman turned away before Eona could say anything and for a brief moment there were strands of white that broke from concealment. As the nobles approached this women she warded them off, with a sinister aura that even made the queen jump.

They saw it on the news broadcast yesterday: Syndicate had capture two more Investigators and sentenced them to death. In the mists of all the chaos a woman, a vampire was thrown into the arena and while a masked vampire distinguishes themselves as Syndicate she protected and fought with the humans. How could such a thing exist? The Nation watched this 'vampire' give the humans AVWs; was unharmed by those weapons, yet all the while she consumed blood tablets.

What kind of vampire (clearly not a Pureblood of the family) can touch an AVW and would willing separate humans and vampires at the risk of her own life? After that Eona went to Wolfgang and asked that he find Kira so that she may go and see her. Wolfgang did not move, did not speak and only bowed his head shamefully.

"What happened?" Eona was in disbelief.

Wolfgang owed nothing to Kira. He loved his queen more than anything and would protect her by every means possible. Kira maybe dying, she maybe turning back into a Ghoul, but even an old man can tell that she isn't happy away from Eona anymore than Eona is from her. Let their short time together be something they can make joyous final memories to. He could not bear to watch her suffer not because of this war not because of Kira.

"Emily Addy has been confirmed as deceased...she was killed right in front of Kira." Wolfgang reported, "A few months after, Kira came in attendance of the ball and asked the reason for her banishment."

Eona dropped to her knees at his words, "I told her the truth, but Eona...something has happened to her--I do not believe she is human, but she is certainly not a vampire."

If Kira knows the truth why won't she come back? Does she truly hate her now, resent and despise her very existence for putting her thru all that? Kira said she would never hate Eona and those words the queen will believe until otherwise. If Kira isn't coming back then there is a reason, she always has a reason even it its a stupid one.

"Then it failed? All our efforts to give her a normal life, a real life--"

"All we did was take her from her normal life and force a different one on her. Both of you were happy the way things were and its no ones fault for what happened, its just how it turned out."

Eona weeped; holding the scarf, she took in the sweet scent and imagined Kira's smiling face. If Kira knew...

"Wolfgang...the one at the ball who asked me to dance..."

He nodded, "Was her."

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