Heart of the Immortal (Book 2)

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A Plea

Two months before Kira's Imprisonment

It was the act of a fool. Of the history of both inhabits of this world this must take the gold for number one. Coming directly to the Main House, nonetheless armed, was something he would be killed for, that is if the queen wasn't the same person Kira made her out to be. None knew he was here, they would try to stop him or imprison him because they did not understand--all they know is hatred and nothing else.

Brought before the queen, unarmed, the rest of the room was dismissed leaving only the two of them. Surely he must have know the risk of coming, but them again the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Eona and Ian went to the garden and spoke casually.

"Its not often I get a human visitor these days, nonetheless from the Association."

Ian sat across in the radiant sun and watched as the June breeze brushed the flowers.

"Times like what we live in now its no surprise. It would be nice if things could go back to the way they used to be."

Eona giggled, "Maybe one day, but I doubt you came here to reminisce about the past."

Association President is a stubborn man. He is blind to see past the hardship and does not easily let go of the past; after all he lost his wife and child to the vampire. Ian may have hated vampires for what they did, but thanks to his sister he can see past the dismay and acknowledge the act of a single vampire does not dictate all of their kind. That would be like comparing a murdering adult human to a human child.

"You and Kira used to be close, I mean, she always looked happy and bright around you." Ian stood up, "You changed her so much, gave her a life she deserved-"

"A life I also took advantage of to my regret."

What does that matter? Kira never regretted that, she never hated it, she offered it not out of payment or duty, but because she wanted to. The people he has spoken to all sound as if she was a bird locked in a cage when, as her brother, he had never seen her more free! Ian is jealous of Eona because she had the opportunity to watch Kira grow up, while he saw her already grown up. It was for the best he told himself, besides Kira would not have turned out the way she did if she remained with him.

"I know Kira, she knew what she was getting into, but choose to help you, regardless of what I or anyone else thought--she loved you."

That couldn't be anymore clear now than ever before, which is why he came to Eona, to ask for her help. Kira has a bad habit of shouldering everything on her own, wanting to take everyone's burden onto herself. She does this because she has a heart big enough to be shared with all those around her and her she does not save any for herself. Kira will be alone this way, even if she sees that its for the best its not, not for her and not for those who she's forged bonds with. Eona's eyes grew red and puffy.

"It no longer matters, she's far beyond my reach..."

"She's in London." Eona hesitated, where the latest reports stated that 'Syndicate' laid siege to an Association base. If Kira was there she would be caught in the cross-fire or worse, she was already in it! Ian glanced to see the queen's shocked expression and knew if it was for Kira she would do anything...it also meant she did not yet know nor the fact that Kira hasn't spoken to him in over a month.

"We need to retake that base and eradicate 'Syndicate' from London, but against that many gifted nobles we don't stand a chance and many people will die."

If Association President would not ask for help then his son would. It would give him a chance to find his sister and to take her out of harms way, but the problem would be that old-eyed vampire they met before. She caused quiet a few problems for anyone getting close to the base and yet not a single casualty had occurred, but the last report of her was two weeks ago when she brought two captured Investigators to the Spain Branch.

That was information unneeded to share because it was common now: a one-eyed vampire who defied the Pureblood King. Not many get to say they have faced the god and live to tell and even fewer have gone against him. This no name seems to enjoy making a scene then disappearing without a trace; taking actions that are entirely opposite of a vampire's nature.

"I'm asking you to help us, to rebuild a lasting peace between humans and vampires for Kira's sake."

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