Heart of the Immortal (Book 2)

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The Cursed Clan

Kira made a point to prevent Vale from having any fun. She would enter an area first, not even kill anyone, but did not stop the Pureblood from having his fill. A mutual agreement: stay out of each others' way. Unlike most of her comrades Kira had a certain way with her former-kin, she asked politely, only asking what was necessary then hid their presence until this was over. Adam was in the lower levels, but given how they spoke of him, he did not sound as tho he was imprisoned.

Vampires and humans alike were dying left a right; tearing each other apart; blood flowed like a river collecting the further people progressed. It was not strange that this was her daily life, that it was 'normal' it was a matter of when this became normal. Soldiers stood in their path, but to Kira's surprise Vale ushered her to go on while he covered her. For a gourmet, he is considerate of the appetite of others or he just didn't want her to ruin his fun, either way Kira continued down alone.

A turn to an open area and she is attacked, but her reaction had her love unharmed across the celled block. Adam leaned against the wall beside the entrance--she was quicker than the last. As she thought, Adam was no prisoner, he was helping the Association in exchange for something they had.

"The king sends one person to fetch me like a dog, I feel insulted--" Adam's sentence cuts off as he sees the imagine of what would be a victim.

"He sent you? The infamous One-Eyed Reaper has come to claim yet another immortal soul, but alas she does not wish to reap for each time she weeps."

Her mission was to take him to Alucard, there was not anything about killing him. Although if his eccentric mannerism continued she might become more inclined to remove his tongue. Adam predicted this outcome however, as a man who knows the future, if the informant refused to come whoever was here would kill him. Of all people the double is glad it is she who is here--someone who can think for themselves.

Kira huffed with amusment, "I didn't know I had a nickname."

"Like it? It was I who named you such, I was a bard once you see, and often gave heroes and villains titles to match their deeds. Of course it did make my songs more popular, but that was another age."

Kira casually walked towards Adam, sheathing her blades.

"You going to knock it off with the Shakespeare?" Kira asked.

She held no intention of killing him because he was useful to 'her' before Alucard. Born in an unknown year, what is known about him was that he was turned upon being sentenced to death for treason against the French Crown. He knew many secrets those which kept him alive and would end him. Its said information is valuable, but for a spy information about empowered persons of interest is where money is made.

Adam and Kira walked together towards an exit he knew about; helping the Association, he was either brave or completely stupid. As annoying as he was with his poems and songs, but it did make the long walk bearable. True to his word well-known folklore Kira recognized and was rather pleased to meet their author.

"I have another riddle for you: 'A line of six to become five; prowess of a god's breath, yet the weakness of one another. What is a mob to a king? What is a king to a god? What is a god to a non-believer?' As read from the Book of the Moon."

Kira stopped, he's read it. The book said to not exist and to tell the entire history of a single family. Adam has read it and that would make him wanted by many different forces, especially Alucard. What was she to do? Handing over Adam may result in her only chance to find the book before the king and because only the king himself knows what he will do with it once he gets it back. The only written record of people who were at the start of the war, who may have even been involved! A step closer to finding the start is a step closer to ending it.

"That expression tells me you've heard that name before."

Kira nodded, "If you've read it, then you must know where it is."

Adam smiled; a fellow scholar searches for knowledge, but what that knowledge maybe used for is indeed a mystery.

"I knew where it was, but not where it is."

A smile comes across the old bard's face. Perhaps she is not as others have led him to believe, but of course stories are representations of a stretched truth. He planned to sing of her malicious crimes: killer of killers; betrayer of kin; human-loving cannibal. Adam had many names for a villain because that's all there was in the world because heroes never lasted long. Always choose the lessor evil, but in Kira's case it seems she's a greater evil becoming a lessor good.

"I last saw it among the Nightraven Family Archive, but that was centuries ago, I doubt its still there."

They reached the end of the tunnel, meeting with a large group of Association members.

"What is it you want with that book? I was hardly able read any of it, its in an ancient script so only older Purebloods can read its contexts."

Kira's flames created a barrier between the humans and them. Adam's smile widened further--someone has inherited Satan's Flame! In all his years he has never seen it, anyone outside of Alucard and the Nightraven's acquire his gift, nonetheless a half-human was entirely out of the question! Lady Eona must have taught her their language, an outsider would be able to decipher the book's contexts and its author...the sixth may not have anticipated outside influence. The book must not have been finished.

"I need to know how this war started. If I can find that maybe I can find a way to end it."

"That would involve killing a lot of important people, Alucard's mind will not be swayed by modern ideas..." Adan's tone lowered, "Honestly even I don't know much about him, but I can see behind that pride of his, how much he has suffered. He isn't a horrible person because he wants to be, its what he was made to be as a member of the cursed clan."

The fire flashed out and knocked the humans to the ground with an unrelenting force. Kira and Adam has vanished, but both went their separate ways, one to the king, the other to the queen.

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