Heart of the Immortal (Book 2)

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No More Tears

Kira drank the diluted the water and felt a rush of coolness throughout her body. The longing for tearing disappeared and her hunger subsided significantly. After a long while Kira settled enough to explain all that occurred since waking from the operation. There was no longer the case for denial--Kira was no longer human, nor was she vampire; she didn't belong anywhere. Miss. Triss thought otherwise, she said Kira belonged to both sides, that she could choose and change to be one or the other anytime she wanted.

"I guess this must be a shock to you--its one thing to know us and another to be us." Triss passed a portable pill case to her.

She would help, for the memory of an immortal and for a friend. Kira would not last on her own, not the way she is--an unfortunate life she must of lived. A kind-hearted person does not belong in a world of violence where vampire kills vampire and live by the waters of life. Its no wonder Emily shielded her from the underground, but now all those efforts have been in vain, nothing will protect her--she has to learn to protect herself.

Miss.Triss allowed Kira to stay the night and the next morning left a black box with the tablets on the table with a note: 'Come back when you're up to it'. Returning to school felt pointless, but Emily would want her to graduate and she would. The woman Kira loved was gone there would be no changing that, only to make those who caused her death to pay.

There are only two ways to kill a vampire: Anti-Vampire Weapons or a vampire killing another vampire; normally by their heart. Emily would not have been killed by steel beams, someone made them fall, made her protect Kira and then killed her; yet vampires turn to ash when they die. Emily must have been weakened; saved Kira then was killed, either way someone was responsible. I'm going to kill them. Those responsible would pay, Kira would tear them apart and make them beg for their life. Power. With this cursed strength now revenge was in arm's reach, a chance was all that was necessary.

The king would give her what she wanted and after that he could do what he wanted--no, anyone who threatened her life would be killed. No more tears, no more being helpless to a greater power; obtaining the ultimate strength would mean an end to all her suffering. Take control of life--free from slavery, from those who would take away her happiness. All that mattered was getting that power by any means necessary.

Kira returned to Octave the next day ready to use this curse. The manager, an older vampire with spots of grey in his hair and a grumpy look, met Kira at the door and greeted her welcomingly. A comrade is always welcomed here. She immediately got down to what she came for: where he is.

'You do not find the Pureblood King, if he wants you then he will find you.'

Kira's eyes narrowed, 'But you're members aren't you?'

The vampires looked at Kira and shrugged nonchalantly. Clever girl, in her state she was still able to recognize the fact only Syndicate members wear a mask; she spoke of the king with such familiarity it brought curiosity. They were all in shock upon hearing the king offered a 'human' those things. Not only was it out of character, but the only reason he would is if the human had extreme value in some shape or form. Looking at her now, a human and vampire hybrid it seems their questions only grew considering its impossible for a hybrid to be born.

'Be grateful we haven't tried to kill you.' Triss's personality changed quiet a bit, 'We've lived this long without people running to the Association.'

brother would help her, rather they would try to kill her. It seems in her absence the Hunter's Association has declared all vampires enemies and that everyone is to be killed on the spot, an outcome the Syndicate tried to warn the Nation about. Kira herself would not be cosy towards the Syndicate in general--not quite the company she would keep. None of this will be possible if she does not first discover the limits of her new prowess.

A month passed since Emily's death and a private funeral was held; no open casket for there was no body; no family seeing as she had none other then Kira, but there were many friends, humans came during the day while immortals visited that night. Kira awaited them, wanting to get to know what kind of vampire Emily was, what she had done in the part of her life she kept from her lover. Not once did Kira cry, she couldn't any longer--tears will not bring people back, will not save your life, they only show weakness. Emily had many friends from her previous life, many of whom she kept in contact with like a teenager.

Kira said nothing as to what she became, nor what Emily had given her to survive...to them she was the lover their friend spoke of often. Many were young, few being close to Emily's age, but all knew her to be a bright light in the underground shadows; except Catherine. It seemed Catherine was well-known in the vampire world and ill-liked by most. Upon her arrival nearly all said farewell and wished well to Kira before vanishing.

"This was for friends." Kira growled clenching her fist, "You're not."

Catherine smiled cunningly and gestured, "Ahhh, Kira you're so cold to me~Emily was my acquaintance long before--"

Her shirt was sized and her entire body followed Kira's motion to cast her thru a tombstone. An evil aura came closer, the immense pressure of a vile nature.

"Your point?" Kira said with a new malice.

Catherine jumped, how a human achieved such strength--a single red eye shone out of the darkness. Kira flexed her hand, cracking it. This presence was nothing like she felt before, bother human nor vampire; something on a scale that could compare to the Ancestor! Being violent was not like her at all meaning she knows the doctor's death was no accident.

Its a relief she never told anyone in the Nation, Kira would never trust her if she had. The situation can still be salvaged, if Kira believes the Pureblood Queen is responsible for her lover's death then she seems willing to do anything to get revenge. Then again the fact she would aim her blade against the queen of all people must mean she obviously doesn't care if she lives or dies. Fighting a Pureblood, fighting a descendant of an Ancestor means certain death no matter who...or what you are.

For starters Purebloods have absolute control over vampires and can make them completely obedient with a flick of their wrist. What chance does Kira think she has against the queen? Nonetheless what is Kira exactly? There has never been a vampire with a single changed eye nor can a human throw her with this superior strength. Of course in skill Catherine could overwhelm Kira, but at the moment playing a weak card would have to do.

The high schooler was no fool, she knew very well Catherine had a bite to match her bark. Going on the offensive appeared to be the only way to be taken seriously and adding to that matter if she put her name out there now the greater the chance of the king finding her. Threatening Catherine did come with a bit of personal satisfaction--she's always hated the woman anyway.

Kira spoke again, "Leave, or coming here will be the last mistake you make."

Catherine laughed holding her hands up in a sign of surrender. Kira's intense glare nor body language changed, holding back a very strong desire to tear the vampire apart. That was new. Nonetheless Catherine withdrew offering a last bit of information before her departure.

"I know a great many things. My connections around the world make me a very favorable asset to have dear Kira--you would be wise to understand that."

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