Heart of the Immortal (Book 2)

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Two Hearts, One Soul

She returned from meeting with a nearby Noble, discussing what steps to take should those events occur. Normally the queen would have been driven and seeing as how dangerous these times have become Nightcore would also be beside her however she would not be protected in her own home. This walk Kira had done day after day, thru the woods along natural animal trails so not to disturb the forest's flow.

It was a peaceful walk, alone out here; what was Kira using this time to think about? In all those years with her and seeing her as she is now...did Eona truly know Kira? Her thoughts, her opinions, her dreams, were they really what Kira thought back then? Now people would believe her to be different, but that doesn't seem the case--Kira is the same, this is just a different way of going about...that's what Eona keeps telling herself.

They spent so much time together, the rest of the world would say that everything she had done until now was a lie, but the queen believed that Kira's smiles and laughs were no lie. After all, Kira has always been a terrible lair, that will never change. As she trotted thru the autumn leaves Eona noticed something--they were already pressed down; someone had already walked thru here. Her walk became a run, past the forest, the wall; the maids were surprised when she burst thru the doors.

Wolfgang and Kira were mid-sentence when they heard the commotion outside the doors. The doors to the Commander's study were locked, but that did little and before either could react a large *snap* had one of the doors break under Eona's strength. The two glanced at Eona and before Kira could respond Wolfgang stood, "I'll take my leave."

Kira shot him a 'please don't leave' puppy dog eyes, but it was ignored as the two passed silent words with his departure: you two need to talk.

Wolfgang left from the same door Eona broke and instructed the staff and guard to keep the left wing empty. Without his instruction the staff were prepared to do such, even without knowing who else was in the house. This was the first Kira had returned to the main house since her banishment and based on the rumors of what events occurred in Europe, many feared for her safety, but also did not recognize her and this 'stranger' who smelled of Sage to be the same. Syndicate is not known for its mercy towards innocent bystanders. Eona has not been the same since her mission to England.

Kira sat in the chair, un-moving for a great while, unaware of what to say, nor knowing if she could look Eona in the eye. The queen stared at the young woman for a while, burning her flawless features of the side of her face that was visible. Time changes people, not just in appearance, but how they carry themselves. Kira stood up and turned towards the queen and who was first seen was a version with raven black hair tied into a pony-tail as she smiled widely greeting Eona every morning. That vision faded, giving sight to the current Kira who walked closer. Her snow-white hair hung down to her shoulders, that bright smile became smaller and content and she had gotten taller, now nearly surpassing the queen's height.

For a while there were no words, the both stood in silence as one finally walked passed to leave. Instinctively Eona reached out to grab the immortal's wrist, but hesitated during the action. Could Kira stand to be touched by her? Does she hate vampires for what they had done to her? Does Kira hate herself for what she has become? All these thoughts swarmed the queen's mind until the thunder clap stopped Kira dead in her tracks. Eona began to snicker.

"Shut up." Kira growled annoyed as she kept her reddened face hidden.

Eona began to laugh, "The 'One-Eyed Reaper' is still scared of thunder and lightning!"

Her expression changed again, Eona had called her by that name--a name that marks her an enemy, the name that sets her apart; the name that stole her humanity. I thought I would be fine with this. Eona heard the drops tapping from the windows, relieved that Kira was now trapped and could not avoid her any longer. The clouds continued to roll in, their thickness gave birth to deeper sounds that made Kira jump. Eona pressed her head against the immortal's back, wrapping her arms around her fellow immortal and listened to the strong heartbeat. Thank god...this hasn't changed.

Kira struggled to hold herself steady, to lock her arms in place as they moved to touch the queen's. Kira admitted to herself that suppressing those emotions was no longer possible as a vampire. For a time she continued to struggle against these feelings, but the closer Eona was to her, feeling her body pressed against her own, the harder it was every moment to stop.


It was the intoxicating voice Eona possessed, the way this queen called her name in their native tongue that made it impossible to resist. The moment she let go, allowed her desire and lust to wash over all other sense did the newblood act--she pulled Eona around, having grabbed her by the waist, as she pushed her against the wall. Kira did not hesitate when she pressed her lips against Eona's igniting an enflamed passion in her body. The queen's hands trace up Kira's back and locked onto her shirt as the storm rolls in. All this time you really did... Without any seeing, they slipped into Eona's room; Kira was the first to move. She pressed the queen against the door; weaving her fingers between the queen's she placed her knee between Eona's flawless thighs finally kissing her again, now taking her time seeing as it would never again touch either.

The tiny bird had become a predator, it broke from its cage shattering the lock so it would never again close. Its wings could no longer be clipped, but that was fine. Eona grabbed Kira, in the immortal's hesitation of light and sound, and pushed her onto the bed now regaining the domination she sought during the first and second time. The vampire's eye shun their crimson, the lust to indulge herself could at last be released--the tiny bird could no longer be hurt. Throughout the night the storm raged, but Kira's fear of it was tuned out, her mind was unable to produce any thought because Eona's touch caused every other sense to cry out in rapture.

She brushed her fingers softly to move the blonde strands from her love's face. This moment she wanted to capture it forever, keeping it deep inside her conscious as her last connection to everything that is 'Kira'. She could stay here, live with Eona for all time and simply hold back the 'Syndicate', but that would be a child's choice and Kira could no longer be a child. Eona stirred, a slight irritation had tickled her nose, but she did not wake. You've always been there for me, even when I wasn't; you loved me when I hurt you; you took the soul I sold to the devil and offer it back. Kira smiled, kissing the sleeping's forehead. I'm going to break your curse.

"You're going aren't you?" Eona asked as Kira sat at the edge of the bed starring off into space.

Kira took a time to answer, "Yeah."

Kira dressed herself and noticed the crimson scarf folded neatly on the dresser. She had to go and Eona knew there was nothing she could say to stop her. If it was by force then someone would surely be killed by their confrontation and even then Kira would likely flee.

"Promise me..." Eona placed her hand on Kira's cheek, "You will come back."

The white-haired immortal sat on the bed looking out to the window where the rain had lightened up. Eona sat up in her bed, but did not look to the immortal who sat beside her. She felt Kira's hand touch her cheek as her thumb whipped away the tears; Kira kissed Eona again.


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