Heart of the Immortal (Book 2)

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Inescapable Bond

Kira had not been back to that apartment since she was taken; this had been the first time she had been back to London since then. Its almost been a year now, a year since her death--Emily Addy, a woman Kira undoubt-ly love and it was that love that had killed her. No. The immortal shot that thought down in an instant--she would not add guilt to an already weighted mind. Emily's death was a cause of her own past, a past that originally had nothing to do with Kira and she was better off remembering that. Yet she could not help it, passed the anger and the betrayal...she still loved that woman, the Emily she knew, lived with and cherished.

The immortal sat at the empty grave, brushing off the leaves and dirt from months of neglect; setting the fresh flowers underneath the words of "May You Find Peace In the Next Life". That now was a laughable statement, however they remained sincere words even coming from Kira. She traced her fingers in the black marble, the outline's of 'E' 'M' 'I' 'L' and 'Y' before her entire hand dropped.

"I'm sorry I haven't come back for a while." Kira apologized, "I've been...busy. Trying to figure out why the world is so messed up, learning to control my power...its a lot."

The immortal shut her eyes, tuning out the sounds of the city, trying to listen in on the world within, but alas, just as she thought she was not there. Kira was un-surprised after all, she had already eaten the last bit of Emily and there was no changing that, but the strength she gained from her remaining life allowed her to live thru the next atrocity. However it did not come without cost...the changing of her hair, the change of her body: had 'she' changed? The cause of her actions remained the same, she felt the same emotionally, mentally; does that mean she is also the same? Is this person 'Kira' who she is meant to be or suppose to be?

It had been a long time since she thought about it, the idea that the person that is 'Kira' may or may not be 'real'. Who is Kira anyway: A killer? A murderer? Protector? Human? Vampire? Monster? She does not have an answer now, but what matters at this moment is not who she is rather what she can and will do. Kira looked up to the moon, seeing her breath in its light as the chilled air of February filled her lungs. It was refreshing, the heat in her body had caused her core temperature to rise and while it did not affect her health-wise it was a nice equalizer. The wind carried the scent of lavender, into her nostrils, her head followed the source, looking behind to see that its source was not one expected.

"How'd you know where to find me?" Kira asked surprised when rising.

"If its any consolation, you didn't make it easy." The woman answered, "But you know I'm not the type to give up."

Kira chuckled, folding her hands in her pocket. The visitor kept where she was, not daring to intrude on the sacred ground where a former lover was meant to rest.

She glanced to the stone behind Kira, "Would you like me to give you privacy?"

The younger shook her head, "No, its alright, I'm already done. This is...just for me to have a place to visit."

Kira placed her hand on the stone and said goodbye, leaving with Eona to a nearby cafe where only humans tended to be customers.

"You really did love her..." The queen said quietly, bordering disappointment.

"Its dangerous for you to be here." Kira warned, ignoring the statement and seeing that the queen wore the scarlet scarf around her neck.

"I had to see you." Eona stated without care of consequence.

The younger sighed, rolling her eyes as she took her tea in her lap. The queen decided on coffee, not wanting a tea that was not made by Kira seeing as she had a decent arrangement of high quality tea back at home; anything less than the best was unacceptable. Such a memory of the queen's pickiness made Kira smile.

Eona sipped her tea, "Besides, the only ones who could actually be a threat to me is a fellow Pureblood."

"And me." Kira and Eona hesitated in the words that Kira had meant to be a silent thought.

"True." Eona carried on, "I never could make you mine, no matter what I tried. My words, my actions, they never reached you--"

"They did." Kira corrected quietly, "I just refused to acknowledge them back then."

The queen became wide-eyed. She froze, mid-sip staring at Kira in surprise to this admittance. Gently she set her cup down, paid for their drinks and took Kira by the hand. Guiding her thru the streets, past Octave she slowed her pace, walking as the two locked fingers together thru the crowded streets of London.

"When I asked you if I had a chance, you told me I did. Is that still true?" Eona asked, squeezing Kira's hand, "Or is that just my wishful thinking again?"

Kira huffed amused, "Our night together didn't make that clear?"

"You spent most of your life appeasing to my wishes...I just want to make sure its what 'you' want." Eona said shyly.

Kira stopped suddenly, pulling on the queen's arm to have them on the far side of the sidewalk and out of the way. Among this crowd they were like another other people, normal pedestrians, normal women, normal lovers. Kira bent down to Eona and pressed her lips against the queen's ensuring she fully understood her own feelings.

"What I want..." Kira stroked Eona's cheek then pressed her forehead with the queen's, "In order to get what I want...there are things that I have to do...things..." Kira cringed, but her tension ceased when Eona squeezed the younger's hand.

Eona held Kira's hands. The two disappeared in the crowd and found themselves in front of Eona's hotel room door. The queen led them in and locked the door behind kissing her love again before answering the trailed sentence from earlier.

"You don't have to say it, I already know, I may not like it, but I won't force you to do anything." Eona said hugging Kira, "Tell me what I can do."

Kira held the queen tightly, "Just trust me."

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