Heart of the Immortal (Book 2)

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A War-Torn Home

Kira walked the streets of New York in wonder of what she would do next. Protecting Eona comes before anything else and the only way to protect her is to end this war, but how without killing so many people? The idea of ending this war peacefully grew further and further away with each bit of information she gained from its origins. Alucard and those who followed him were the main source of hostility from the vampires, but the Association was the same for humans. If she could only work things out between those two then without a doubt peaceful relations could begin.

Marcus would not listen to a vampire, but what about Kira Nightraven, the human Servant who saved his life? Alucard would be far more difficult to convince--blaming all of humanity for his family's demise and building on that rage and sadness for ten thousand years. Kira stopped for a moment...Alucard...looking back his gaze was always so distant when talking to others, but next to Elisabeth and Kira.

In ten thousand years, he does not only want humanity to cripple to its knees he wants to rebuild his family. Beating humans into submission; fear to create peace? Kira shrugged, she was confusing her hopes for his reality. The screen in Time Square lit up with a breaking news report.

'Hunter's Association launch an all-out attack against Vampire Nation Queen Eona Nightraven.'

Kira's eyes widened in horror as the reality of where she was became freshly engraved: Hell.

Marcus had gone mad; selling his soul to the devil; thinking he could out smart a vampire that has lived far longer than any other. Was this man's lust for revenge so great he would sacrifice the lives of his comrades without hating an eye? Ian believed his adoptive father had lost his way, had forgotten the true purpose of the Association: protect the innocent.

He slipped away from the main force into the three line, holding his weapon close to his chest, I'm sorry. The nearby town had been evacuated of all humans, screening each to ensure their mortality. The entire area was surrounded; checkpoints at every road, helicopters, drones--no vampire of the Nation would escape. Beside Marcus stood another commander, a military man from the United States Army.

The General assured that the commander would not violate their agreement so long as Marcus did not. Soon the Syndicate and the Nation would be out of their lives--humanity would forever be saved. A few loose ends and ten thousand years of war would end by his doing. Twenty years and at last vengeance was his.


The radio was given to Marcus who listened carefully to the report. His hand dropped to his side, "I got it." The man nodded, motioning for his men to follow the hunter's lead.

"Eliminate the queen." Marcus ordered, "We will deal with the vampires, and all will go well long as that one does not show."

In the distance, Vale and his own troops awaited in the shadows, having taken the armor and clothing of unfortunate soldiers who happened along their way. The King's order's were absolute: retrieve the queen. Their intercepted communication gave him an idea of whom the President was referring too.

"Do not be mistaken Association President, that single vampire killed the Red Lady, Catherine De Sandres. Someone who kills their own family with a smile--" A chill crept up his spine, "That one-eye is more of a monster than I."

The loyal immortals of the Nation stood together just outside the closer gates, one beside the other until the end. This was their home, their queen's paradise--she made it a paradise for them all. The memories of their happiest times in four hundred years of being beside her, they all knew those memories were the eleven years spent with Kira. The maids of the house had been evacuated with the nearby nobles, although a few remained to protect their queen. She used her Absolute Order to make them leave, the first she had ever done against allies. She would have done the same to the guard, but Wolfgang would have over-ridden it.

There was no escape now, but at least those who remained could give the others a chance; time. Eona stood by the window, the last of her subjects, her friends formed a barrier around the mansion leaving her inside. She moved to the dresser where the scarf sat, folded neatly misting with the scent of Cherry Blossoms. After she dropped on her bed, catching a strong surge of Sage in her nostrils. Kira... Eona clenched the sheets in her fists, Please...come back.

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