Heart of the Immortal (Book 2)

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You Made Your Choice

“Unfortunately for you...” The Commander stated, “The queen has no need for unsightly trash.”

Wolfgang swung his sword, removing the heads of ten soldiers. The rest of Nightcore followed suit, surrounding the first line of intruders who walked the path to the Main House. They fought, killings humans and vampires alike for the sake of their queen. From the beginning each knew what fate awaited them, but still they fought--for glory, for honor; their sons and daughters; for the queen who gave them hope for a better tomorrow. Though each had their individual reasons for joining, for submitting to a higher power they all held one common ideology--Eona Nightraven would be the one to bring peace to humans and vampires.

Thousands of years of suffering, loss; hatred would be over at last. Eona wanted to do everything on her own, but her wishes reflected what the rest of her family had died over--she was never meant to be alone. An ironic likeness both her and Kira shared, always trying to do everything on their own so others would not have to share the burden. Yet as her friends fight for her; die; suffer alone in darkness she realizes that she should never try to do anything alone. If people have power they should use it as a means to connect to others not segregate themselves from the world.

Kira has an even worse habit of doing that than a four-hundred-year-old vampire. Eona giggles lightly to herself, she’ll have to scold Kira for that next time--if there is a next time.

Eona touched the scarf that hung around her neck before drawing her whistling bow, launching an arrow that blew away fifty men. Wolfgang and the others managed to push back the first wave, but now more soldiers were approaching and along side was a most bothersome Hunter--a first-class he had come across nearly ten years ago that wiped out a platoon of immortals single-handed. Her name was of no importance, but the Anti-Vampire Weapons she wielded nicknamed her ‘the last shinobi’.

“Good evening Mr.Vampire.” The diabolical woman sang.

Among the Hunters she was one of the worst. She charged first, the blades Wolfgang and her wielded produced sparks. Though he trained centuries with his sword, the Hunter was of greater skill in close-range. Had he lost his edge? Did years of gradually ceasing an open fight had somehow cause his blade to rust? Was the sense of peace making him weaker? No, I’ve just been surpassed. The Kunai pierced his body hundreds of times, each time the rate of regeneration slowed and became less complete. Men who would follow him to Hell and back fell beside him, each had a family, a life to live outside of this and yet they remained.

A thought pulled him from the battle, the idea of how they came to this day: If that human brat had not been adopted that day, Eona may not have suffered this much. If she had just listened, she would not have gotten bitten. If Kira had not left and returned to the house, the one most precious to him would be safe and happy.

Wolfgang’s body hit the ground bleeding profusely by the Kunai lodged in his flesh. Forgive me Camilla...I’ll be seeing you sooner than I hoped. This was how he expected to die, this was how he wanted to die; fighting with all his strength beside the men he trusted with his life. He was never one to pass peacefully, or to take his own life as a result of the burden of eternity. Wolfgang was born into war, raised to fight and would only be content with dying gloriously. Thinking back, he never had a vampiric craving for blood as he did for battle. To live beside death was the only point he felt most alive and the moment his daughter was born, he found something worth killing and dying for.

The Commander watched the battle from the dirt. The armor and clothing that belonged to piles of ash whom were once people, his people. He watched the humans and vampires in slow motion, his eyes sharp as ever, but his mind far from the true time of the conflict.

The female hunter walked closer, holding another of the accursed weapons, likely to finish the Commander off. Wolfgang watched her come, welcomed it even knowing there was nothing he could do to save himself nor his knights. No. Wolfgang would not allow death to take him, not while there was still breath within him. Even if it was to be a distraction, the Commander would continue to fight and allow his knights a chance for them to live.


Wolfgang pushed back a knight, ordering him and all others remaining to withdraw. They all protested.

‘Go!’ The Commander said loudly, ‘Live today and fight tomorrow! You are knights of the Queen of Immortals, without you who will protect her?’

The remaining looked to each other and hesitated, finally nodded in agreement and saluted their life-long Commander and friend.

‘Good luck.’ Wolfgang smiled, ‘And goodbye, my friends.’

He charged, defending against the AVWs, and taking every hunter life he could reach. Every so often he would sink his fang and temporarily revive himself for another few minutes.

“Old man has spunk.” The Shinobi laughed, “Looks like I won’t get bored after-all.”

She charged, clashing metals with another.

“Bored?” Said the masked and armored woman, “Then you’ll love me.”

The shinobi jumped back, the other hunters disengaging upon seeing the unexpected appearance of this immortal. Wolfgang did not see who this woman was, as her back was to him, however the mix of sage and cherry blossoms made her identity knowable. Kira.

“Late as usual.” Wolfgang coughed.

Kira glanced back to him, seeing the state of this great man, now so low, lower than she has ever seen him. As much as neither cared any for the other, Kira’s heart ached at seeing him in this state.

Kira spoke sarcastically, “You look worse than usual.”

The shinobi ordered for the others to attack, but all were stiff in place. The conflict as to whether or not they should brand her an enemy was within the majority: she saved two of their people, has yet to kill a human, despite her apparent alliance to the Pureblood King she had been known to share none of his ideals or values. This was not a situation they were prepared for: no one has faced an immortal unaffected by AVWs nor one who defends the Queen of Vampires, saves humans, and is on the side of the Pureblood King.

“Have you forgotten they're vampires? Monsters in human form who have been the enemy of mankind since the beginning?” The shinobi reasoned.

She attacked, her assault triggering the others to follow. This was exactly what Kira was talking about: wolves lead the sheep to slaughter. Take care of the wolves and there will be no more death.

Kira held her hand up, her eyes pitying those sheep. Flames breathed, dragging across the ground as they created a barrier between the immortals and humans, taking a sharp turn back and then towards to create a cage. That would hold them for the time being.

“Where's Eona?” Kira lowered her hand and turned her attention to Wolfgang.

“Still in the house.” Wolfgang answered, holding his chest as he felt the slow stitching of his wounds. He continued, “She is not well-adapted to battle as we are.”

Kira nodded, having only noticed that within the past couple years--though Eona is incredibly powerful and has lived thru many conflicts, she has only engaged in short fights, never anything drawn out as the battles warriors such as Wolfgang and herself are. For all of Eona's prowess and skills as a Queen and leader, all military affairs were properly left to the experts.

"What happened? I didn't get any warning, hell I found out by a news broadcast." Kira watched, begrudgingly, as Wolfgang consumed the last life of a half-dead hunter.

"Alucard--is what happened." The aged immortal gasped, "He's most likely influencing the military to assist the hunters in this attack--he'll use it as a chance to get to Eona."

Kira frowned, "Son of a bitch."

Both sensed the approach of other immortals, by the feeling one was undoubtedly Vale, and by the condition of Wolfgang Kira would be the one to take him on. Could she do it though? Last she face him he floored her with such ease he had no need to use his gift, but that was before her own had awakened.

Kira noted his injuries, "You need to leave--"

"You are in no position to give me an order, brat." Wolfgang cut off, taking a second sword in hand, "I will not be outdone, by a half-ass who could not beat me in a sparring match."

Kira laughed, "I think that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me."

"Don't get used to it." Wolfgang huffed with a smirk.

The immortals drew near and any moment Kira's flames would likely be put out one way or another. They had to stop them here, if they got to the main house with Eona still inside then she would no doubt surrender to protect the lives of her people. If she knew Kira was here that would certainly change the game--Eona has only been seen to become truly violent when her precious person was in danger.

They must stop them here. They must survive this night and return to their queen's side.

'I was wondering when you would arrive.' Vale came into view with a satisfied smile, 'I would be disappointed if you had not.'

Wolfgang and Kira made ready, knowing this Pureblood had lived longer than Wolfgang, however was as disengaged from entering battle as Eona. He was a man of pleasure in the later years, but that was not to be mistaken for a lack of experience. He has seen as many battles as Wolfgang most of which the two have shared together. They were rivals, and to Vale, the Commander of the Guard was the first immortal to be granted the title of 'rival'. The One-Eyed Reaper on the other hand, was another matter entirely.

Alucard could be frightening in some of his actions, but in them, though his resent of humanity ran deep, he has never had any true malice in those actions. This woman, this child, is by far a more terrifying being--Catherine may have some competition. Vale learned to read people, in this way thanks to Adam who always seemed to know what a person was truly like. The Pureblood could never tell if it was good intuition, a gift, or both. But now was not the time to dwell on those matters, his king gave him a task and he would carry it out.

'My sweet Angel of Darkness, fret not, we are here on the King's orders to save the Queen.' Vale spoke, extending him arms towards the immortal woman.

"Hands off Blood-sucker! I have a bone to pick with that bitch--!" The Shinobi's words fell along side her head and after a delay of reaction her body followed suit.

Vale does not take kindly to unruly backstage hands. Taking care of them quickly before they disrupt the rest of the production was the best means of maintaining a smooth play. The other humans were wise and kept their mouths shut, Vale rewarded that obedience with having another dispel the flames.

'The King said you would do this, but fear not, he will forgive you of all you sins.' Vale smiled, pushing his arms to the side before returning them softly to his side.

"Alucard is the one who orchestrated this." Wolfgang spat.

Kira's silence had him continue in a different manner of approach, 'That is a reasonable deduction.' Vale nodded, 'However, the King, our God, only wishes to unify the Nightraven House once again. All this fighting, this death and destruction is only as necessary as you make it. It is your choice: you may try to take on the Association, the military and us...or you allow us to help you save your precious queen--she is certain to listen to you.'

Wolfgang remained without words...this really was Kira's choice. She could choose to fight against unimaginable odds, at the 'chance' of protecting Eona, or--Wolfgang adjusted his sword, changing its position to act in a way he would expect her answer to be. Kira had not responded, not moved, and from where the old warrior stands and to his alarm: he has no idea what Kira is thinking.

Kira kept within her own thoughts, but continued to be mindful of the battlefield. Alucard is not known to give choices, but ever since she joined him, he has made exceptions for her on more than one occasion. She knows it has nothing to do with the ridiculous notion of familiar ties, but that he is plotting something else--not a typically take over the world and enslave all humanity plot either. He is obsessed with having Eona on his side and is doing much in his power to gain Kira on it as well.
What chances did she have against Vale and his followers. Fighting against him would wear her thin and still there would be the mass number of humans that would stand in her way. There were too many courses of action to be taken and no way of knowing which was the most likely to work. Alucard may have in fact been the cause of this however, this is only to back Eona and the Nation into a corner--he does not seek her death. That does not explain why he did not simply dispatch Kira to go and protect Eona, that would have had her convinced of his intentions to protect Eona from humans. Did he worry that his reaper may return to Eona and remain this time? Ah, I get it--thats your play. Kira felt a twich in the back of her mind, an annoyance towards this game the Pureblood King wishes to play. Alucard wanted her to be the wolf in sheeps clothing.

"Tell me this Vale..." Kira asked in a strange tone, "Wouldn't it be easier if I just killed you all?"

Fire burned around her body, "What would stop me from killing Alucard? If I wanted to protect Eona, all I would need to do is kill anyone who gets in my way right?"

This was not solely directed at those in front of her, but none of them would catch that in time. I hope you are not yet inconsolable. Vale sensed the malice, knowing that though Kira is strong, it would not be enough to kill the King. If Kira died now it would only be a waste and the end of a masterpiece of a play. He had to think of a way to convince her.

Finally he revealed a secret only four within the world knew of: 'Alucard is not the only Ancestor you would be fighting against.'
Kira's gaze narrowed, "What are you talking about?"
'There is another. Vale answered, 'Older than the king, than his parent's; this Darkness has the power of life over death and would surely come to claim your precious queen.'
Vale held out his hand, 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend.'
The commander watched the immortal's body-language. He too was familiar with such a threat, but without overwhelming evidence that threat was not made a priority over Alucard. If the king was preparing for this threat, this Darkness, then it is safe to say that it is something they all should take very seriously. The question is: could they stand a chance against an attack on two fronts? Kira likely thought as the Commander did, in fact he was positive she was determine the best course of action in Eona's best interests, however the Commander knew Alucard better than Kira. Knowing her...Wolfgang tightened his grip on his sword.
"To protect Eona..." Kira's eyes began to lose their kindness, "I'll kill everyone."

Wolfgang aimed his blade for Kira's heart, knowing what her choice would be and that his was the one that would define her now everything after. She was already prepared for an attack, just not one from Wolfgang. Fire swirled around her and exploded outward, scorching the earth around fifty feet. What remained was Wolfgang's burnt body, a smoldering, living, lump of a man who stood inches from Kira. His sword melted from his hands, freeing his vision to see the look of shock and horror in Kira's eyes.

"Why?" Kira voice trembled, "Why did you--!"

"You're back." She hesitated at the Commander's words, "You had me worried, you started to sound like an actual Pureblood for a moment there."

The young immortal stared wide-eyed, watching as the wind took more and more of Wolfgang's body--she had not thought about her own words, she just spoke. In that moment all she thought about was how simpler it would be just to kill those in her way. It had not occurred her her that was exactly the type of ideology she was avoiding all along.
The humans had gone ahead, not waiting for anyone to recover while their temporary enemies had pursed leaving Kira, Wolfgang and Vale.
"Not like this!" Kira said quietly, reaching to Wolfgang, "You can't die."
The Commander placed his hand firmly on her shoulder and said with approval, "I trust you, Kira. No matter what, you will always protect my daughter."
He said nothing else as his entire self became as with the many of his knights that had fallen before him. Kira froze, her hand extended in the vacancy that Wolfgang once filled--she killed him. She killed the Commander of Nightcore, she killed Eona's father. Why had he attacked her? If he had not done that--no--Kira pulled her hand back, holding the handful of Wolfgang that fell into her palm. It had to be this way--Wolfgang's duty was to protect Eona from any threat no matter what and Kira was about to become the same thing as the Pureblood King. He acted as the Commander of the Queen of the Immortal's Guard should.
Vale touched Kira's shoulder, 'We must move quickly, if the Association gets to her first--'

"No." Kira rose a venom, "They won't."
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