Heart of the Immortal (Book 2)

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The Sight of Betrayal

Vale kept a distance from Kira who was acting in a different fashion than from moments before. She had not said a word as they made their approach, the humans and vampires (of both factions) engaged in combat throughout the valley, coming closer and closer to the mansion--it was only a matter of time now. Wait for me. Kira zoomed past the hunters, making quick work of any in her path, however only the full-vampires took lives. The half-blood could not waste her time on killing, she had to make her way to the main house as quickly as possible and get Eona away from everyone. Syndicate, Hunters or otherwise, none of them could be allowed to touch her. Once Vale and his men helped with their escape--she’ll dispose of them.

Kira felt her heat grow and spread throughout her body and pulse throughout, filling her with strength. Just a little more. She could do it--she could take out all of them with one blast.

Suddenly, a feeling of pain came over her, a scattering of images, breaking together and apart as those numerous pieces worked to form one. Kira stopped, bracing herself against a tree as sights and sounds not of her surroundings came. They came together painfully, as though a part of her was being pulled from her body someplace else.

‘We must make haste, the humans will be here any moment.’

Vale’s voice was heard, a broken tape of him motioning to the door--this was Eona’s room. Kira recognized it instantly, but the odd placement of her position had her belief she was beside someone much lower to the ground.

‘The humans moved faster than I thought. My people were not ready.’ Eona’s voice was not mistaken.

What is this? Kira shook her head violently, still having that feeling of being pulled from her physical self. She was forced to stop, and brace herself before this sickness cause her to fall from the trees.

‘Alucard has already made the arrangements--we did warn you this would one day happen. Its not too late, though we must move now.’ Vale stated when looking out the window to the coming forces, 'As we speak the humans and our own forces are suppress the Reaper’s advancements.'

The scene Kira watch shifted, Eona pushed whatever the origins of the sight into the curtains, but not enough to obscure the view.

‘Kira?’ Eona exclaimed with surprise, ‘I’ll redirect my forces to assist her--’

Eona pushed passed Vale, making her way to her door to leave meet with her beloved. The older immortal caught her arm before she was out of reach and shook his head when explaining.

'I would not suggest giving that order--Kira Nightraven...degraded into an Insane and in an effort to eliminate her, the Commander of Nightcore was killed.'

'What?' Eona said astonished, 'That’s not possible--Kira can't--!'

‘The existence of a hybrid was also not meant to be possible. Without the knowledge the late Doctor Addy possessed, the existent of the Reaper’s stability was unknown. ’ Vale offered the queen her jacket, ‘Humans and vampires cannot coexist--Kira may be a hybrid, but she is not invincible to the natural order: humans are devoured by vampires.’

Kira’s fingers dug into the bark of the tree, breaking the surface. Don’t. Her heart was breaking, little by little, at seeing whatever this was--it felt too real. You promised! She watched Eona contemplate for a time then after looking to the window, to the battle beyond its shield, silently took the jacket from Vale.

‘Please...make it as quick and painless as possible.’ Eona sniffled, ‘Of course.’ Vale answered, ‘She was, after all, someone precious to you.’

Kira slid to the ground, the vision fading from her sight as she gasps for breath. That wasn’t real. She gripped her head dropping it to the ground as the tearing in her chest was finished and what remained was a vacancy. She wouldn’t believe an obvious lie. Vale caught up, seeing her stance he lowered himself to see what caused it and spoke her name. Eona has always believed me. Another memory, a memory of the event that spiraled her life out of control, the event that had her meet the Pureblood King and the event that had her become a Ghoul.

A hand set ablaze stabbed thru his chest.

"You turned her against me!” Kira roared.

Vale could not teleport away, she had a hold of his heart and getting away from her in that manner would rip his core from his body.

‘H-however you know that--you’ve become far more interesting!’ Vale smirked, ‘E-either way--a-are--you sure it was just me? Your queen--she--accepted my--story--quite e-easily--?’

Kira hesitated, the heat in her body, the emotion that lies beneath the surface now was pushed out, consumed by an entirely different one: betrayal. Vale continued to smirk, enjoying, however quick his end in this play came, the development of his main character.

‘Are you-sure--she h-had not--alred-y--accepted--this would--happen?’

The humans caught up to them, surrounding them with weapons of all makes, but all were held with the same purpose. Kira paid no mind to them, she focused her attention on Vale, the gravity of his words and no matter what she could not dismiss them as false.

“Open fire!”

Kira’s flames swarmed around her, encasing her in a vortex of enraged heat. Vale had been sent to tear Eona and Kira apart, that much was clear, but the fact that it was the queen who accepted such a lie so easily put Kira in limbo. Eona actually believed that Kira would kill Wolfgang, on purpose. Lies. That vision, these people, all they told were lies--they would not be believed so easily.

‘Why--are you--surprised--?’ Vale questioned honestly, ‘Purebloods are--always quick--to lose--interest.’

"I'm going to fucking kill you!"

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