Heart of the Immortal (Book 2)

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Sides of a Coin

Two more of their comrades were butchered a few weeks back, but the remains of only a single vampire were found. Association President had sent him here, but for what? The local Investigators could handle something like this so why the need to send him all the way from the states? Association President is secretive in many affairs, but he has never lead people wrong therefore the idea for mistrusting him was never an issue.

Jensin said that there was a 'rumor' he wanted investigated by a person he trusted, its no secret that Syndicate owns London, but it wasn't them that caused the rumor. A vampire they interrogated went on about something about a woman looking for the Pureblood King, someone neither human nor vampire. Of course it was only a rumor, but rumors can lead to interesting truths if a person follows the right one.

Ian sat at his temporary desk and pulled out a small photo from his wallet. The only photo of her, the only proof that she existed because the vampires destroyed everything else. His precious sister, Kira, who vanished over a year ago and now not so much as a whisper. He refused to believe she was dead, she would not be killed so easily, but then again she was completely brainwashed into obeying that Pureblood bitch.

His sister went so far as to lose her mind at the cost of protecting that vampire and was nearly killed for it. Finding and reconnecting with his sister, just to lose her all over again; this world is cruel. No use worrying about it now, knowing Kira she would appear at some point and treat it as if nothing happened. She's just laying low. Kira's fine, they'll run into each other, talk about what's happened for the past year and everything will go back to how it used to be. He left the office, finding nothing to his taste and wondered London a bit.

'Still no news as to how last month's construction accident occurred...'

Ian glanced at the television in the window, but continued. The moment his eyes lost sight of it, Kira and Emily's photo appeared and disappeared. Maybe hunting a vampire or two would clear his mind and give him a general idea of how they fight--not exactly the best idea to kick in the door of someone's house, but there was nothing better to do.

Red Light Districts were popular places for vampires to feed, for them to rape prey and tear into them, although no reports of missing people were ever filed for this area. To begin with if someone is not a trained hunter then actually knowing who is a vampire is rather difficult; they eat food like humans, walk in the day like them; talk; walk; its very hard to see beyond their mask. Even without an AVW Ian can tell who is vampire, but alas without his AVW he would not lie to tell another. London was much harder to navigate than he thought, the layout being opposite of that of Chicago and certainly spread out more.

Just what did Syndicate want anyway? Its one thing to hate humans and want to dominate them, but its like a mass extermination against anyone who would try to defend themselves. What right to they have to deny humans that much when they naturally are able to do so? Collecting AVWs when they cannot use them, just what did they know that the Association, who has used these since the beginning of the war, did not?

Ian began to wonder after his first reuniting with Kira, after seeing how happy she was despite being with vampires as a human, just how did this bad blood start? Until Kira he never asked, only did only killed for revenge for his family and all the families vampires have torn apart. Were humans any better though? There are truly vampires who love humans and would never harm them and yet they are hunted down just for being 'enemies of humanity'; how many vampire families have humans torn apart? Could there ever be a time when vampires and humans could coexist peacefully?

Following Kira and Emily's lead there was surely a future for the two species to cease this killing. Ian suddenly lost his appetite for hunting and decided to get a beer at a local bar--regardless what served him. Some bar named Octave gave him a chilled 'Corolla' and although both sides recognized what the other was either they didn't care or wouldn't risk exposing themselves. Regardless they treated each other as costumer and server and tolerated the other's presence for the time being. Friends today would be your enemy tomorrow. Family would cease being connected and over time bonds would fade, but never disappear.

"I'd hate to ask 'you' of all people, but I've got no choice."

Ian pulled out his photo and showed it to the vampire before him.

"I'm looking for my sister...her name's Kira Nightraven; she used to be a servant of a Pureblood."

The vampire chuckled, acting as though he thought it was some kind of joke. What's a hunter want with Kira anyway? Besides the only 'family' Kira had was murdered right in front of her, so for a hunter to claim any relation to her--information is very valuable. Kira came from the Nation with Emily? This hunter says that she 'used' to be a servant and yet with no record of her it must mean she was banished or thought to be killed. Interesting. Rather bold hunter to be asking about someone from the Nation in Syndicate territory. The bartender shrugged, pushing the photo back.

"Haven't seen her, but if she serves a vampire and has a hunter for a brother then she must be very unlucky."

Ian leaned back and stared at the photo. Unlucky huh? Being thrown into slavery, no hope of escape, and a little infant being taken care of by a five-year-old. Both survived to adulthood, escaping and knowing what it means to have a sense of freedom. Yet both continue to be chained to their convictions--will they ever be truly free?

The vampire set another beer for Ian, saying there would be no need to pay the tab. Regardless if he is a hunter, regardless if he is a vampire they are both living people with feelings and right now there is much respect for someone who would go so far for his little sister. Ian departed, hoping for both their sakes they would never have to fight--the bartender seemed like a good man and no one can judge a person for that. The bartender went to the back to having heard Triss and Kira return.

"You won't believe who I just saw."

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