Heart of the Immortal (Book 2)

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History of an Ex-Human

Born to a small, wealthy, family in Spain she was spoiled all her life. Never told no, always getting what she wanted, she was used to winning and yet aside from the influences of her parents, she developed many of her skills on her own. Manipulating those around her; suiting only her needs, she dressed up words to hide the ugliness of her character. She could make anyone do anything, the boys of her school would lick her boots just to hear a single word from their goddess. All, but one, a boy who sat in the back of the classroom never turned his gaze towards her.

He always looked out the window, never spoke to anyone and this infuriated her. He was no one special, no high grades, no social standing, an ordinary boy that would not tolerate her. In front of God or Satan and everyone else he flat out rejected her during senior year. She would not have it, she would not be defeated by anyone and made it her mission to sway him, to have him look at her. No matter what she tried, his gaze was far and away, turned to other things made him mysterious.

At times he would leave school early, be gone for a few days then return with bandages and even a cast one time. This made her hunger for more and soon it turned into a game of hide and seek, one he was most experienced in. It was by chance she ran into him one night, coming home from a club she saw him talk to a woman--a whore she thought a first. The impression changed quickly, a woman with red eyes who leaped between the ally sides and around him made her not run, but watch. Those eyes captured her, wrapped her in their web with no attempt to free and escape. It was then she realized, what she saw before her was not a monster, was not human, but beautiful. Having such terrifying power and yet looking as if you could not harm a fly--she wanted that power.

He killed her--she became ash against his sword; razor-ed edge if it touched it would shred not cut. The red-eyed woman became ash and as he looked back to where the stalker was an expression of emptiness had her lower all defenses. Why would he wear such a look, something less than what he had at school. She hid behind the wall and held her hand over her mouth, she had no idea--how lonely he was, nor had she realized that she had fallen in love with him. What a boring story of origin.

The years go by and over time this lonely-eyed boy becomes a man and finally falls prey to the woman who pursued him. Nonetheless the woman's fascination with the underground world lead her to make her own connections; working with very dangerous partners after she succeeded her father's company. The man thought to hide his work from his love, feeling if she knew of the murderer she slept with she would leave him. Of course that was the intent to begin with--using his love for her to accomplish her goals, old habits didn't die. Finally she did succeed, meeting her 'destiny' by catching the favor of one Pureblood Vampire.

Throwing her heart (and if she had a soul that too) into this immortal, this chance to achieve ultimate power and wealth. They were to be married and already the fruits of their love grew within the mother's belly. Alas, the hunter was a fool, no he was fooled, and did not know. After a lifetime of barriers, of keeping people out, the woman he opened up to betrayed him. She came in the night, as he hunted another, she protected the beast and revealed what she had become.

It was a price: 'give up all that is human and embrace my dark gift'. She left him to die of blood loss, of a slash to his chest just deep enough so it would be unimaginably painful and so he could see what became of their child--the vampire's belly was hollow. The truth of that fateful night, was not that the human child she bore was killed, rather it was cast into the darkness to became the prey of immortals for the next seventeen years.

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