Heart of the Immortal (Book 2)

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My Demons

Over her head she yanked the hood which concealed much of her hair. Kira listened, hearing the battle behind and the on coming investigators both in vehicles and on foot. Brother was in a vehicle therefore she would have to stop the vehicle drastically with minimal injury. The idea that came was by far stupid, but it didn't take the gold in Olympic events.

Right on the highway, Kira leaped from one building and 'somehow' managed to angle herself perfectly to crush the hood and engine of brother's car, stopping it abruptly. She jumped back and awaited brother and his partner to emerge from the wreck. There would no doubt be at least two AVWs: brother's desert eagle and whatever the other wields.

Kira had nothing except the vampiric powers cursed to possess, but it didn't matter because all she needed to do was stall. She wouldn't kill brother's partner, regardless how much easier Kira refuses to end a human's life--hypocritical yes, but they were the one's she accepted as her people. I have no choice; I'm sorry brother, but please just stay here. His partner came first, an older woman, likely his supervisor who held what appeared to be a disk with blades.

'This will be as far as you go.'

The vampire before them was smiling, that much was clear and she looked as though she was about to play. Ian unholstered his weapon, crawling from the wreck as bits of glass slice away at his hands and elbows. His supervisor was already up, regardless how much older than he she was she certainly recovered faster. The vampire was masked and wore Syndicate's overcoat, but was not acting at all like the others. For one she hasn't tried to kill them yet, rather she gave them the chance to recover their bearings.

"And you are going to stop us?" The senior Investigator huffed, "Rather cheeky for a single vampire to take us on."

The comment made Kira irritable, but she refused to show it. Yes...to humans she is just another vampire, a beast in human form. The evil eye changes, matching the redness of the setting sun, but standing out in spite of the light. Both Investigators hesitated.

"Is that...?"

"A one-eyed vampire." His supervisor, a woman named Mary, adjusted to a battle stance, "Be on guard, she maybe unarmed, but she is a vampire--"

'Oh, do you know what I'm capable of?' Kira interrupted.

The vampire was behind them within the blink of an eye and thrust-ed her foot into the disk-protected gut of Mary, knocking her to the ground where she originally stood. The vampire vanished after three shots from Ian's gun, appearing again on top of the car. She crossed her arms and leaned forward, 'Is that it?'

A second later and the blade would have cut more than her shoulder. I maybe fast, but I'm not very strong. The cut healed easily, but Kira felt a sudden headache come over--she hit the floor at the feeling of her head exploding! It was for an instant, but a woman with bright blonde hair appeared, reaching her hand until Kira threw her head into the ground, stood up and shook sanity back. Not now--don't come at me now. That was not the first time Kira had seen that woman and whoever it was, she was certain it would not be the last.

The investigators stared at her, confused at her action, but then getting a sudden chill when seeing that evil eye again. I just have to stall them. Kira ran, she took the disk to her arm, pushed it out of the way then seized Mary's neck. Ian tried to grab his partner, but the vampire was faster and managed to slip between his fingers and take the hostage. The disk remained embedded in Kira's arm, streaming blood onto her coat and the street.

It hurt like hell, but much to all their surprises the AVW did not electrocute its 'enemy'. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK! The wound hurt--the blade shredded flesh and broken bone, yet the injury would not be healed with the obstruction in the way. Ian thought the vampire would kill Mary, Syndicate is not known to take hostages nor to allow Investigators to live this long. What is this vampire's angle?

Mary struggled to get free, 'Please don't move, I don't plan on killing you.'

Kira whispered increasing her grip. The hand came into her vision again--she ripped the disk from her arm, yelped, and threw it aside. Her wound...was slow to heal. Shit... Her eyes wondered to the sight of Mary's vessels; pulsing in harmony to her heartbeat, how soothing it sounded...just one bite--Kira released the investigator and moved back. Dammit.

She grabbed her arm, rather she 'stopped it' from tearing into the woman she held. Ian ran forward and fired--Kira was hit in the leg, slowing her enough to have another two bullets in her chest. Kira hit the ground as Ian loaded another clip. She listened--the Investigators saw the smoke and felt the shock of the explosions and began to purse on foot. Don't-- A pool of blood soaked her clothing and continued to spew as she struggled to stand. The hunters of vampire could not understand why the vampire had not turned to ash--Ian doesn't miss, but considering the strangeness of their target from the beginning he could have.

'Like I said--'

Though they could not see, the vampire bared her fangs viciously when returning to her feet.

'You're not--going past me!'

She vanished, took Ian's arm and twisted it, Sorry Ian! A snap sent him screaming to the ground, released from the vampire's grip and that of his weapon. Mary charged, slicing open the vampire's chest and sending her across the street. Nothing was healing--now Kira's thirst for blood was driving her to insanity.

The white of her mask became crimson and black with skid marks, but no matter, Kira would fight off her vampiric urges and keep Ian put. The radio of the car sounded:

Retreat, all units fall back--I repeat fall back; Syndicate has taken the Johnson Center repeat--

The vampire rose again, only to have Ian jump her and fire an entire clip into her gut--Kira swung, throwing the end of her coat at him and withdrawing to the edge of the highway. He's safe. Kira fled, but collapsed halfway to the catacombs. Dammit! She gripped her gut, these holes that ripped thru her body were from an AVW; not dead, but certainly they hurt a hell of a lot.

Listening to the sounds of the city, all human noise eventually faded out until there was nothing to be heard except that of her own heartbeat. Its close. Her sight grew fuzzy and all that could be distinguished was a person in a white coat who walked closer and closer. A hand caressed her head, soft and gentle Kira knew this hand to be Emily's yet knew it was also an illusion. The Demi-human curled up into a ball, clenching her hollow stomach. It won't heal!

Now there was another person, a vampire whose blood sang out like a choir. She wanted to sink her fangs into that flesh--"Get back!" Kira sprung to her feet, dashed to the vampire; grabbed, lost her bearing and ended up on the ground behind. She laughed at her own weakness, "I--can't even--stand--"

The vampire crouched and gave an annoyed sigh, 'You are a pathetic excuse of a vampire.'

Kira chuckled. She isn't vampire, but a half-human, the laws, nor pride of vampires mean absolutely nothing to someone who has had her life created and destroyed because of them. Gripping her gut again another puddle of blood formed.

'If you don't drink blood, then you'll die.'

A woman's voice; her face hidden behind a dog's mask--Triss. Of course she is of Syndicate and fulfills their ambitions, yet gave the Demi-human the chance to save her brother.

"I won't--!" She hacks blood.

Triss gave a hateful look--how could Emily love this women? This half-blood, said she loved Emily, vampire and all yet rejects that it is already her nature. Normally she would have left Kira because this world has no need for weak people--not in the next one either; it merciful to kill her now or leave her to get killed. Kira won't hunt for herself and is never at full strength; boasting about getting revenge, what garbage is that? A bark bigger than a bite will only get someone killed--nonetheless it would be a boring performance if the main character dies too easily.

'If you won't drink--then let me help you!'

Triss cut her arm and thrust-ed into Kira's mouth--holding her arms at bay, though they would not do much anyway. Kira kicked and tried to shout, but at the first gasp for sound the blood trickled down her throat. A burst of sensation, every part of her body felt alive and buzzing for more and Kira found herself willing sucking the blood from Triss's arm.

'Pretend all you want Kira--you're not human anymore."

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