Heart of the Immortal (Book 2)

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Searching Truth Beyond Illusion

It was thought that Catherine knew Kira would hunt her. Whether either knew the reason was beyond anyone, but it was clear Kira would be the assaulting. Regardless if she was involved in Emily's death or not this was for her own sake--Catherine was apart of Kira's banishment--of losing Emily in the long run. Returning to Spain, to Catherine's home Kira broke into the house and searched, catching the scents of Elisabeth and house staff only. She was not here once again.

Locating the office proved to be more difficult than thought, but Kira managed--she rummaged thru paperwork, much of it in Spanish and unreadable. A staff member had the ill-fortune of crossing path's with the intruder and paid with a loss of consciousness; no need to kill. Elisabeth came, having noticed the disturbance and caught the scent of blood.

Kira bind-ed her stomach again--stupid thing is slow to heal; refusing to take anymore blood she was able to escape death and nothing more. Finally paperwork was found in the language she could read, This is a stigma to--? Elisabeth kicked the intruder into a wall and awaited a response, seeing that one of the house staff was unconscious this person must have come for some other reason.


Being thrown against the wall opened up her wounds again, but it was nothing to dwell over. Elisabeth would now see Kira for who she is: a lying murderer, yet knowing that her 'friend' has broken into her house, Elisabeth does not feel alarm or anger. Kira must have a reason for doing this after all, something to do with her mother.

"Where's Catherine?" Kira coughed, holding her bleeding arm.

Elisabeth jumped at the question because behind it was a malevolent aura. She had sensed it before, but now it was more obvious; heavier than last time to.

Elisabeth frowned, "Why do you want to know?"

Kira chuckles when standing from the hole her body made in the wall. Telling Elisabeth the truth would only cause problems, then again she could likely tell Kira was lying because she's that bitch's daughter. Many ideas and possibilities fluttered in the Demi-human's mind, but all led to a single end: Elisabeth would try to protect her mother. Why does that matter to Kira?

Taking revenge means doing whatever is necessary to achieve it so why is she hesitating? A weak conviction does not obtain strength; having no will to do what is necessary does not achieve revenge--Kira is torn between what is right and what is good. Obtain revenge, yet lose herself or fail and forever regret her lack of strength. If only she had refused to forget everything and runaway then Emily...would not have been killed. Its better to be hated and be alive then in love and dead, but is that what Emily would have wanted? Its confusing, thinking about what could have been instead of what is.

Kira exhales, "Because her and I have unfinished business."

She could think about the complicated stuff later, right now all that mattered were the answers sought. Every Syndicate that was there, everyone one of them that tried to kill her, that tried to kill 'that person' must die! Elisabeth stood completely still as Kira continued to make the air foul. Elisabeth moved faster than the older could see; grabbed her and was then pushed into a closet.

The younger ordered, "Stay here and be quiet."

The door shut in Kira's face and she was left alone in the darkness to tend to her arm. That was an unexpected reaction Kira admitted, maybe she didn't take the comment as a threat like intended. Better than the ladder, she supposed--Elisabeth is a good friend and it would be heartbreaking (if Kira had one) to be pitted against each other for something that wasn't even her fault. Fuck, they're slow to heal. Popping another dozen tablets Kira found they subdued her thirst, but never came close to satisfying. As disgusting as she thought it was there was a certain blood she craved for--just whose was unknown.

It was difficult to control for the meantime, her thirst for blood especially in this weakened state and to maintain her composure in front of brother proved to be a challenge. Its not anything she isn't used to--it was no different when hiding her feelings for 'that person'. Feelings she still does not know if they are real or not, as if it matters because in 'that person's' heart Kira no longer exists. Why couldn't they just die off like the rest of her heart? Elisabeth began to talk down the hall, a man was with her, someone with a light aura that matched the girl's.

Kira wanted to leave, thru the window perhaps, but with the fresh scent of unfamiliar blood that would be a death trap in her condition. Elisabeth returned, opening the door ajar she whispered for Kira to come out. Kira did just that, having lost some feeling in her arm it was good she wore her sunglasses today because due to fatigue her eye shaded. She was led to the kitchen and there Elisabeth brought out a medical kit, having the 'human' sit on the counter.

A man entered the room, gorgeous he was as a living statue and a reflection of Elisabeth--a Pureblood. His power maybe kept at a minimum, but Kira had lived with one for over ten years and can recognize the familiar presence instantly. Purebloods, who have the ability to bend a vampire to their will are dangerous and powerful--that power Kira strived for.

'Its not like you to bring a human home Lizzy.' Sounded a deep, but smooth voice.

Kira felt happy--she feels a bit more human after hearing that from a 'Pureblood Vampire'. Elisabeth explained before to him that her friend had been hurt, that she was running an errand and got into trouble with an Investigator--actually that part was true. Elisabeth unwrapped Kira's arm and saw how mangled it had been due to whatever the injury was and...accelerated healing?

She stared at Kira surprised at the characteristics of the wound--then again, it partly explained the time she entered Kira's mind. From the start the strangeness in her behavior and actions till now can't be overlooked, but for all intensive purposes Kira looks and acts human. The Pureblood took over, seeing that Elisabeth was not that adapt at taking care of a human--he remembered much when he was a boy and treated her himself.

'You seem to have gotten in to quite the tight spot to come here.' The man said with a hint of rudeness, 'One would think someone such as yourself would avoid the den of beasts?'

Elisabeth left to retrieve more supplies, leaving Kira uncomfortably in the company of the Pureblood. Why was he here to begin--is he her father? Quietly Kira remained still, but could not help her racing heart. The vampire within her yearned for his power, his strength to topple opponents with a flick of his wrist--a power Purebloods are born with while the rest of the world must obtain something that may not even come close.

'We have not been introduced: I am Alucard, the Pureblood master of this house.'

Kira took a deep breath, 'Kira Nightraven...sir.'

Alucard smiled when he finished cleaning the blood from her arm. Quiet an injury for a human fighting hunters. He had silky golden blonde hair about to his ears in length, portraying an old-English-style. Kira's arm tensed--her body wanted his blood and this sickened her.

'Nightraven, hm?' He began to poke at her bandages, 'You would not happen to be related to Eona Nightraven would you? She is a Pureblood like myself living in the states.'

The answer was no. She has no relation to 'that person' because she doesn't exist in the Nation. The only place she exists is the one she must make for herself, here, beside Syndicate if she must. Living her life defined by others, Kira realized she had no identity and would have never hoped to find nor create one had it not been for Emily--the woman she will avenge. Alucard wrapped Kira's arm just as Elisabeth returned and left the wound under her stomach for his daughter to mend.

'Do come back ms.human-lover, I would very much like to have a conversation with you in the near future.'

Elisabeth took Kira now to her room--having smelled the blood on her clothes it would be best to burn them and any evidence of an intruder should mother return home. Kira attempted to remove her jacket, but the sharp pain to her stomach stopped her. Elisabeth saw this and helped, the jacket came off, showing a blood-wet shirt that also was removed after a hissing.

The bandages done were piss-poor, ragged, dirtied and over-used. Slowly she un-wrapped and saw how ravaged Kira's stomach and back was; thru and thru her body looked as if a pipe ran thru her at least a dozen times. Despite these wounds they looked old, as if they've had time to heal, but if that were the case then there is no reason they should open up. The jacket fell onto the floor and across slid a small black and green container.

Elisabeth picked it up, "Kira..." She said staring and knowing what it was, "Let me see your eyes."

Of course there was no hiding it forever. A hope there was however that she could maintain that image, regardless if it was false, it was nice to pretend. Elisabeth walked beside Kira, who sat on a chest, and waited for a response. She proceeded to take a hold of Kira's sunglasses and removed them to shut eyes.

"Open your eyes Kira."

Two eyes one sky blue and one crimson red open shamefully and avert from Elisabeth's gaze. She hugged Kira softly, having now seen the straight scar on the left of her abdomen--Kira's been thru a lot, more than she told. On the verge of shatterment, she was once again about to break and wanted, she needed someone to keep her together. Emily...Emily is apart of her, that's why she was in Kira's conscious--just what happened in the past year? In the bathroom her back was cleared and along side submerged in a bath with a solution to accelerate healing (considering Kira's seemed to have stopped half-way).

"How is that even possible...for someone to be half-human and half-vampire--"

"I wasn't born this way--I didn't ask for this!" Kira jerked, feeling her body break and re-heal, this time completely. Once finished Kira's body was as flawless and marbly as any other immortal, rivaling that of her father even, no doubt do to Emily's influence, as a former-member of Syndicate she did rather enjoy experimenting on herself, but that was a conversation for another time.

"Why are you helping me? You do realize that your mother and I are practically wanting to tear each other's throats out?"

Elisabeth gave Kira a fresh set of clothes and returned her shades. She knows that and if her mother is involved, if she is responsible Elisabeth is sure there was a good reason! Mother and father are good people; what they do and what they want is for the good of 'all' vampires, Kira included though she may not see it. Its not like its unjustified too, father has every right to do what he wants after what humans have done! Kira lives on both sides, surely she must understand it too--serving a Pureblood herself! Then again...Kira must hate herself the most, but what good is being human anyway?! Mother always said humans were weak, pathetic creatures who were like spoiled children, yet looking at Kira Elisabeth can only pity them.

"I don't know what happened between you and my mom, but if you ask her I'm sure--you can't even be sure that was the reason you were banished!"

Does she think that Kira hasn't thought otherwise? That Wolfgang would let a threat to 'that person's' life wonder free? Such an idea has been present in Kira's mind since this all started! Its a dream though, it has to be, her life is nothing, but misfortune and unluckiness therefore there can be no chance like that, no matter how much she wants it. Kira stared at her sunglasses.

"The Kira I know...wouldn't kill someone without a good reason, you'd hate yourself because you're a good person."

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