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The bells of the cafe pinged, announcing my entrance. An insistent, warm air, embraced me - sending the scent of caffeine through my nose. I ran my hands through my hair - scanning the cafe, noticing the pictures of the beguiling sunset and a mosaic cup - lining the brick walls, framed in a plain black border.

The whole place was lit by the yellow bulbs that hung over each table.

Leaning my elbow against the glass counter, which showcased a variety of mouth-watering pastries - I stared at Kay, sitting at the far booth. She wore a simple black, short sleeve top with brown knickers. I couldn't help but notice that her long black hair, was no more. It was now cut into a simple short hair and was dyed blonde. Her mouth turned into a grin when she noticed my gaze. She waved her hands eagerly, gesturing at me to come.

A corner of my lip quirked as I skirt past the tables to reach her.

I sat at opposite her and heaved a huge sigh - enjoying the comfort of the brown leather chair.

Wrinkles appeared on her forehead. "I'm surprised you're early. I assumed you'll be late since you're an assiduous businessman."

"That not a problem. I can always make time for someone important." I adjusted my tie, I was just coming from my office. My usual work attire - a traditional suit, held itself tightly on my bodice like it was specially made for me.

She gaped her mouth -cheeks rising with beautiful pink. Clearing her throat, she rubbed her hands against each other unceasingly.

"So, how has work been?" Her carved brows beetled. "I saw the bombing on the news, you must be going through a lot."

"It's okay." I raised a hand, waving her off.

"So, what will you like?"

"I'll just have cookies. I saw it in the glass counter and my mouth began to water."

She chuckled, revealing her dimples. "Alright." She placed our orders, and soon, we had them in front of us. She went for only coffee, it makes sense since this was a cafe.

"Do you have a plan to get back up?" The coffee soaked her lips as she took a sip from the warm liquid.

"Yeah, I do. But firstly I've reduced the prices of my other products, so I'll sell most of them before the year runs out." Crunches were heard as I bit a mouthful from the cookie I held in my hands.

"That's a bold move, but also risky."

"Yeah I know, it's worth a try right?"

She nodded her head gently. "Yeah, it is. I don't mean to sound rude, but, why did you invite me here?" Her eyes flickered with curiosity.

"I need your help."

She bent her back forward - resting her forearms on the brown, crisscross legged table.

"I got a lead on who bombed my factory."


"Yeah." I took the last cookie on my plate and ate it. I explained the whole ordeal to Kay, who had a deadpan expression on her face throughout my explanation.

"Wow, so these goods the girl told you of, how do you know she's telling the truth?"

I pursed my lips, massaging my temple with my cookie stained hand. "I've got to try."

"Are you sure you need my help?" Folds appear on her forehead. "My way of sorting this kind of things are kind of..." She rubbed her thumb on her middle finger. "Deleterious."

I nodded my head. "I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get my company up and running again."

"I like you, you've got balls." I felt something rubbing against my groin - the rod in my pant began to throb, reacting to the up and down movement of its seducer.

I looked at my laps and I saw a foot - which I assumed to be Kay's, in between them. My gaze rises and our eyes locked like magnets.

Her scorching gaze burnt my body - outlining my frame with insistence.

"Kay, I don't think here's an appropriate place to do this."

Her tongue licked her plump lips - desire was writing itself in her dark eyes. "You're right." She leaned closer. "There's a toilet behind us. Meet me in the third one."

She got up from the chair and strode towards the bathroom -shaking her hips with every feet fall, like she was model walking a runway.

I blow out hot air, deliberating on what to do. Finally, I came to a conclusion. I ambled to the toilet and I met her in the agreed

location - resting an arched back on the walls of the toilet.

A corner of her lips twitched. "There you are." She dragged me closer with both hands - my heart began skipping a beat as I felt her breath fanning over my neck. Her slender fingers ripped my shirt open like when a lion tears the flesh of its prey. Buttons from my shirt fell on the white tiles of the toilet, rolling around haphazardly.

She widened her eyes. "Oops, I guess I got too carried away."

"Yeah, you did. But it made you look hot." I licked my lips.

"Really?" Her fingers traced my bare chest like she was looking for a location in a map. "My, my, it seems someone has been hitting the gym."

My cheeks flared up with pride. Heat rosed from stomach to my chest. Kay was closer now - filling my nose with her hypnotic whiff. I draped my hands around her small frame and met her lips halfway. It felt like time stopped when my lips met hers. She slipped her hand into my trousers and began to do unimaginable things to my delicate organ. Her coffee tasting lips continued to moisturize my mouth - her soft tender hand, tightening its grip on my arm. I carried her tenderly, not breaking the kiss and placed her on the water closet's head. My teeth dived viciously into her neck, sucking its nape, the taste of salt filling my tongue without much effort.

She grabbed a handful of my hair, letting out a husky moan as I continued sucking her neck ardently. I held the bottom of her top, having intentions of removing it. She raised her hands up, seemingly knowing my intentions. I removed the cloth slowly and a black bra, holding up two plump breasts was revealed. A smile drew itself on my face, I was about to caress these lovely breasts.

She moved on the WC and an unpleasant squeaky sound rammed into my ear. I squinted my eyes shut, covering my ears with both hands.

She chuckled heartily. "I'm sorry."

" It's okay," I unbuckled her bra and her breasts fell out, bouncing simultaneously. I put my arms around her waist and buried my face into the mango of her breasts.

"Your face, it feels warm," she managed to say under her husky breath. She pulled my head closer, planting wet kisses on it.

I fondled gently with her firm breasts like I was milking a cow. My tongue teased her erect nipples, punishing her for being so hot.

"Stop teasing me," she said under her breath. "Suck it already."

I smirked. "Good things come to people who wait."

She arched her back more, scratching my back with her sharp fingernails. It seemed she like being sucked there. My mouth engulfed her erect nipple, sucking it like a newborn baby. I rubbed her other free nipple with my fingers. She scratched my back harder this time.

"What's going on in there," a voice outside the door said. "Are you kids fucking?" The last word was dragged.

Kay chuckled lightly - forming dimples on her cheeks while a hand covered her mouth.

I smiled at her. "I think we got busted."

She wore her top back and tried to adjust its rumples. I couldn't button my shirt. She had removed the buttons when she ripped the shirt open.

She raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure you can leave here like this?" She scanned my bare chest that had my tie hanging over it.

"Yeah, let's leave." I open the door and headed out. There was an old lady at the entrance of the toilet. She widened her eyes when she saw how tattered I looked.

"Looks like world war II happened in there," she muttered.

We ignored her and headed out to the cafe.

"Ian, remember we'll meet at the port. Don't be late." She winked at me before she left.

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