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We masked out a plan. Timothy and I hid in a dark corner between two containers that was on the pier, while the others hid at strategic locations within the port. My position was a good vantage point.

"Master Hail, that lady is a cold blooded killer. I don't like her,"

Timothy said.

I leaned against the container next to me. "If she didn't kill those men, we'll have been in jail by now."

Timothy scoffed. "Jail? Master Hail, we wouldn't have even been in jail if we didn't come here in the first place."

"I know, but I have to take certain measures to kickstart the company."

"By killing people?" He sighed. "What do you plan to do when you see these gang members?"

"I'll ask them some questions, gently."

I could sense vibrations in the earth, someone was coming. I popped my head to see who it was. There was a caboodle of men in leather jackets, holding guns in their hands. They looked like the men I saw in the CCTV footage- their jackets had the crowned eagle description at the back.

One of them held a briefcase in his hands tightly- he had a long black beard that was weaved into two braids. The sea burbled, sending waves across the sea and a submarine covered in sea weed surfaced. The submarine was gigantic and long - almost the same length with the pier.

A figure came out of the hatch, the darkness fell upon it like a blanket, covering every bit of his body without much effort. The person plodded towards the Eaglefit men- who had their guns pointed at him now. His body didn't flinch, it seems he didn't mind that these goons had their guns pointed at him. Who ever it was must have a chock full of confidence.

As he came under the light, radiated by the sultry bulb above him, he put both hands in his pockets and stood- legs spread out. He wore a red suit with a white shoe that had golden knuckles by the side- he looked silk-stocking. The eagle fit guys strode towards him in unison.

"Do you have the package?" I heard him say.

The leather man holding a briefcase countered, "Yes, but we'll like to see our own package first."

"It's inside the submarine. You should hurry, I've got other packages to deliver," Red disclosed stroking his tie.

The men scurried of into the submarine like they were a brood of hens running towards grains sprinkled on the ground. After a while, they came out with a big wooden box in their hands. I could tell it was heavy from the way they groaned as they carried it. They dropped the box on the ground and one of them opened it with a crossbar.

"Can I have my money now?" The man in red asked.

The leather men gave each other glances.

"I'm sorry. But we aren't paying you," The one holding the briefcase said. "Say hello to the devil for me." He brought a gun and shot the man in red. The gunshot echoed making the pigeons on the pier to fly away in terror.

"Throw him into the river," he instructed. It looks like he's their leader. Two of his men carried the bleeding man and flung him into the river, causing a loud splash.

I came out of hiding - clapping my hands slowly. "Well done, assholes in leather." They turned their attention to me. "I didn't know you were on a killing spree."

"Shit, it's Ian Hail," One whispered into their boss's ear.

"I know brickhead, I'm not blind," he replied.

I ambled to them, tracing a finger on the rails of the pier. "You know, a CCTV footage showed you guys in my factory, beating up my security men. Also, you went inside the building and came out. After a while..." I snapped my fingers. "The whole building came crumbling to the ground."

"Boss let me shoot this man," a minion yelled, pointing a gun at me.

The boss waved him off. "I'll handle him." He dropped the briefcase on the ground and ambled towards me - cracking his neck. "People like you," he began. "need to be thought manners."

He punched fists in the air in preparation. I clenched my jaw - putting both hands in my pocket.

"You feeling tough huh?" He asked as he came closer.

The corner of my lip quirked. Idiot

He lunged at me, bulging his calf muscles with every step. I swerved quickly to the left avoiding his punch- causing him to run unsteadily towards the rails of the pier. I darted towards him and held him by the trouser - stopping him from falling into the river.

I curled my hand into a fist and aimed for the front of his nose. My fist hit the bridge of his nose, splattering his blood all over the ground. He winced in pain, as the blood trail off his nose to his braided beards.

"What the hell man?" He spat out blood from his mouth.

"All I need is for you to answer one question" I gripped his neck and raised him up. "Who sent you?"

"If I tell you he'll kill me."

"If you don't, I'll kill you too. I will make sure its... slow...and painful" I tightened my grip.

He widened his eyes and wailed in agony when my blistering palm began to burn through his neck. His men came forward and cocked their guns.

"Wait, wait, don't shoot him," he croaked. Kay and her minions came out of hiding and pointed their ammunition at the Eaglefit jacket - men.

"I'll talk, I'll talk, please just drop me down," he begged.

I smirked. "If you say so." I released my grip and he landed on the ground, hitting his head on the rails. He grimanced, placing both hands on his bleeding head.

He rested his back on the rails and rubbed his hand on his burnt neck. "I'll talk, just spare me okay?"

"Start talking." I squated next to him -both forearms on my knees.

"Look, I got a call from a guy." He coughed loudly. "I swear, I don't know who he is. He told me he had a job for me, it was to bomb your factory. Few days later he sends me a map of your factory, to enable us know how to infiltrate." He wasn't lying, his conscience wasn't withholding anything at this moment. All I could see in his eyes were dark pools of fear.

"And you went in like fools to bomb the company. Did you think I won't find you?" I punched him hard in the face. He winced holding his face with both hands.

"Master Hail, I think that's enough," Timothy reasoned, pulling me away from him.

"But he hasn't told me what I need to know!" I yelled struggling to be free from Timothy's grip.

"Get out with your men." Kay frowned, pointing towards the exit of the port. "Now!"

The goons helped their boss up and scampered away with him.

"What's wrong with the two of you?!" I yelled scratching my hair.

"Ian, we had to let them go. To many dead bodies will raise suspicion. Besides, it'll be harder for my boys to clean up," Kay explained.

"Oh now you're thinking about dead bodies?" I pointed at a warehouse "What of the security men lying lifeless in that building. Now you preach to me about killing people?"

Kay sighed and sauntered towards the wooden box.

"Master Hail, you have to calm down, this isn't you." Timothy tried me to pull me out of my blind rage. I couldn't stop myself, we didn't get enough information and they are letting this guys go?

I blow out hot air "So how would we know who sent them?"

"I know it's been tough since the bombing. But you shouldn't let it get in your head." What Timothy is saying is hard to do, cause right now, I want to kill those bastards that bombed my company. I just want to burn them and lock them in the fiery furnace for all eternity. So what was I going to do now? I had no leads again.

I shouldn't have called Kay - If I had done this on my own, I'm sure I would have gotten a better result.

"You guy should come check this out," Karen yelled, removing straw from the box.

I sighed and trudged towards her. "What's it?" I asked, kicking the he straw on the ground next to her.

"Look inside," she said, pointing at the box.

I peered into the box and raised both brows up when I saw what it was.

"I think it's a car engine," she suggested.

"That's not an ordinary car engine. It's the Lucifus x6x. It's cold air intake uses strong heat shields, making its performance better than most cars. Its displacement is the highest any car in history ever had." I remarked rubbing my hands on the engine. I can't believe the Lost engine of Lucifer was right in front of me.

"Wow, you really know a lot about cars," Kay said.

Timothy touched my shoulders. "Master Hail knows a lot about cars. Especially since he races during his free time."

"You can take the engine, I'm not a car person anyway," Kay shrugged. "I'll take the cash." She bent down and picked the briefcase.

"How do you know there money inside?"

She smiled. "I've already checked. Also, the boys will take care of the CCTV footage."

"That's a relief." I blow out hot air. "Can you help me tell your boys to put it in my jeep, its parked outside the port."

"Sure." She fixed her gaze on her soldiers. "Put the engine in his car. Also put this briefcasein my car." They nodded their heads and did as they were told.

She turned back to me. "About yesterday..." she trailed off, her eyes -focusing on an empty space in the air between us.

"Yeah, it was just a fling right?" I asked scratching my hair.

"Yes, it was. I just wanted to make things clear." She pecked my cheeks. "I'll see you around." She added and left.

"Master Hail, we should be going home now." Timothy kept hand at my back while we walked back to the jeep.

One our way home, two questions where on my mind.

Where did these goons get Dad's long lost car engine?

What were they using it for?

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