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"Earlier this morning, 15 dead bodies were found lying lifeless in the premises of Hellport. The dead bodies have been confirmed to be the security personnels that worked their night shift last night. The police are still searching the site. So far, nothing has been confirmed by the police. We are still..."

"Should I turn it of sir?" Timothy asked, giving me a glance through the rear view mirror. He must have thought the news on the radio was disturbing me. Well, it was. Though, I was already expecting to hear the news all over the media.

"Yes." I replied looking out the window next to me.

He turned it off and I breathed a sigh of relief -the woman's voice in the radio was itching my ear. She sounded like a chattering monkey. I laid my head on the headrest and adjusted my tie. Yesterday was a disaster, I can't believe I didn't get any reasonable answers from that fool with braided beards.

So what was I supposed to do now? Just wait around for another problem to come up? I had to solve this mess that's began to happen in my life. At least, I've got the Lucifus, that's got to count for something right?

This whole 'living on earth plan' was turning into a nightmare.

The drive to my office was a quiet one. When we got to my office building, there was an assemblage of journalists and photographers occluding both the entrance to my offices lobby and the parking lot. I widened my eyes, trying to figure out what was causing this disorder.

Timothy parked the jeep by the side walk, and we got out.

"Sir let me sneak you in, these journalists can be dangerous," he suggested.

"There's no need for that. Let me see why this idiots are in a Chaotic jumble." I knew it was something bad. The press only shows up for bad news. Fools.

I ambled towards the journalists, folding my arms across my chest. Timothy followed me - as usual.

"What's going on here?" I asked -spreading my arms out, with opened palms. They swiveled to my direction and ran towards me - some holding up mics, others pointing cameras at my face.

"Mr Hail, what do have to say about the gory scene in front of your building ?" a reporter, who was successful enough to reach me first asked.

"I won't be taking any questions," I rebuffed and moved away briskly with the help of Timothy -who was pushing them away from me when they came closer with their mics and cameras.

I got to the entrance of my building and stopped in my tracks. What laid lifeless on the ground, in front of me, was hard for me to believe.

It was the braided beard man from yesterday. His face had been grafted out of his head and was kept beside his skinless face. The muscles of his face had been cut into bits and had scattered around his neck. The other parts of his body had decayed and fat over-sized maggots went in and outh of his skin like they live there. Cockroaches oozed out his empty eye sockets. His gorged eye balls laid around the blood stained ground. Bones protruded out of his skin, from every part of his joints.

I guess he was right, they were going to kill him. He must've been killed between the early hours of today. So I'm still wondering how his body decomposed so fast.

I held my nose with a hand. I was too deep in the scene that I didn't notice the mixture of urine and body fluids slapping my nose.

'Ian did this' was written in blood on the glass entrance door he laid beside. Sirens wailed from a distance, the wailing got louder when the police parked their cars in front of the building.

"Step aside," The captain ordered as strode towards me. The forensics came in and began tagging the scene with yellow tags that had a letter written on each of them. Police men swarmed the area and began to push the press away.

"Mr Hail, I think you should go in. We'll handle the press." The captain advised. A gave him a curt nod and made to move away.

"Excuse me, Excuse me. Mr Hail, I'll like to ask you a few questions. "

Those words of Donald made my skin boil. Why is this guy everywhere?

" Donald, I won't be taking any questions." I trailed of my gaze from him and began to head inside the building.

"Why? Is it because you have something to do with this?" He glared at the decaying body in front of him. "I can see you love killing."

I huffed and moved briskly towards him. "What did you say?"

I asked, forming a fist.

"Whoa, temper, temper cool dow..." I hit him hard in his face with my knuckles.

He closed his eyes and placed a hand over his mouth.

"I think we've had enough of your drama. You should leave." The captain ordered, refering to Donald.

"I know you have some skeleton in your cupboard Ian. It's just a matter of time before I expose you." Donald spat out blood and rubbed a thumb against his lower lip.

I smirked, showing him a middle finger. "Don't waste your time on a successful person like me. Focus on yourself and try to get a life."

He huffed, glancing at me one more time before he left with his crew.

"Timothy, I'll meet you later. If I need anything, I'll call you." I placed a hand on Timothy's shoulders.

"Okay. Don't be hard on yourself." Timothy advised before he walked away.

I ambled into the lobby and met Karen resting her hands on the slab of the tiled counter. She was talking to the receptionist that stood behind it. My workers were trying to catch a glimpse of the gory scene but when they saw me, they scurried of and went to their respective positions.

"Karen." I mumbled, when I got to Karen. Today was already turning into a disaster.

She turned around and straightened her white t-shirt. "Sir, I'm sorry, I was just..."

" It's okay," I interrupted. "Cancel all my schedule today."


"Do it." I headed towards the corridor next to the lobby. The corridor had two different walls. One was a concrete wall while the other was a glass wall. The sunlight coming in through the glass wall, brightened the whole corridor up. On the concrete walls, pictures of each board member were lined up on it. Their faces in the photo creeps me out.

I could hear Karen's heels, clicking against the black tiles of the building in rapid succession.

"Sir, you can't just cancel all your meetings."

"Karen, I'm not in a good mood to attend all these meetings. I'm sure you saw what happened out there."

"Oh..." She trailed off. "But, is there anything you'll like me to do?"

"Yes." I fixed my gaze on her. "I'll like you to do some digging on burn motors. I'll like to know more about their cars. I'm expecting the results as soon as possible."

She adjusted her glasses . "Okay. Sir, I don't know why all this mess is happening to you, but I'm sure everything will be okay soon."

"Thank you Karen."

She gave me a warm smile before she headed outside the building.

I took the elevator at the end of the corridor to get to my office. I heaved a huge sigh when I reach the entrance door of my office. Stretching my hands to turn the door knob, I stopped midway. Someone was inside my office, the hairs standing on my skin gave me the sign.

I open the door and met a lady sitting behind my office desk. Her long crimson hair was tied into two braids, each having a golden snake head clipped to its end. She was trying to insult my father.

She pouted her lipstick lips and crossed a leg over her lap.

I scowled. "Eve, what are you doing here?" I hung my jacket on my coat hanger and ambled towards her. "I didn't know offices were your thing. I thought you were more like, a garden girl. You know, one with nature?"

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