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Adam's record label, AD records, had blossomed into a multi national entertainment industry, thanks to a deal he had with me.

I walked into the lobby of AD records HQ.The whole place looked busy. There was a silver statue of a man holding his chin at the middle of the lobby. The brown tiles matched the brick walls which had record plates hanging on them.

The ceiling glowed with LED lights that were engraved in them. I rubbed my cufflinks gently observing the melieu.

I noticed their were people lined up for auditions. One of them kept rubbing his palms against each other. The girl sitting next to him was practicing her notes. She didn't have a good voice. Hers was capable of breaking a mirror.

Too bad, they didn't know what they were getting into. I picked up my phone and called Adam.

" Adam, I'm here," I said looking around the lobby, observing everyone I could set my eye on.

"Come up to the studio," he said and hung up.

I adjusted the sleeves of my suit and entered the elevator. There was already a girl in it. I stood next to her and pressed the button of the floor I was going to. She side glanced me and looked away immediately she noticed I was looking back.

"I'm Ian," I extended my hands to shake her.

"I didn't ask you to tell me your name." She shifted my outstretched hand back to me.

Wow, first time I was turned down by a lady!

"Are you always this rude?" I asked stroking my tie.

"Do I need to answer you?" She chuckled. "Just because you're handsome doesn't mean I should answer your question."

"What does being handsome have to do with you answering a question?"

"Look, I know guys like you." Her eyes rolled skyward. "You just want to get in a girls pant, sprinkle some cash on her and move on with your life."

"What makes you think that?"

"You're Ian Hail for Godsake. I know many girls have seen what is under your pants."

She huffed and broke her gaze from mine. "Look, rich guys like you disgust me."

"At least you admitted I'm handsome, it's a start." I smirked, shrugging my shoulders.

"I was being sarcastic." The elevator opened and she walked out.

Wow! What an experience!

To be honest, I didn't know a girl could talk to me rudely in that manner.

I got to the floor I was going to and walked out of the elevator. The studio wasn't far from where I stood, so a few steps landed me at the its door. I opened the door and saw Adam doing his producer thingy. There was a boy in the recording booth singing. His voice was really melodious. Adam stopped the background music immediately he saw me.

"Ok Greg, we'll wrap this up later." He opened the door of the studio and the boy went out. He then slammed the door shut and locked it.

"You came really fast." He tapped me on the shoulder and sat down on a chair.

"I couldn't resist when you told me what the business was about."

"Yeah yeah." He smiled."Devils and their love for the souls of humans."

"Its the least we could have." I sat down on a lounge couch opposite Adam and crossed my legs. "After all, the Supreme has millions of people bowing to him. What more could it hurt if we took some souls?"

"Ian, I'm in a huge mess now."

"What happened?"

"There's this girl,"

"Okay," I said slowly nodding my head.

He took a deep breath and massaged his temples. "I trusted that she had potential, so I put most of the company's cash in her album. In the end when we released her album, we received a huge backlash from people. They said she didn't have a certain swagger they needed."

"Swagger how?" I asked opening a palm.

"Her dressing and her lyrics isn't want they need. No one wants to buy her album. So, I'm suffering in sales."

"So what do you want me to do?"

"I want to give her soul to you, so you can make major adjustments on these things." He got up from the chair and sat beside me on the lounge couch. "If you make these adjustments, I'm sure sales will increase."

"Does she agree to this?" I raised an eyebrow.

"She's catholic, I'm sure she'll never agree to sell her soul to a devil."

"Then why do you want to sell it without her permission?"

"If I dont, I will run out of business," he explained.

"Can I see the girl?" I asked. "I'll like to talk to her."

Adam nodded and made a phone call. After some minutes, someone entered the room. She looked familiar.

I've seen this face before. That was the girl I met in the elevator!

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